Good good links #97

Hello, heat wave! Do you remember how I was talking about the forecast last week? Well, this one proved it was spot on. Oh. yes.  For some of you overseas around 100 °F/38 ° C might not be much but for me … woah. Long story short I didn’t move much on this Saturday. Not exactly what I’d hoped for but there’s still Sunday after all :). And with that, I’m hoping you’re enjoying your weekend and in case you need some good reading material I’ve got you covered. Enjoy and …

Happy Suday!


Good good links

Good good [food for thought]

Black and White via Picky Runner

Finding the middle ground – whether in recovery or else – isn’t easy but well worth working towards.

On Veganism, Eating Disorder Recovery and ‘No’ Foods via Choosing Raw

It’s a thin line to tell the true reasoning for restriction and labeling foods.. I’m still torn on the issue of special diets and EDs.

Complaining vs. Bragging vs. Real Talk (?!) via The Lunchbox Diaries

 No facades, no glamming up: An honest post on what blogging should really be about.


Good good [advice and inspiration]

How Mindful Eating Can Help You Fall In Love With Food by Rachael Hartley via Kara Lydon

Never deprive yourself of foods you enjoy for fear of overeating.

My Favourite Body-Positive Podcasts via Bagels to Broccoli

I really enjoy listening to podcasts on my walks and these sound like good ones to add to my playlist.

Stop Tossing Spoiled Produce and Start Freezing It via hello healthy

Just in time so you can make the most of summer’s best fruit and vegetables – far into the colder months!



This is Why I Unfollowed You on Instagram (And why you shouldn’t care) via Forever Amber

It’s not a personal insult but preferences regarding content. We can’t be friends with everybody and that’s okay.

60 Simple Ways to Grow Your Blog in Under an Hour via BlogHer

Great ideas to connect, improve and keep yourself on top of the game. And don’t forget #15 from the ‘5 minute’ bunch!


Health and Fitness

Is Exercise Causing You To Gain Weight? via Lifting Revolution

[For all exercisers] It might just be and there’s a lot of science behind the why.


Good good [posts to make you smile]

How to perfectly load a dishwasher via The Oatmeal

… at leastif you want to upset me or any other slightly OCD person in your life.


Good good [food]

Vegan Floating Islands via Glue and Glitter

Yes, I’m impressed by far-from-vegan dishes veganized.

Vegan Heavenly Hash Ice Cream via Gluten Free Vegan Pantry

Chocolate, almond chunks and mashmallow fluff – doesn’t that sound like ice cream perfection?

Vegan skillet s’mores dip with easy oat graham crackers via A Dash of Compassion

Pinch me! Bring this to any summer get-together and you’ll be the star of the party. And invite me if you do,

Chakalaka via Immaculate Bites

With plenty of spices, vegetables and beans this African dish would be right up my alley.







Happiness-inducing today:  Randomly meeting an old friend at the store and finding out how much better he’s doing since the last time we met.

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Friday Favourites – 7/3/2015

It’s been a long since I last posted favourites on  a Friday – unless you counted that one foodie favorite – but Luckily it’s never too late to start it up again. The blog community is a forgiving place, no? Yes, you are. You’re also quite awesome and insightful in your thougths on yesterday’s post. Most of you agreed but I like some polite disagreement or demurs in there, too. It’s all helping to broaden my mind – the best part of this community.

Summer finally showing up and especially the sun. Maybe it’s a repeat offender but I am surprised by how much of an effect this has each time anew. Life isn’t perfect – in fact quite far from it in many areas for me at the moment – but loosing a single day channeling Negative Nancy is no option.


Bike rides. Given I don’t own a car anymore – yes, I said goodbye to my wonderful ride – my bike is the vehicle of choice these days. Technically, I can still borrow my dad’s car for longer commutes but would anybody really want toin this weather [see #1]? Plus, its environmental benefit can’t be denied.  My favourite bike rides have been longer ones in the evenings watching the sun slowly go down. This is especially gorgeous on trails along the riverside. Yes, despite the not-so-wonderful parts of life I’m feeling blessed to live in an area surrounded by the most beautiful sights of nature. I keep warning you I might just post a million pictures of it one day …

On a walk

Strawberries from my mum’s garden. These are a miracle times two. For one because everybody who has tried it before knows produce grown in your own backyard tastes best. On that note I. can’t. wait until kabocha will start to grow! And then my mum actually didn’t intend on growing any Strawberries this year [for the first time ever!] but a very few plants decided to grow nonetheless. Oh does this make me happy. The taste of childhood.

Strawberries_mums garden

Some people apparently don’t like quotes and I’m not one to plaster my place with them, either. But still think it’s not the worst idea to look at some happiness booster every now and then.


Because it can be a lot easier this way around.

And this one is just too good not to share:

So. much. yes.

Okay, now I’d better get out and enjoy the sunshine while it’s still there. Not too long and summer will be over already judging from the speed at whch this year is passing by again.

Thanks to Heather and Clare for inspiring us to share some favourites on a Friday!

Happy Friday! I’ll see you on Sunday with good good links!

Happiness-inducing today: Chatting with my mum while listening to Taylor Swift songs – Juli! –  and both of us just enjoying that end to a hot summer day.

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What are your plans for the weekend?

Do you grow any fruit or vegetables in your garden?




Why Intuitive Eating is Making Me Sad

 Contrary to what the title suggests I like Intuitive Eating. No, scratch that, I’m absolutely fond/smitten/insert other excited exclamation here of this concept. We’ll get to my point in a minute.

And who isn’t? Look around the blog world and you’ll see dozens, hundreds, thousands of people singing the praises of this wonderful revolutionary trend. This amazing new concept that finally frees them from food worries and restriction. We’re finally allowed to eat just what we want again. Heureka! Oh and have I told you about how I intuitively ate a cupcake today yet? Yes, really, just wait for it …

Intuitive eating

Stop! That’s what is making me sad. We – myself included – are getting excited about exploring the joys of intuitive eating. We eat when hungry. Listen to our cravings. Stop when full. Only: it’s not new. It’s the oldest way of eating around. Dating from way before the first weight loss diets were invented. The way our grandparents ate. And their parents. What we do is get back to our original state. The way we were born.* The way of eating that was stolen from us by the confusing messages sent out by magazines. Blogs. Nutrional experts. Certain doctors. …

*granted, I don’t feel I ever ate truly intuitively but this is part of my own story I have yet to share.

What is making me sad is that millions of women  [and men!] have lost touch with their intuition.

What is making me sad is that we even need a term to describe the way of eating we were born to have. [That being said intuitve eating does sound a lot fancier and upscale than ‘normal’ eating so I’ll roll with it.]

What is making me sad is that we marvel at people who eat intuitively. It shouldn’t excite us but be something we do without even thinking. Just like walking. Brushing your hair. Washing your hands.

What is making me sad is that we’re willing to pay a good amount of cash for programs helping us get back to that state of mind and acting. This isn’t shunning any of these programs because while I haven’t tried them myself yet I know they worked wonders for some/many people and that’s great. The sad aspect is the fact we even need those programs.


Our intuition is built in like a cars engine but was since replaced with worries about calories. Doubts about which diet we should follow. Is it okay to eat x amount of sweets per day? Is gluten/sugar/fruit the devil? A whole industry is built on the fact that we’re completely confused in terms of an essential human need: food. Eating.

Why am I, why are we having such a hard time shutting out the blubber of magazines and social media and simply listen to [and trust!] our inner voice. It has no intention of harming us which I think can we’re righteously doubtful about with certain magazines …

Where does all of this rambling out loud leave me? Am I never going to mention Intuitve eating again? Far from it. Finding my way back to normal and at that intuitive eating and living is still my goal in recovery. Lost connection with your intuition? Start reconnecting. Today. It’s not easy but worth reclaiming.


Happiness-inducing today: The sun. Talking to a friend about potential summer holiday plans (!). Editing another family member’s work.

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No questions for you today. Just your thoughts on the issue or experiences.

Good good links #96

Summer is here! Or at least it finally feels like it after weeks or rain and a drop in temperatures. Now we’re anxiously awaiting that 30+ °C heatwave … and while you’re waiting why not check out some great posts from the past week? Yes, I’m short here again because I didn’t get a chance to read a lot of posts lately but came across some that I found definitely worth mentioning.

Happy Monday!


Good good links

Good good [food for thought]

Enough Whole Food Hating via Clean Eats, Fast Feets

An answer to weight loss advice gone way too far. Dropping a few pounds shouldn’t come at the expense of health [and sanity].

Bikini Acceptance via girl meets life

Being okay with the way we look and think we should look like isn’t easy.


Good good [advice and inspiration]

How Wide Is Your Circle? via Danielle Dowling

Are you interacting with enough people to broaden your mindset?

10 Instant Ways to Create Charisma via Pick the Brain

Great tips everybody should follow.

20 Books You Can’t Put Down For Summer Reading via Live bold and bloom

It’s the season for time on the beach [or balcony] with a great book in hand.



My five favorite free photo apps and websites via A Lady Goes West



Health and Fitness

5 Nutrition Myths DEBUNKED! via Green Mountain at Fox Run

Not everything we hear is actually true.



What Undernourishment Does, and Why You Should Wait to Exercise [PART 1] and [Part 2] via Balanced not Clean

Logic beats ED thoughts: a thorough explanation of what happens in our bodies and why working out is a bad idea.



Good good [posts to make you smile]

If the Exercise Class Descriptions From My Gym Were Honest via The Everywhereist

I’m not sure I’d still consider trying Body Pump or Mat Pilates after reading this …



Good good [food]

Adventures in Aquafaba: Making Vegan Chocolate Mousse, Mayonnaise, & Marshmallow Fluff via food 52

Possibly the one thing I’m most excited about lately. Experimenting is going to start in my kitchen very soon!

16 Unbelievable Vegan Recipes You Can Make With Canned Bean Juice (Aquafaba) via Peta

Latte froth. ice cream, fluffernutter sandwiches – are you getting excited yet?

Magic Chocolate Mousse via Food to Glow

This has to happen. Absolutely.

Cheesy Pasta with Tomato Cream Sauce via Eats well with others

A simple meal with all the right ingredients for instant comfort.



Happiness-inducing today: My mum finding just the right words to break a funky mood I’d gotten stuck in for too long.

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Of evil laptops, Greek yogurt secrets and kitten

There was once a girl called Amanda

who made it part of her agenda

to turn Thursday into a time of Thinking  out loud

and joined by many,  this invention can make her proud.

While I think we don’t need to discuss why I’m not writing poems for a living it’s a fact Amanda was onto somethi ng when coming up with her link-up so without further ado …


It’s called thinking out loud but we need to get some rambling out loud first. Sometimes blunt statements are best: my laptop hates me. No, I’m not making things up. It might be time to bite the bullet and invest in a new one …

Exhibit A: It took me almost an hour to get this post up. No, not write this post but upload the pictures and get it ready to publish.

Exhibit B: Do you remember me jumping back on the wagon of people watching TV shows or better yet DVDs? That turned out to be less fun than expected. Gilmore Girls is still a fantastic show but: I’m watching season five now though I actually have several episodes of the second and fourth left. The reason? My lovely laptop flat-out refusing to play certain discs – temporarily or at all. It’s a smidgen frustrating to say the least. Especially when you’ve never watched those very episodes on TV before [because you weren’t aware of the existence of this show for the longest time while it was still on TV].

Gilmore Girls_DVD

Rumor has it [almost] every blogger is singing the praises of Greek yogurt [and willing to pay a small fortune for a tiny cup]. Over here, though, it’s a true rarity to find actual Greek yogurt so I’m usually opting for a more wallet-friendly option. Something else said about us bloggers, though, is that we can’t resist new products appearing on shelves …

I’ve seen this on Instagram beforeit’s only made its way into a few stores around here recently. Any opinions? So far I’ve been able to resist the allurance [though I should probably mention it’s only been a few days since I first spotted it]. I’m a little turned off by the fact it’s almost fat-free, though.Fat is a friend, not foe and I’m not willing to wrangle my wallet for fat-free dairy.

Yet there’s something I can’t resist …

Fage_Greek yoghurt_jam_blueberry

And no, it’s actually not about the yogurt. That is obviously delicious. But here’s the true secret: I’m after the jam. Trust me: whatever Fage adds to that ‘fruit preparation’ [why not call it crack to begin with?!]: it’s addictive. Why not call it crack in a cup to begin with? Or better yet: start selling it separately?! Hm … do you think I should mail Fage and propose my idea?

Completely unrelated but too cute not to share and a surefire mood booster if you’re feeling down:

Piper: equal parts sweetness and sass.

A photo posted by Kitten foster home Seattle, WA (@foster_kittens) on

I know at least one girl will be all over these. How could you not? And now I want a cat.


Happiness-inducing today: Taking a spontaneous late bike ride despite the grey clouds and not getting caught by the rain.

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No questions on a Thursday so just get random in the comments!

Food Talk Wednesday #3

You know you’re a blogger if you take pictures of your food with every intetion to share them on your social media outlets of choice.

You know you’re a blogger who needs to post about food if said pictures take up too much space on your phone/camera memory card.

All that being said it’s definitely time for another Food Talk Wednesday. In hopes that will reduce the backlog of pictures at least ever so slightly [who exactly am I kidding?!]. What can I say? Flowers [just wait for the bazillion of pictures I’ve been taking] and food – I can’t resist taking pictues of them.

Today’s theme – you didn’t think I’d pass a chance to give rhyme and reason to a post, did you? – are meals eaten out. I could pretend I was a lazy lady unwilling to cook.  Or fantasize about summertime heat [which Germany sadly isn’t blessed with at the moment] making me dread turning on the stove. But I’d rather go with telling the tale of living up to the goal I set myself. I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t add some of the recovery lessons learned here. While I don’t want this to turn into a recovery[-only] blog I’ve been inspired, reassured and encouraged by others doing so I’m hoping I might be able to do the same in  a way.

Food Talk Wednesay_logo[Sorry for the phone camera pictures in advance. Sometimes I’m just not feeling the workout that is lugging around a DSLR at all times ;) .]

The oldest of these pictures – no surprise my phone’s memory card is filling up fast – is of this lovely asparagus risotto I ate way back. I’d dare to say I still remember its taste, though. Risotto – another dish I hadn’t had in quite a while. Mostly for the reason I usually cook for myself only and it’s not really worth the effort for a single serving. This Asparagus Risotto with Cherry Tomatoes was just perfect. The lovely staff at the café knows me and always finds a way to accomodate my vegan preferences even if their regular menu doesn’t offer anything suitable.

Asparagus risotto

One of my favourite dishes was enjoyed at a festival [it’s not actually a festival but the concept would take too long to explain here]. Its name can’t be properly translated but it’s basically a stir-fry of brown rice, speltberries and lots of vegetables with a delicious fresh peanut sauce. Maybe it was the fact I only get the chance to eat this dish once a year but for once I actually finished the whole plate – and was still hungry. That’s something I’m still adapting to but baby steps …


Pizza! Probably sad to admit but I didn’t remember the last time I’d had pizza prior to this one. At that, recovery is a blessing because you get to rediscover the joy in eating a food others have on the regular.  The additional challenges for me: most of my family had been cycling all day while I – then still being cautious because of my injury – had joined my uncle and wife in taking the car. Aside from missing the extra fresh air lack of movement still makes me anxious. Either way, I enjoyed a few slices of this made-to-order brick oven pizza with spinach, mushrooms and vegan cheese sauce. There couldn’t have been a better way of welcoming pizza back in my life.


Pictured below is what sadly fell into the category of ‘looks better than it tastes’: Tomato and olive ragout with pan-fried polenta slices. Eaten on a day trip to meet my sister this was another reminder that sometimes a meal isn’t about the food. Did I fully enjoy the dish? No. It wasn’t awful but didn’t hit the spot or satisfy me [a little TMI: my stomach let me know it didn’t approve of this in terms of digestion later, too …]. Did I enjoy the company? Absolutely. Would I do it again? Sure. One meal isn’t worth making a fuss about and much less if it comes with a side of quality time with somebody you don’t see often enough.


Something I’ve noticed overall and hadn’t expected, though, is that eating out is actually easier than challenging myself at home. It’s one of the many surprising experiences I’ve made. First traveling as the one thing I was afraid of turning into a great way to free my mind. Then meals eaten out in general as a way to broaden my palate and delve into unknown calorie territory. At home, I’m more often than not stuck in repetition of ‘safe’ meals but handing over control to somebody else in a place different from home somehow works a little magic. Also good for anybody struggling with serving sizes: what is given to you at restaurant’s is considered the ‘right’ amount for a normal eater. As in: what we’re striving to turn into. Unless you’re faced with a pizza larger than the plate it’s served on – yes, this has happened to me before.

In short: if you can’t seem to challenge yourself food-wise at home, either, try eating out. It takes pushing past your comfort zone a lot at first but is rewarding.


Happiness-inducing today: Helping one of my sister’s friends editing a paper she had to write for university. Did I mention I enjoy editing a LOT?!

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Are you guilty of taking way too many pictures of food [or flowers], too?

When was your last time eating out and what did you get?