Why I don’t want to be famous [anymore].

For as long as I can remember I’ve admired other people. Some might call them role models but I can’t quite agree here. More on that in a minute. Some of those people for me were:

Singers for their amazing voices when I can hardly hit a few tunes right.

Models for their [seemingly] flawless appearance and traveling the world [and really, how many girls' answer to the question of their dream job is model, too?!]

Actors for being in movies all over the world and leading exciting lives.

In short there have always been people I looked up and wished I was alike with.  However, there’s a difference between showing respect and admiration for others achievement, their talents andlives -  and making yourself small. I firmly believe that God created all of us with our unique talents and destined our ways in life. I firmly believe that God created all of us with our unique talents and destined our ways in life. None of us are scarce of talent, passions, lovable traits. Yes, you, too, are special. Just because you’re not playing concerts in sold out stadiums or jet-setting the world doesn’t mean you’re less worthy.

What I do when I’m feeling so small in this huge  world again is reminding myself that no matter how far some people have come and how famous they are: they’re human,  too. Sensible to criticism. They have the same essential needs like you: they need to eat, sleep, pee  – why, yes? They’re not looking any more graceful in certain situations, either [think: bathroom]. They don’t feel super hot and are sparkling in their heavenly bubbles all day every day, either.

And think about it that way: we’re better off than them at times. While yes, we feel the pressure to perform best at work, in school or at the gym – we’re not under the constant hawk-like attention of millions of people all over the world. Isn’t it nice to leave the gym sweaty and not give a damn about who sees you? Not having to go for a run when you’d rather lounge on the couch? To go on however many dates with whichever guys without seeing it in every tabloid the next second? Being “normal” not famous sounds pretty good now, don’t you think?


So sorry, Miranda Kerr, you might be taller than me, travel the world  and date hot guys  [what about that Tom Cruise Gossip, though?  Not cool.] but I’d rather be eating chocolate, not strut my stuff in a bikini on a catwalk with thousands of people watching and be as grumpy as I want occasionally instead of putting on a happy face every day.

For further perspective I’ll highly recommend this great post  by Irina once more. We all are made from the same material and none of us matter any more or less in the vastness that is the universe.

And now get thinking out loud, too, and tell me any thoughts you have on the topic!


Happiness-inducing today: Turning a task that started unsuccessful around at work and talking to my sister on the phone.


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Oh, crunchy crunchety!

Oh, hi, we haven’t talked about food in a while, no? I’m a fan of keeping things  [semi-]regular  [interpret that whichever way you want to ...] so here goes another What I ate Wednesday. I can’t promise I’ll be able to keep up the weekly or even bi-weekly posts but I’ll just roll with the flow and sprinkle in some food posts every now and then. Because we all need to eat and at least sometimes I actually remember/ am not too lazy to get out my camera.

One more note on the title of this post – or two, actually: a) I like themes and the amount of crunchy, crispy food made this a[n almost] no-brainer and b) I’ve been crunched for time [what's new?]. No matter how little in general, though, there’s always time for food. Good food. Let’s get talking!

wiaw fall into good habits button

Breakfast. .. is such a classic over here I can’t wow you anymore.  How about we skip to snacks right there? Good. The first one is proof I can’t resist new products all the way even if they bite a hole into my budget before I can get a bite of them. Pretzel Thins, friends.  How good are they??! They’ve only been making appearance on store shelves around here since earlier this year. Too bad these are so. very.  good … I don’t like macro talk but: why am I even surprised they are? They’re crispy. Carbs.  Salt. A winning combination.

November - 2nd swoosh 109

While we’re at carbs,  salt and winning combinations let’s add cheese – I know Meg agrees. Gah. So good. I could easily write a whole post on this dish.  Actually,  I  will because this recipe needs to find its way into my personal recipe book. For now I’ll leave it at saying it is another autumnal dish with an addictive crunchy cheesy potato topping.  Who said healthy food was boring?  I’m a smidgen proud to say it got my mum’s seal of approval – a rare happening – when I prepared it on Saturday.  Another bonus of her stopping by – aside from the fact itself: help in shredding potatoes. And by help I obviously mean she did the whole task.

Crispy potato topping

On the sweet side another classic made an appearance again to save me. Save me  because the current intern at our office brought in storebought cake on Friday. Am I sensing a competition for employee of the month?  Watch out, friend, I’m up for it ;). Only I couldn’t be bothered to turn on the oven so no-bake it was.  Amanda’s krispie rice cereal energie squares have yet to disappoint me.  I’ve made them more times than I can recount and don’t think I’ve used the same combination of cereal twice so far. Though the best part is obviously that non-optional chocolate drizzle …

Chocolate drizzle_cereal bars

In its whole beauty below.  Preparing it Saturday night/Sunday morning was dangerous because I had to break of those imperfect bits and bites. Pre-breakfast nibbles of cereal bars? Why not. Probably mention-worthy would be that I just try to keep up the volume of cereal when making these, sub peanut for almond butter [more budget-friendly and there are no almond butter jars that haven’t undergone double-dipping action around these parts …] and omitting the protein powder. If the cereal mixture appears too sticky I’ll add some quick-cooking oats. Et violà: cereal bar perfection.

Cereal bars_whole


Wouldn’t you want me to be your colleague?! I hope my colleagues will appreciate the huge lot of work that went into these ;) . [Edited: Demolished and my boss asked what kind of cake I'd bring tomorrow. They clearly hated these treats.]

And speaking of work that’s where I’ll likely be the moment you’re reading this so:

Happy Wednesday and see you again tomorrow for some Thinking out loud!



Happiness-inducing today:

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Are ‘employee of the month’ run-ups actually a thing? Enlighten me! And: Do you think I’d win ;) ??

What are your favourite treats to bring to work?

Pretzels, pretzel things, chips: what’s your salty snack of choice?

Good good links #65

Super Saturday – that’d be yesterday in two words. My mum took the road trip to visit me though she could only stay for the day and it was a short but awesome time. Sorry I’m not sorry for the cliché but mums are the best. Fact. And to turn Sunday into a super [reading] day for you, too – no matter what else is going on – I’m once again sharing great posts I found this week. Let me know your favourites in the comments, too.

Happy Sunday!

Good good links



Good good [food for thought]

Is a gluten-free diet healthier? via Khushboo’s Blog

Not necessarily. Think twice before ditching gluten for health reasons. 

We too are stardust via Miss Irina

 Even if physics in general aren’t your thing this puts life as a whole in perspective in a wonderful – or sad, at times – way.

What 10 pounds taught me via the real life RD

Sometimes it takes hard lessons in reality to remind us to take better care of ourselves. An inspiring story and reminder.

 20 Harsh Life Lessons Everyone Should Learn In Their 20s via Lifehack

Peerp pressure doesn’t end, we don’t suddenly have everything figured out and things are constantly changing.  Real life is hard but at least we’re not alone in realizing these truths.

14 Things No Young Woman Should Ever Have To Fear via Serendipity and Creativity

We stress about such a lot in life. Starting over anew more than once, not wanting children or

 Nutrition is not a religion via Blogilates

Eat the way that makes you feel happy and energized but don’t try to push it onto others. This once more underlines that your kind of balance is best.



Good good [advice and inspiration]

Inhale Trust, Exhale Fear via Better with Sprinkles

Another case of the difference a word makes: Swap wishing for knowing and trust in the universe leading you on the right path.


5 Ways to Love Your Body via Snack Therapy

How to become best friends with your body because a) it deserves it and b) nobody wants to be at constant war with the person they spend every day of their life with [read: themselves].


How My Bikini Competition Helped Me, Not Hurt Me via Brittany Lesser

Advice even non-competitors should keep in mind.

Here’s What a Photoshop-Free World Would Look Like via Who What Wear

Wouldn’t that be a wonderful word to live in?

An unexpected reason to travel via The Mindful Foodie

Yet another reason why I – and probably you, too?! – should finally turn my dreams of traveling into reality. We don’t fully appreciate what we have until we leave it behind for a while.

Staying on course via Girl meets Life

Some great tips to set yourself up for success in following your goals in life.



The Basics | Carbohydrates, part I via Nutrition Stripped

For any fellow nutrition fact nerds. Summary: Carbs are a complex topic, our bodies’ preferred source of energy and do wonders for us.

Why I Quit The Gym via Miss Irina

If you feel obliged to go and notice physical downsides maybe the gym just isn’t the right fit for you – and that’s okay.



Coming out of the blogger closet via Peanut Butter & Jenny

In case you remember this is a constant topic on my mind. If you feel like going public with you blog these tips might help you feel more comfortable with it.



Hotel Room Workout via Popsugar

Four workouts you can do with the minimal equipment of a hotel room. No need to seek out a gym =more time to go out and explore!


Do it yourself

101 Homemade Holiday Gifts via hello natural

Keep your fingers crossed at least some of the gifts I’m giving this year will be homemade. Now to decide on just a few …





Good good [posts to make you smile]

Why dieting is hard – A Pie Chart via The Oatmeal

Yes, let’s try this again next week. Or the week after that …

This Is What Happened When A Woman Told A Chimp She Had A Miscarriage… via Quick meme

 Because we all need some heartwarming stories in these cold months. And don’t tell me you still believed animals weren’t emotionally intelligent after reading this.

 Where’s your ideal foodie vacation? via Women’s Health Mag

Meet me at the Downtown Farmers’ Market in Des Moines, Iowa.



Good good [food]

25 Fall Breakfast Recipes to Jumpstart your Day via Diary of an ExSloth

These might even inspire me to stray from my usual breakfast. Routine is good, changing it up is better – and possibly more delicious?!

Healthy Bites: 30 Protein and Energy Ball Recipes via FitFluental

Typical blogger fare: balls in all flavours for all tastes. Get rolling!

Flourless Pumpkin Almond Butter Bars with Dark Chocolate + Coconut via Ambitious Kitchen

Moist [sorry I'm not sorry], coconutty, chocolate-spiked and almond buttery – just how perfect do these look and sound?!



La Vita è Bella Pizza Power Bowl via via Blissful Basil

Who wouldn’t believe life is good once a bowl of this amazingness is put in front of them? And: Pizza [flavours] in a bowl?!

Vegan Fall Power Bowl via Spinach for Breakfast

I don’t even have any words for how perfect this looks. How exactly did this Mary Poppins heel-clicking work??

Quinoa-Stuffed Acorn Squash via In It 4 The Long Run

Stuffed vegetables are awesome. Squash is even more awesome. Awesome awesomeness?!

Zucchini Pasta with Roasted Pumpkin Sauce via Nutrition Stripped

All the flavours in the sauce sound incredible.

Vegan Corn and Wild Rice Chowder via Hummusapien

Simple ingredients, lots of vegetables and easy preparation: this has a lot of soup favourite potential just reading the recipe.

Pasta Fagioli with Cranberry Beans and Kale via Fatfree Vegan Kitchen

Pasta, beans, kale – the title says it already: this is true autumnal comfort food. And you get to eat it from a bowl = win.

Soup Ideas for Dinner [changed the original title because I didn't agree with it] via Popsugar

Making soup for dinner [or lunch] doesn’t have to be boring with so many ideas to change it up.



Happiness-inducing today: The introduction says it all: having my mum around for the day. Much needed and appreciated after a stressful week at work.


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Never enough randomness [TMI survey].

Okay, so I’d originally planned a completely different post for today. But after a ten+ hour work day my brain is mush so I’ll resumed the survey earlier than planned. Too much information is some kind of thinking out loud, too, right?!


27: Fears?

Many. Some are existential ones, other everyday life things. Spiders. Snakes.

28: Last thing that made you cry?

Feel free to laugh but the pain it was to find a parking spot in my street the other day. It wasn’t really that, though, but the result of lots of frustration that had been building up all day and just had to get out. Tears. Short but efficient in releasing some stress.

29: Last time you said you loved someone?
Answering this would deserve its own post. To make it short for now.I’ll say I don’t remember.BUT that does not imply I didn’t love certain people. It’s simply not as common to say this over here or in my family at least.
30: How did you come up with your blog name?

When I started blogging I wanted to keep track of my recovery from an ED. Getting up, facing my fears and living. However, I’ve contemplated changing the name because it wasn’t made for eternity [in my mind] – I’d have never guessed I would be blogging for this long and counting. If only I had any brilliant ideas … Help??!

31: Last book you read?

The Rosie Project and you absolutely have to read it. Just trust me. It’s awesome.

book_The Rosie Project

32: The book you’re currently reading?

The Love Song of Miss Queenie Hennessy by Rachel Joyce. I read the first book way back and the sequel was recently published. Given how much I enjoyed Harold Fry I had high hopes for this one but this one didn’t catch me yet and with only a few chapters left I don’t think it’ll turn my mind around anymore.

33: Last show you watched?

It’s been too long but I’d make a guess and say New Girl.

34: Last person you talked to?

My dad. On the phone only but doing what works.

35: The relationship between you and the person you last texted?


36: Favorite food?

Delicious food. Whatever I crave most and eat. Favourites include fruit, chocolate and chickpeas. Not all at once, though…

37: Place you want to visit?

So. so. many. If money was no issue I’d hop on a plane to the US in the blink of an eye. A more realistic one: my parents’ place.

Autumn walk

38: Last place you were?

Only counting places outside my apartment: at a cinema for a short article I’ll write tomorrow today.

39: Do you have a crush?

Real life or celebrity? I have several in the both categories …

40: Last time you kissed someone?

It’s been a while.

41: Last time you were insulted?

Actually, I can’t remember the last time I really was. Jokingly: earlier today related to my height – or lack thereof.

42: Favorite flavor of sweet?
Whatever the question: chocolate is the answer.

Lindt Chili_bars

43: What instruments do you play??

Thanks to my parents insisting my siblings and me all learn at least one instrument: the flute and the alto recorder. I’m still jealous they decided my sister was the one to get piano lessons.

44: Favorite piece of jewelry?

A pearl necklace my mum gifted me for my birthday several years ago. It’s a true classic and while not inherited because that kind of jewelry isn’t my grandma or mum’s style I picked the pearls myself.


45: Last sport you played?
Actually, I never played team sports. Like hinted at above I practiced Kung Fu – more specifically because it matters: Wun Hop Kuen Do. My Sifu [trainer] was awesome and I still most those intense hours of training that left me exhausted but happy.

46: Last song you sang?

Luckily, the question isn’t asking for the last song you sang well enough for others to recognize the tunes ;). That being said you could have heard me roar on my way to work today.

47: Favorite ridiculous pick up line?

As coincidence wants I heard a new one just today. Or actually, it’s not one to hear but see and works as follows: text a plane symbol to somebody. No text or other explanation added. Wait for them to reply with something along the lines of “what …???”. Reply: I thought I could land/hook up with you with this. I guess it’s ‘better’ in German but … yes … no words.

48: Have you ever used it?
Seeing as I just learned it today: no yet. Kidding. Not taking that flight ;) .

49: Last person you hung out with?

Ha! My colleagues.


50: Who should answer these questions next?

All of you. No, honestly, I know these kind of surveys can be life- or at least post-savers for any blogger struggling with writers’ block.

There you go: even more random bits of information you [never] wanted to know about me. Enjoy your Thursday and be back on Sunday for some good good links.


Happiness-inducing today: See #46. Good tunes make me happy.

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Everything you [n]ever wanted to know about me [TMI survey]

Time to show the drafts folder a little lovin’ and also kill two birds with one stone: Kaila tagged me for this TMI survey waaaay back [please don't look at the date] and I thought it was only fitting in an effort to become a bit more visible. Also, who doesn’t like a some survey action?! It’s a marvelously fun time filling these in and I hope you enjoy it, too. Note that it’s a long survey so I decided to split it into two parts. Next one to come when the mood hits me.


1: What are you wearing?

Not a dress for once but – weekend-ing plus writing this at night – the brand new PJ pants my mum has sewn me and that arrived in the mail yesterday.

PJ pants_striped_bed

2: Ever been in love?

Truly and deeply in a this-will-last-forever way? No. Maybe I’m too picky [see #15, too]?!

3: Ever had a terrible breakup?
Break-ups, yes, but none that time and friends couldn’t heal.

4: How tall are you?
All of 5’4. Sadly no amount of stretching can convince the measuring tape elsewise.

5: How much do you weigh?
Does anybody really answer this?? I couldn’t even if I wanted to [but I don't] because the scale and me parted ways when I moved out from my parents’. Meaning four years ago.

6: Any tattoos?
Now come the huge revealing questions [read: the boring part]: no.

7: Any piercings?
You guessed it: No.

8: Favorite movie couple?

9: Favorite show?
Maybe I’m the only one saying this but: none. Or none that is still on. Gilmore Girls were a favourite after I got hooked but I started late and thanks to not owning a TV I have yet to see all episodes. And hey, who wouldn’t like to have a pajama party with Rory and Lorelai??

10: Favorite bands?
That’s a tough one. I tend to randomly listen to songs but hardly like a whole album. Either way, Coldplay, Maroon 5,…

11: Something you miss? 
The carelessness of being a child. Life tends to get more complicated by the year and sometimes I just wish my biggest worries were which dress to put or whom to invite to my birthday.
12: Favorite song?
By now you know I’m not playing favourites so here are a few that brighten my day and bring up memories whenever I hear them:

‘Je veux’ by Zaz.


And this one is long, yes, and probably unusual but I like it a lot. Good good memories.


13: How old are you?
23. Officially one of the twenty-somethings.

14: Zodiac sign?


15: Quality you look for in a partner?

Charm. Humor. Loyalty. Authenticity. Honesty. And then some more. I can’t deny I’m picky.

16: Favorite Quote?

There are too many to pick just one. But this one is pretty good especially in the context of social media.

17: Favorite actor?
Audrey Hepburn used to be one of my idols growing up. Not just for her acting skills but personality, too.

18: Favorite color?


Coral and shades of red. Except for pants [I don't really ever wear them] I can’t think of a single basic item of clothing I don’t own in coral.

19: Loud music or soft?
Soft. Loud is making me feel uncomfortable. Especially when running I need to hear my breathing and footsteps.

20: Where do you go when you’re sad?

Outside for a walk. Nothing helps me clear my mind and sort thoughts bouncing around in my head like moving in crisp fresh air. Bonus points if it’s in the countryside.


21: How long does it take you to shower?

Does anybody time that? A rough guesstimate would be a little less than 10 minutes but turning off the shower when massaging in shampoo.

22: How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

Are we talking the whole routine from getting up to leaving the apartment? Then 1.5 hours. Why, yes, I need my time in the AM though I’m capable of shortcuts.

23: Ever been in a physical fight?

Luckily not. If so I’ll try to channel my knowledge from years of Kung Fu training.

24: Turn on?

Positivity. A sense of humor. Intelligence.


25: Turn off?

Negativity. Selfishness. Know-it-alls. People who focus on appearance too much [adding this because I've noticed this again lately].

26: The reason I started blogging?

My original reason was my passion for writing and connecting with others but also curiosity. I wanted to see why everybody else enjoyed blogging such a lot – and now I know it.


 … to be continued.


Happiness-inducing today: The gorgeous coloured leaves on the path when I was running outside.

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Your turn: Pick a few of the questions and answer them!

Did I successfully accomplish the goal of spilling too much information ;) ??

Good good links #64

Okay, yes, it’s definitely November already. I don’t know about your neck of the woods but it has gotten cold in Germany. The kind of cold that makes lunch break walks that much less enjoyable. We’ll see how much longer until I’ll break out my thick winter coat. I just hope it won’t start snowing any time soon.

Enough weather rambles, though – and we can’t forget the gorgeous autumn sun peeking out this weekend. Here are some of my favourite thought-inducing, smart and delicious-looking posts from this week. Enjoy – and stay warm!

Good good links

Good good [food for thought]

Why You Will Never Be Perfect via Smart Twenties

 A little more honesty with ourselves could help us feel better the next time we browse Facebook, Instagram or blogs.

The Power of Thinking “I Can’t Afford That Right Now” via Enjoy your healthy life

Money can still be a touchy subject for many – especially in times when your budget’s small. Some great thoughts and experiences.

Transformation Tuesday: I’m Calling Bullshit via Snack Therapy

Don’t trust every picture you see. Or: Never underestimate the power of posture, lighting and clothes.

This Is the Brutally Honest Body Image Lesson That Should Be Taught in School via Greatist

Not what I expected upon reading the title but something so true and worth keeping in mind every day.


Good good [advice and inspiration]


Maintaining a Long-term Blog via 101 Cookbooks

A very insightful post looking back on questions every blogger should ask themselves to keep going for a long time.

5 Tips To Avoid Blogging Burnout via Peanut Butter and Jenny

That goes right along with how to make sure you’ll enjoy writing for a long time.



10 Tips To Improve Your Morning In 5 Minutes Or Less via Mind Body Green

It really doesn’t have to take long. I’m already doing some of these but I want to try some more, especially #2.


Health and fitness

Why You Should Look at the Bottom of Your Running Shoes Right This Second via Women’s Health Mag

If the shoes doesn’t fit [the requirements anymore], exchange it as soon as possible. Running [into trouble] is no fun this way.

Perfectionism + 8 Things To Help You Relax & Stress Less via Ambitious Kitchen

Great advice I feel all of us can use to calm down and stop stressing out too much.

5 Habits of Caribbean People that help them Relieve Stress via Diary of an Ex-Sloth

We might not be able to move to the Carribeans adopt some traits from other nationalities’ mentalities.

What I Had To Unlearn After Studying Nutrition via Mind Body Green

Health myths busted: Why counting calories is nonsense and just eating well and exercising aren’t enough to be healthy.

Join The Free 2014 Holiday Challenge via Jamie Mendell

Jamie is back with another of her free challenges. These are always super fun inspirations for happiness in every day even if you’re not trying to loose weight.


The 12 Worst Habits For Your Mental Health via Huffington Post Healthy Living

I’m pretty sure we can all find ourselves in at least one or two of these. Time to stop!


 How to Get Shit Done Even When You’re Totally Unmotivated via The Nectar Collective

Cutting off social media and figuring out what keeps you from starting out: For those tasks or days when you just can’t seem to move on with your duties.


Why Coffee & Tea Are Amazing for You [INFOGRAPHIC] via Greatist

A really old one [in the age of internet] but the information is timeless. Haven’t brewed a cup of either yet today? What are you waiting for?



Corn Is Not The Only Food You Should Be Popping via HuffPost Food

My fondness of puffed amaranth is no secret but I never knew you could make puffed quinoa at home, too.


 CrossFit Terms Explained via The Little Honey Bee

Especially helpful if you’re a non-CrossFitter like me reading blogs by people who are in it.



Good good [posts to make you smile]

30 Examples Of Super Clever But Super Simple Artwork That Will Put A Smile On Your Face via Sharepowered

Yes! Genius and totally adorable ideas that will warm your inner child’s heart.

Christmas Lunchbox Jokes via Kristen Duke Photography

Nobody says you couldn’t put these into your own lunchbox. Just saying …

Nutrition Labels by Charlotte via Commitness to Fitness

Finally the label you’ve been waiting for: no gobbledegook but just the info you actually seek. Even if the truth is painful.

The Cutest Game Of Hide-And-Seek You’ll Ever See via Refinery29

I’m not usually one for all of those funny cat videos at all but this … just what I needed after an exhausting day at work.



Good good [food]

Healthy 3-ingredient, one-minute dark chocolate nutella (no food processor needed!) via The Foodie Teen

This is so intriguing. The fastest ever healthy homemade nutella – and you wouldn’t guess the ingredients!

Salted Chocolate Almond Mug Cakes (Vegan and GF) via Coffee and Quinoa

Everybody likes mug cakes, everybody likes chocolate, almonds and a good pinch of salt – sold!

Pretzel Cinnamon Rolls with Maple Whiskey Glaze via Yup, It’s Vegan

I’m apparently on a roll with those cinnamon role recipes [at least at finding them]. Now who’s coming over for coffee??

Identity Crisis Cake Donuts via GiGi Eats Celebrities

The one time an identity crisis is much appreciated. Vegan-approved turkey to serve up on Thanksgiving – or whenever.

 Vegan Pumpkin Paneer via eat healthy eat happy

Classic paneer might be good but this pumpkin-powered and veganized version looks even better.

Low-Calorie Soups Under 300 Calories via POPsugar

Roasted Roots, Spinach Carrot Lentil or Black and White Bean Soup: these have much more going for them than just the low-cal tag.

Tahini Brussels Slaw with Dried Cherries, Pine Nuts and Za’atar Crostini via The Lemon Bowl

An unusual take on slaw featuring one of my favourite green vegetables.

Salt and Vinegar Brussels Sprout Chips via The Healthy Maven

Because I haven’t been able to get enough of brussels sprouts lately. Potato chips are looking so lame now.

Pizza-stuffed Spaghetti Squash via Keepin’ It Kind

“All that needs to be said is this: It’s pizza. In a spaghetti squash.” – Yes, please.

4 Creative Riffs on Butternut Squash Soup via Popsugar

In other words: four more ways to get your squash and soup fix. The  Butternut Squash Ramen (minus the chicken) …

 Healthy Burrito Bowl via My Whole Food Life

Essentially all the best of Mexican cuisine in one bowl: what’s not to like?



Happiness-inducing today: A walk out in the autumn sun while chatting with one of my best friends on the phone.

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