Sharing or not sharing? [tell me your opinion!]

Originally, I had a different post planned for today. Yes, I’m in fact trying to work on a blog topic schedule. But life actually is the best blogging planner out there.  It’ll give you a nudge – periods of writer’s block aside – and get you to spill your secrets and thoughts. And because we’re talking on a Thursday out loud it is. Thanks to Amanda for creating up a wide open space for whichever thoughts life happens to pour into our minds at any given day. Before I start letting my thoughts flow I already want to invite you to read and then share your thoughts, experiences or whatever else you want to say about the topic. Because I know my opinion but I want to know about yours!


Some of the big question(s) when it comes to blogging: who’s invited to read your blog? Whom do you share your URL with?

What exactly got me thinking: A simple question posed by a colleague at random. “So, tell me: where do I find the link to that English blog you’re writing?”*

Now you might wonder how she found out about the blog in anway. Because no, I in fact don’t run around wearing a bright pin that says “hi, I’m a blogger!”.  Honestly, I wouldn’t have told everybody but as blogging is a major hobby of mine I’d mentioned it – among others – in the short portrait every new trainee or intern has to write about themselves basically the minute they walk in [talk about pressure]. And while most people didn’t comment on it any further both my boss and that colleague asked for the address on the same day. Weeks after I wrote that self-introduction. Given not even my family or friends know my blog’s URL I don’t feel like sharing it with my colleagues,  either. Work is work.  Private life is private life.

Also, I’d like to think that after nine hours at work I’ve fulfilled my duties of pretending to be normal and can dive straight into being me on the blog :D . As quirky, random, non-sensical, sappy, moody or however else I might be on any given day.

* note that this was not a colleague I’m on good terms with so she’d probably be the last person I’d talk to confidently. Just being honest here. <- and that’s another reason why some people better not know my blog URL.


In hindsight I found myself regretting I mentioned it at all. Then again, blogging is a huge and important part of non-work life for me so why hide it?  My ED past and remainders today are obviously key factors for my decision not to share, too. When I eat at work I don’t want anybody to judge me as ‘the girl with the eating disorder’. Like “Ah! Now I get why she brings her own food.” [No, actually, I just can't find any options that would be a) vegan or b) reasonably priced] or – the opposite: “Wow, did she actually eat that??

On a non-food-related level: I write professionally, too, and would not appreciate my colleagues picking apart my posts. They get a chance to do that at work – a newspaper office for any new readers – already so this is my place to do what I want and say what I want to say. Blogging as self-employed journalism? Hm … I like the sound of that .


In the end, I want to be able to individually decide whom to share my thoughts, experiences and struggles with. The thought of fully disclosing all I have shared on here yet and will share in future posts to a random person make me anxious. There might be people I’ve confided a lot of this to already but others who’d be surprised by several facets and I’d rather be in control of this.

If I wrote a recipe-only, fashion or similar blog I might be less cautious to share it with people I see on the regular in real life. But remembering [and at times admittedly not remembering every detail] the occasionally very personal posts I’ve shared so far I don’t feel comfortable with that thought.

Tea with Lucie

My blog is still a playground and place to grow for me. Both in terms of figuring out where I want to go with it, with food and life in general. An unfinished piece of work, a painting in progress, if you will. And wouldn’t an artist rather invite others over to his first successful exhibition rather than the wild splashing of colours, tissues or … ? Though in the end I am already sharing this part of my life with friends: all of you out there. And that – for now – feels just right for me.

That was a whole lot about me so now tell me about you!


Happiness-inducing today: The excited and happy kindness of a stranger pointing out a running route to me on my first run in the new city.

Stay in touch!

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No specific questions today but like I said: I’m super curious to hear how you decide whom to share your blog with. How you deal with colleagues or others possibly being surprised by the seemingly different person you are on the blog. …



WIAW: Celebrating World Vegetarian Day [early]

Yay for coincidences! What better day to celebrate today being today than a gloriously food-filled What I ate Wednesday?! For anybody still clueless:  Happy World Vegetarian Day! Even if you’re not an all-out veg-head the mere fact that you’re a foodie is good enough for me. Thanks to the probably not entirely veg but definitely veggie-loving Jenn for hosting!

One more thing before diving into the food: I might be vegetarian, took the minute to play around with the WIAW button and gave a shout-out about World Vegetarian Day [again]. But that doesn’t change anything about what I said before. No matter which diet we’re all united in our fondness of food – and that’s more than enough.


Because Wednesday as yet another office day [read: food eaten from tupperware] I celebrated early with a special lunch and will fill you in on what I might be eating the very moment you’re reading this post. Breakfast today is/ was a bowl of the usual: oatmeal with chia seeds and lots of zucchini grated in. Don’t you like sneaking in a serving of vegetables you hardly remember eating despite the fact you added it yourself?  I kid you not. I start eating and don’t even think about it. With coconut flour, apple chunks and cocoa added it’s simply not detectable. Or at least not in semi-sleepy state …

oat bran_zucchini_peanut flour[and because I'm unable to take pictures in said sleepy state you're getting a recycled picture. Just imagine cocoa and almond butter added]

New and happening before I even got started on breakfast: coffee!  Yes. Me, the “who cares about coffee??” tea fiend. Granted,  I still think coffee is overrated. But I decided that at 23 and working in an office of coffee drinkers I should at least give it a go. True coffee purists will shake their head at the fact I bought the granulated kind. To each their own.  So how was it? Better than I guessed. I added some of NuNaturals’ Simple Syrup and only a splash of almond milk.  However, I have to admit I felt a little … funky afterwards. Maybe it’s just getting used to it?

New in 004

Let’s talk lunch because I’m waaay excited.  A lasagna craving has stuck around for me for-ev-er. The only problem? My cupboards are still ridiculously crammed with all kinds of grains, flours, snacks and whatever else – but no lasagna sheets. I’ve promised myself I wouldn’t buy any new pantry staples until I’ve made a dent in my current ones. What’s a lasagna – longing vegetarian to do? Eggplant to the rescue. And that’s despite being torn in between liking and despising this vegetable.

Eggplant lasagna_pre-baking

Trust me: this dish is ridiculous – in a very good way. Single-serving cheesy lasagna packed with nutrients – and low-carb, too. Personally, I don’t mind that last aspect and still want some classic pasta-filled lasagna in ny life but until then this is an awesome dish to fill the spot. It can be vegetarian or vegan [Daiya cheese melts well] and gluten-free as well. Tender eggplant slices mingling with [storebought] a duo of sauces, fresh spinach and cheese. I had a hard time taking pictures as a) the scent alone was intoxicating [sorry to tout my own horn but you'd understand if this was in front of you right now]. And b) it was late both days I ate it. Nevertheless I wanted to share the recipe as soon as possible – it is too good not to and I know my forgetfulness if I don’t get to it during the next days.

Eggplant lasagna_right

Celebrating a special occasion calls for a special dessert, too. Perfect if it’s a once-in-a-blue-moon treat you picked up with the intention of saving it for a … day. This Coco Mylk OmBar fit the bill right there. I got a chance to review this flavour  before it was available in Germany. So I knew how good it was when I spotted it on special offer on my recent trip to Hamburg. Yes, I lugged home more than just that green guy. These hardly compare in terms of weight but don’t need to hide in terms of deliciousness. Given I’ll be at the office linking up from my phone by the time the WIAW link-up goes live just looking at the picture below will make me hungry/ look forward to returning home from work already. Oh the things chocolate does for me …

Ombar Coco Mylk

Happiness-inducing today: my first run in the new city and also first longer run in forever post-injury – mostly pain-free!

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Do [or will] you celebrate World Vegetarian Day or any other not-quite-as-wellknown holidays? There’s a huge number of food holidays out there to choose from if you haven’t done this yet. I highly recommend National Chocolate Day and I know for a fact I’ll celebrate October 29th in style.

What’s your favourite kind of [vegetarian please!] lasagna? Let me know of any recipes worth trying.

Good good links #58

Does anybody feel like either a) hiring me as a full-time blogger/ blog reader/ link-up composer or b) conving my boss it’s conducive to the quality of my work to allow blog-reading at the office? Because I’m convinced it is. And I’m also sure I miss out on dozens of great posts every week only getting a chance to read blogs in the evening. Often Sometimes at the sacrifice of sleep. I didn’t say that. Either way, these are some of the gems I didn’t miss out on and hope you’ll enjoy as well.

Have a great Sunday – the last one in September!

Good good links


Good good [food for thought]

 10 Reasons to Questions Health and Fitness Magazines via Bagels to Broccoli

… and that’s true for magazines all over the world.

The Appalling Responses To A Woman Who Wore A Fat Suit To Meet Her Tinder Dates via Huffington Post

Did you see this before? It’s shocking to see some of the guys’ reactions yet: are all men like that? How would we [as women] react in the opposite situation?

Dear Stretch Marks via Full of Bliss with Jennifer Lynn

Yes, you know the blogger and yes, it’s the sweetest letter to a seen-as-flawed part of ourselves I’ve ever read.


Good good [advice and inspiration]

Natural Ways To Reduce Your Cholesterol via Cleans Eats, Fast Feets

Cholesterol’s just an issue for old people? Not quite. We start building bases for age early on so: Eat all the oats and beans!

5 Pieces Of Health Advice You Should Never Follow via Mind Body Green

Calories are not created equal, pushing past your pain isn’t healthy and in the end we’re best off following our gut feeling.

How to Cultivate Body Respect (+ Two Common Weight Myths Busted) via Mindful Meals

Accepting ourselves no matter what we look like is a long  journey – but we can make good choices to keep going every day.

Ways to alkalize your body via Khushboo’s Blog

If the title of this post leaves you puzzled – it did for me – at first: go read it and know how to be healthier afterwards. We never stop learning.

How to tame a bloated belly via Eat spin run repeat

Too many raw vegetables, too many artificial sweeteners but also too much stress can take a toll on our stomaches.

A Guide To Intuitive Eating (Infographic) via Mind Body Green

Nothing new here but who doesn’t like handy-dandy infographics that – printed out? – can  serve as a daily reminder.



How I’m Leading a More Minimalistic Life via Clean Eating Veggie Girl

I absolutely need to do this – especially in terms of food and – humor me – tights [about a few dozen in my closet right now ...].



Writer’s Block — Seriously I can’t even come up with a catchy title via Commitness to Fitness

When the block keeps you from the blog: The bane of every blogger’s/writer’s existence – and can’t all of us relate?!


Cooking and food

How to achieve the perfect pancake “Fluff Factor” via Casey’s Wholesome Kitchen

For all of you pancake fiends on a quest to find the ultimate ‘cake.

How to pick out perfect vegetables via Mind Body Green

Does anybody else feel like running to the store or Farmers’ Market after looking at this? Hello, overbuying … Still awesome.



Good good [humor]

18 Weird German Words You Won’t Believe Exist via Fluentu

Fellow language fiends, this one’s for you. Or anybody who wants to have a good laugh at how ridiculous us Germans can be.

Figure out German animal names with this handy flowchart via 22 words

… and another one. Now tell me, which pet did I own years ago: not quite not a pig.


Good good [food]

Blackberry Hazelnut Crumble Bars via My New Roots

Did I mention I have a soft spot for crumbles? Any remaining self-control would be crumbling when faced with this dessert.

Just Peachy Buckwheat Chocolate Salad via Veg Fiend

Salad for dessert? Yes and not just any old fruit salad but one with sprouted buckwheat and healthy chocolate sauce (!).

20 Paleo Breakfast Cereals via A Girl Worth Saving

Homemade cereal can be a way to impress and this is proof paleo people* don’t have to miss out on variety, either.

26 Vegetarian and Vegan Crockpot Recipes via Rate your burn

[Quite] oldie but goldie. However, I found it just this week and it fits perfectly right now. ‘Tis the season for warming bowlfuls of food.

Carrot-Ginger “Hibachi” Dressing + 3-Bean Salad via Veg Fiend

The kind of salad even I would go crazy about. We’re talking three beans after all, f(r)iends!

Hearty Lentil and Swiss Chard Soup via The Healthy Maven

Lots of vegetables and lentils creating a full-bodied stick-to-your ribs texture: This is all I want in a soup and more.

 Vegan Chili Cheese Dip via Delish Knowledge

I’ve never had the original but with cashew-based cheese sauce, mashed beans as ‘meat’ and lot of salsa I’m completely sold here.


*I can’t help the alliterations when there’s a chance to go for the,.

Happiness-inducing today: Sunshine and a surprise package from my mum. Did I mention she’s the sweetest?!

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Tell me which posts got you thinking this week!


What my grandparents taught me

What is it with me and those random anniversaries and holidays lately? First those  snippets on Sunday  [I still don't know where they came from]. And then the other day I came across a list of holidays I’d never heard of. Then again it’s not too surprising I wouldn’t know about national holidays in the US. Either way,  there are some that should be celebrated worldwide. Or did you know that September 7th was National Grandparents Day?

They say that boys were looking for a girl who’s like their mum – and girls for a boy who’s like their dad.  While I wouldn’t mind the latter,  either, I hope to find a guy who’s like my grandpa when I grow up [because I clearly am not yet ...]. My grandpa is not only a talented craftsman like nobody else I know [he's well known for those abilities and gets a lot of requests], active .. . Plus he’s the world’s best hug giver and that obviously matters.

And my grandma? Like my mum she’s one if the best listeners and sweetest persons I’m blessed to have in my life. Always there to listen to me, calm me down, teach me how to bake the best cookies ever, … But wait, I meant to talk about something else:

During all the time I’ve spent with my grandparents so far they’ve [uninentionally] taught me a lot about life. So let’s take a moment to thank – and think out loud about – grandparents for the wisdom they offer us.


Life would be boring if all of us looked alike and had the same talents.

This is actually something my grandpa told my sister when she was unhappy about something she’d failed at. And it’s so true: we weren’t all born to be either math geniuses or models. All of us bring their very unique personalities and talents into this world  so in cooperation we can change things and create the world we want to live in. We can learn from and help each other and it’s what ties us together and what makes friendships that much more important.

When you have a dream you don’t let anything stop you.

Though neither of them speaks a language aside from German or Polish my grandma and grandpa are avid travelers.  They’ve spent countless Easter holidays skiing in France, used to drive all the way to Spain for a month every year [my grandpa's a passionate surfer] and even hopped on a plane to the US. They have trust in things working out in their favour. And these times when it doesn’t …

When life hits you hard, you stumble, fall and take up walking again.

Years ago my grandfather had a heart attack that hit him out of nowhere. All of a sudden he, who’d always been active, out and about and unstoppable had to slow down. Got breathless more easily. It really hurt him mentally, too, and we were worried he’d grieve forever knowing he’d never be able to get his old life back. Fast forward to today: grandpa’s [almost] his old self again. He might have had to give up very strenuous activities like surfing but he found new ones to pursue. We have the ability to turn bad situations around if we choose so.

It’s about the people.

This goes along the lines with be thankful. Like many people from the older generation my grandparents worked hard to raise their children and offer them a good life – yet never complained. Being with family is still what matters most to them to this day. Another part of this is finding happiness in non-materialist ways. The generation of our grandparents usually experienced poverty and didn’t pile up goods. They learned to get by with little and find joy in the little things.

You don’t have to like everybody but accept them the way they are.

The best way they taught me this was in their relationship with their neighours. A slightly … eccentric family. Endless chatterbugs, annoying like no others and obtrusive at times. Yet my grandparents don’t show any annoyance or ignore that family. They taught me that I should respect others – unless they didn’t respect me, either.

Forgive – others and yourself.

Grandparents are some of the least resentful people in our lives. The times we forget to call them back. The times we refuse to let them hug or kiss us during our too-cool-for-everything teenager years. When we approach them again they’ll welcome us back and offer help regardless of what happened. And that’s what they’re conveying to us, too. Just like the fact that we shouldn’t beat ourselves up about mistakes from the past.

I could go on endlessly but I think you caught my drift already and can think of additional ones. Life’s biggest lessons aren’t part of any school’s curriculum. We learn them from the people in ours lives. Especially those we love and who love us.

Another couple of warm socks in the make.

Grandma’s handy work: Another couple of warm socks in the make.

**At first I was also going to include what my grandparents taught me about the relationship with food and exercise is a wholly different chapter for another day …

Happiness-inducing today: The fact that while it’d been really cold in the morning by the time I headed out for a walk in my lunch break it had cleared up and I was greeted by sunshine.

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Your turn: Brag/gush/ sing about your grandparents and tell me what you learned from them.

WIAW: On the road again

… or actually: on the -train- again. The previously mentioned weekend meet-up with my mum didn’t happen but we got a chance on Saturday. Given I left at 8 AM and didn’t return until 9.45 PM packing food and eating out was inevitable.  So for today’s What I ate Wednesday and Vegan Wednesday what a day of traveling with food looks like for me

A lack of kabocha has my deviate from  my usual favourite and back on the oatmeal train [pun not intended] for breakfast again. Rolled oats cooked with water, soy milk,  peanut flour, zucchini and – necessary – salt. Topped with popped amaranth and coconut flour ‘crumbles’. I missed the almond butter. I’m not above using empty soy yogurt containers as oatmeal carriages. In fact, I consider it perfectly reasonable recycling. Only they are big enough for my servings. Oats in a jar are no option because nut butters come in glass jars over here and I don’t feel like lugging one of those around. Hello, weight lifting.

Oats_for the train

Snacks included two cinnamon chickpea protein bars. Slightly smushed after waiting in my handbag so you’ll get the pretty picture. While my favourite way to eat these is cold straight from the fridge they are delicious even Unpictured snacks were apples, a cookie, … I always crave fruit even more than on regular days when traveling. Maybe it’s drinking less – in an effort to avoid using the toilet on the train. If you’ve ever been on a train you’ll know why …

Protein Bars 1

After some – successful (!) – shoe shopping my stomach and mind were calling for a proper sit-down meal. When in Hamburg we usually like to seek out one of our favourite smaller restaurants in the Schanzenviertel. But with a limited time window and shopping downtown we went for another go-to closer by. Cha cha is one of my favourite chain restaurants – only topped by Dolores. I ordered Thai fried rice with vegetables,  sesame soy sauce and cashews. The serving was very generous [the picture doesn't do it justice] so I didn’t manage to finish it. Especially because my mum needed some help with her dish … Only not really but that’s what she gets for eating out with me.

Eating out_cha cha_September 2014

My Mum got their Yellow Curry Noodles with Pineapple and Seitan. The pasta wasn’t vegan but I ate around it picking out the best part: obviously the coconut milk-drenched seitan. Luckily for both of us, our dishes weren’t overly spicy like some food at Cha Cha can be. Remind me to finally prepare seitan at home because this was good.

Eating out_cha cha_September 2014_2

Dinner was an eat-all-the-food affair – I returned home ready to chew my arm off. Kabocha – found in Hamburg and yes; I buy and travel with heavy squash if I spot the elusive variety. Living in no-mans-country no-[kabocha] squash-country isn’t easy.
Steamed as usual and with the added coconut oil this was all I could have asked for after a long day of traveling. I’ve yet to come to a final result on its added satiating powers but it’s delicious either way.


Happiness-inducing today: The chatterbug but very kind and helpful owner of the small health food store in the town I work.

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What do typical days on the road/ train look like for you food-wise?

How do you transport oats [to work or when traveling]?

Good good links #57

Hello and happy 21st of September! An odd way to say hi? I don’t think so. We’re this close to the astronomical start of autumn [or fall if you prefer]. And I somehow happened upon the fact that September 21st, 1799, was when the French Philippe Lebon invented the first gas heater. Very fitting fact with the colder months in mind, don’t you agree? It was also when in 1983 the first mobile phone – weighing a feathery ~ 1.8 lb – made it onto the US market. Okay, I apparently enjoy some random facts … What I also enjoy and came here to share today, though, are great posts. Rambling be gone, reading may start.

Happy Sunday!


Good good links

Good good [food for thought]

Do Healthy Eating and Being Busy Go Together? via Long Drive Journey

Amy’s speaking my mind here. Juggling the quest to live healthy and leading a busy life can be a struggle.

When Little Girls get called “Fat” via Blogilates
Body shaming starts early on, it hurts and it has to stop.

The Truth About Recovering from an Eating Disorder (and Breaking Free from Emotional Eating) via Hunger for Happiness

Well-versed and reassuring words for anybody struggling. It might just be a phase of acclimatization.


Good good [advice and inspiration]

 5 Tips for Better Sleep via I heart Vegetables

Because sleep  matters way more than we might assume.

Ready to Stop Feeling CRAZY around Food? 5 Lessons from Isabel Foxen Duke via Mindful Meals

 Why emotional eating isn’t necessarily a bad thing and some thoughts on ‘normal’ eating.

 Be Unapologetically, You via Katalyst Health

Great post on why it’s worth being you even if others want you to change. Because who really wants to be somebody else’s ‘right’ version of themselves??


I Tried to Quit Diet Soda 4 Times. Here’s What Finally Changed My Ways via Greatist

Sneaky diet soda … A bad habit that takes some finesse to break and overcome.

13 Ways To Beat Stress In 15 Minutes Or Less via Huffington Post Healthy Living

Stress can take a toll on our health so finding ways to recover matters.

9 Air-Cleaning Houseplants That Are Almost Impossible to Kill via Greatist

Even people with no green thumb deserve to breathe fresh and clean air.


How to apply bronzer like a pro via A Beautiful Mess

Getting that gorgeous glow without looking like a child that played with mum’s make-up.

Make-up-less Monday and what beauty means to me via girl meets life

This: “How we choose to define beauty and/or let it control our lives is what is key.”



The 25 Best WordPress Plugins of 2014 via WordPress Hosting SEO Cloud Social Media Strategie

What a difference plug-ins can make:  I’ve yet to switch to self-hosted but for anybody who already did broken link checkers, SEO help and the likes will be great little helpers.



Good good [food]

 No-Bake Chocolate Mousse Tarte via Marfigs’ Munchies

Excuse me while I try to recollect my ability to form proper sentences. Just see how incredible this looks while being packed with nutritious ingredients.

 No-Bake Vegan Oatmeal Fudge Bars via Running with Spoons

 Getting fudgy with dates! It’s apparently a no-bake kind of week on here but honestly: who’d be able to say no to these?

Buffalo Chickpea Pizza with White Garlic sauce and Celery Ranch via Vegan Richa

Chickpeas on pizza are already a must for me but this takes a to a new swoon-worthy level.

Butternut Squash, Kale and Chickpea Massaman Curry via Conoisseurus Veg

Many favourites of mine mingling in one bowl of autumal comfort food heaven.

Red Pepper Recipes via love and lemons

If you bought an overload of peppers [ahem] or just really like this flavourful vegetables.

Samosa Soup via Yup, it’s vegan

Want samosas but not the whole assembly effort? This will do the trick – and it looks like a great new potato soup idea by itself.


Happiness-inducing today: Meeting my mum and sister and talking to strangers once again.

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Tell me which posts got you thinking this week!