Good good links #101

Summer is back! Okay, yes, I’m probably a little too excited about something as simple as the return of nicer temperatures but after a week of dreary days I’m more than happy to see the sun back in action.

Back in action after a week, too, are my good good links. Something to think about, something good advice and some appetite-inducing food – hopefully a mix for everyone!

Happy Suday! I’ll talk to you again soon.


Good good links



Good good [food for thought]

MY Version of Healthy via Lord Still Loves Me

‘Healthy’ isn’t a one-size-fit-all but it also isn’t neccessarily the same for a single person all throughout their life.

Is there More to Life Than Food and Fitness? via Life with Niki

A great thought-provoking post on discovering passions beyond these two to get back to a ‘normal’ life [especially after ED recovery].



Good good [advice and inspiration]

A Stroll in Nature Improves Mental Health via Psychology Today

Just in case you needed any more convicing to lace up your shoes and go for a walk.

19 Ways to Beat The Monday Blues via Healthy.Happy.Life

A little daydreaming, dancing and some good food can make a not-so-awesome day a little better.

How I Finally Ditched Insecurity via Mind Body Green

Something a lot of us struggle with. Great ideas for promises to make to yourself to gain confidence.




The Biggest 2 Lessons I Learned From Two Years of Blogging via In It 4 The Long Run

So. much. truth.  This is what everybody who enters the [blogging] game and sticks with it will experience.


Health and Fitness

5 reasons why I advise clients to eat carbs at night via Khushboo’s Blog

Carbs after dark [or any time of the day, really] are good for you. Here’s the science behind this.

HA: When Nobody Gets It via Better with Sprinkles

A condition a lot of people struggle with in or after recovery yet Sam’s example shows medical support and understanding by others is often lacking.

Confessions of an Amateur Raw Vegan via Huffington Post

Interesting observations everybody can implement in their lives even if not committing to a fully raw lifestyle.



Good good [posts to make you smile]

Pitch Imperfect: In which I Waste Everyone’s Time Answering Spam Emails. AGAIN. via The Everywhereist

Now who else is tempted to do the same??!


Good good [food]

Chocolate Cherry Almond Snack Bars via Sally’s Baking Addiction

Triple almond action, little more than a handful of ingredients: these look like they’ll definitely beat any storebought bar.

25 Vegan Cheeses That Will Knock Your Socks Off via One Green Planet

Vegan or not: making your own dairy-free cheese without any nasty ingredients is an accomplished feeling. And so many delicious-looking options!

Quick Tomato Salsa via Seitan is My Motor

Homemade salsa is still on my to-try list and this looks like another great recipe.

Roasted Broccoli and Rice Bowl with Chipotle Red Pepper Sauce via The Vegan 8

Everything you want from a meal assembled in one bowl and covered with a creamy



Happiness-inducing today:  Welll … did I mention the sun is back?!

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WIAW: Gone carrots

Once upon a time … I did What I at Wednesday and Vegan Wednesday posts on the regular. Yes, it seems like enough time has passed since then to justify the use of this expression. Either way, it has been a while and I’m not entirely sure I’ll get back to joining the party weekly again soon. Life is life or so they say. And who are they, by the way? [yes, important life questions to be pondered – at another time].


Unless it’s your first time swinging by here you might remember I like finding a good theme for any such food posts. Today’s happened to come about completely unplanned. Actually, I have yet to plan any WIAW topic, come to think of … Oh well. Let’s talk about what I ate … gone carrots.

Yes, carrots. One of the first vegetables every child – or is it just us over here? – is served by their parents. A good choice indeed around these parts if the intention is to get that glow without relying on the sun that can be lacking here. Additionally, though, carrots have a lot more to offer than you might know. Allow me a little nutrition nerdiness because now that I’m on a carrot kick I want everybody to join. A little bit of positive peer pressure maybe?

Want to keep a sharp vision? Eat carrots! Just one cup already provides more than 100 % of the DV of Vitamin A.  Rich in antioxidants they also lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases . While I also recommend doing crossword puzzles and sudoku to keep your brain fresh ;), eating carrots may help delay cognitive decay/loss of memory.

Okay, enough of the lessons, moving onto the food already!


What you see above is my tupper-ed breakfast. It’s both an effort to change things up from my usual one and my undying fondness of bulgur [in addition to carrots]. My current favourite grain mixed with shredded carrots, chickpeas and soy creamer plus spices. It’s the perfect no-time-but-hungry meal. Only not as filling as I hoped. Much more filling, though, was lunch …

Chickpea Carrot Stew_bulgur_lunch

More carrots! Are you surprised? I was only half-kidding about the using their wonderful carotene boost to work on my tan while the sun is only playing the occasional peek-a-boo around here. No matter what the weather is like, though, the dish above ranks upon my favourites. Non-vegan in the original recipe found in one of my family’s favourite cookbooks I tried to turn it into a fully vegan dish. As of now, it still requires some tweaking but it’s good as is already. Red onions, carrots and chickpeas sautéed with oriential spices, added raisins and – post-picture – some soy creamer.

… and because life is all about balance I certainly will never forego dessert/snack time. I like to pretend raw chocolate was healthy so that means I can eat more of these in addition to my favourite, right?! Just agree.

Raw chocolate company_raisins_snack

Whether healthy or not, though, I’ve made the decision not to count those in my intake. Yes, that habit is still hanging around most days. It’s a little step but those add up to bigger strides on the path, right?! Eating chocolate is good no matter what so in case you haven’t had any today yet I highly recommend making up for that.

Happiness-inducing today:  The huge sigh of relief after a rather unpleasant experience. Did I mention I don’t like going to the dentist’s?!

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Good good links #100

Can I get a hip-hip hooray?! Much to my disbelief – okay, this makes me sound awfully inconsistent – I’ve been sharing my favourite posts by others with you for 100 weeks now. I hope you’ve been enjoying these posts and finding some interesting reads here and there. Given I do still like sharing with you and hearing what you enjoyed most (!) I’m not intending to stop this little link party anytime soon. With that I’m wishing you a …

happy Suday!


Good good links



Good good [food for thought]

Why I Don’t “What In Ate Wednesday” via In My Skinny Genes

What’s your motivation to read about others’ intakes? [Disclaimer: I like WIAW yet this post still got me thinking.]



Good good [advice and inspiration]

Confessions of a Former Pessimist via Oatmeal and Optimism

How to change your view and see the glass half full, not half empty.

You Don’t Have To Make Things Happen Alone (Actually It’s Better If You Don’t) via Jenny Purr

Why the old saying of getting by with a little help from your friends is very wise indeed.

5 Effective Ways to End Bad Habits Today via Pick the Brain

Starting on a bad day, using negative motivation and looking for replacements: new ideas to stop the bad and start the good.



How Often Should You Post OnYour Blog? via Forever Amber

The answer and the factors playing into it might surprise you.


Health and Fitness

Is It Time To Give Up On Your Workout? Here’s How To Tell via Mind Body Green

Don’t push through the pain to see progress but read it as a sign to stop.

5 Tricks that Kept Me Healthy When I Was Broke via hello healthy

Whether your on a budget or just appreciating ways of saving money while not compromising on your healthy lifestyle.




Good good [posts to make you smile]

30 Things You Don’t Need But REALLY Want Anyway via Web Burgr

Okay, #15 would give me the heebie-jeebies but hey, #10 might come in handy one day.


Good good [food]

6 Frozen Vegan Desserts For Summer via well vegan

Keeping it cool and fresh in the heat of summer with ice cream, frozen hot chocolate and raw cheesecake.

Snickerdoodle Blizzard via Feasting on Fruit

This vegan frozen treat will surprise you with a sneaky ingredient many bloggers adore – hint: it’s not bananas!

Raspberry Coconut Mango Sorbet via Minimalist Baker

My favourite [mango] mingling with two other great flavours in one delightful frozen treat – yes!

Easy Roasted Tomato Blender Salsa via The Conscientious Eater

Salsa is easily my favourite condiment but I’ve yet to prepare my own. This recipe sounds quick and simple enough, though …

Cauliflower Flatbreads via Marfigs’ Munchies

What can’t you do, cauliflower?! Another great idea for those times you bought too much of this vegetable [just me?].

Enchilada-stuffed Peppers with Avocado Cream via Hummusapien

Swapping the [hard-to-find over here] tortillas for bell peppers and adding creamy avocado drizzle to this Mexian dish: awesome!

BBQ Baked Rutabaga Chips via Cotter Crunch

A paleo and vegan snack made from an often overlooked root vegetable and reasons why you shoud get crunching on it.




Happiness-inducing today:  A long[-ish] phone call with one of those real friends and finding out about all the happiness in his life at the moment.

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Friday Favourites – 7/24/2015

… and just like that it’s Friday again. I’ll break a record keeping this intro shorter than short and get right into some favourites – ending on a little cheeky fun to embrace our inner teenage girl selves ;).

Not saving the best for last here: My favourite happening from the past seven days was meeting Juli. Anticipation makes everything more worthwhile? Possibly. Because – correct me if I’m wrong, Juli – we’ve been planning/hoping for our meet-up for almost a year already. Yes, Germany might be comparably small but living hundreds of kilometers/miles apart still makes finding a time and place a challenge. Our lucky day came about by Juli attending a work conference in Berlin and my brother conveniently offering me his couch.

Juli and I might not have talked about 1000 [lovely] things but we chatted about this and that, walked a lot around Berlin and got along right from the first minute. It’s almost cliché to say but yes, blogging friendships are truly amazing.

Blogger meet-up_Juli

Also high on top of my list of favourite activities are still – will they ever not feature here? – walks/hikes. Once a country bumpkin, always a country bumpkin. Or lover of nature to use a more positive term. One of my recent travels took me to the Saar [Saarland]. I could never imagine living there –conquering steep hills by bike isn’t exactly my idea of fun ;) – but whenever around I insist on setting out into the forest for a long walk.


Which might turn into some kind of adventurous hike if your dad claims to know the route yet misses the right path and you need to make your way through the bushes. Add to this that none of us had packed hiking-compatible footwear. Swearing may or may not have happened. The views more than made up for it, though.


On a food favourite note I bought these raw chocolate-covered raisins on one of my last trips to Berlin and all I can say is: oh. My. Goodness. I actually am neither too fond of raisins nor raw chocolate –  aside from exceptions – but these might just convert me. If you have any chance to get your hands on them: what are you waiting for???


Here’s a recent favourite to make you smile. Or giggle. Yes, at times I’m all of 15 years old giggling/swooning over pictures like this – as were all of my friends I forwarded this … Really, though, who wouldn’t have approved of a teacher like that? Aside from the fact that concentration would have flown right out the window …

Thanks to Heather and Clare for remindingus to focus on the happy parts of life and talk about favourites on Fridays!

Happiness-inducing today: Having my sister visit for the weekend. We don’t see each other often enough anymore these days.

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What are your plans for the weekend?

Have you met any other bloggers before?

Do you have any not-gone-as-planned hiking stories to tell? Aside from the lost-in-the-woods one above I have another from a hike through the Dartmoor years ago …






Who are your friends, really?


That’s the number of friends I currently have according to Facebook. 179 – really? I’m saying this not to bemoan the fact most people have easily twice or three times [or even more] as many friends but to say: all of these are my friends? I doubt it [out loud today].

I’m aware there’s a lot of talk about the up- and downsides of social media out there already. One of these is the change in our perception. What is a friend, really? Yes, I could go all old-fashioned and look up the definition in a dictionary. Obviously,I did – online, needless to say.

Even this definition is too loose for my preference and understanding of the term already. It’s easy to call pretty much everybody a ‘friend’. Anybody who went to school or college with you? A friend. That person you met on vacation years ago andexchanged numbers with, now texting every once in a blue moon or through short comments under each others Facebook pictures? A friend. Anybody you got to know growing up and don’t exactly hate? Talked about as a ‘friend’. But:

How many friends do we really have?

If you deleted your Instagram account, logged out of Facebook, Twitter and whichever other social network – how many friends would you still have? People who are interested in your life beyond pretty pictures, funny cat videos you shared or the information they can find scrolling through your Facebook profile.

A walk with a friend can brighten my day in no time.

Not only being the word fiend that I am, this change in our definition and use of the word friend makes me sad. Still, it has become so easy to call everybody we’re in a too-difficult-to-explain relationship with a friend. I’m not shunning anybody for using the word ‘friend’ lightheartedly and maybe a little too often. My point is to encourage myself and everybody reading to recollect who are your real friends. Get back in touch through a call, a good old-fashioned letter or even a visit.


Yes, I might have to pull out my phone to remember that one or the other phone number or address [okay, most of them because my brain needs it ;)]. But the connections I have with those people are deep. They are the ones who don’t mind how much time has passed since you last met – instant connection the moment you meet again. The ones that don’t just leave a quick Facebook comment on your birthday but call you. The ones who surprise you with random texts or snail mail – just to ask how you are or talk about this and that. These people are golden. They’re friends.


Happiness-inducing today: Bursting out into a dance spontaneously when a good song came on. I surprise myself sometimes …
No questions today but whatever comes to your mind on the topic.

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Good good links #99

Late link lovin’ on here? No way. I just figured you’d get such a lot of reading inspiration by many other bloggers on Sunday in anyway. So I had to make it my mission to give you some worth-while reads for a sneaky break at work … okay, lies and deceit. In between traveling, working a little and limited internet access at home I didn’t get a chance to publish this post yesterday. Still, I don’t think anybody will mind some great reads on a Monday, no?!

I hope you’re having a great start to the week and I’ll make sure to be more active again this week!


Good good links



Good good [food for thought]

An Open Letter to My Readers with EDs via The Oatmeal Artist

Not just for those recovering from EDs but a great reminder of what truly matters in life and making an impact on the world.

The Point of Being Healthy via Full of Life

Because sometimes your quest to be the healthiest ever can be unhealthier than just going with the flow of life.

My response to the slamming of health bloggers via Peta Serras

Take what you read online with a grain of salt. Everybody is different and no blogger can offer you solutions specifically created for your life.


Good good [advice and inspiration]

10 ways to feel more fabulous in less than 10 seconds flat via Wholeheartedly Healthy

Bightening your mood can be really simple and almost effortless with these ideas. #5 qnd 9# are two of my personal favourites.

Six Habits Every Twentysomething Should Practice via Verily Magazine

Not always easy to do but worth trying over and over again until we’ve ingrained them.

4 Steps to Boost Your Self-Confidence via hello healthy

Because who doesn’t need a little help on being bolder and more compassionate with themselves?


Ask Yourself: How do Readers See Your Blog? via ProBlogger

How a change of perspective can help you optimize your blog.

Simple Living Blogs via Becoming Minimalist

Some more ideas of inspiring blogs to add to your reader.



Tips For Staying Sedentary via Oatmeal and Optimism

The title might sound odd but for those in ED recovery taking a break from strenuuous activities is actually much recommended – and mentally hard.


Good good [posts to make you smile]

Shelter Puts Dogs In A Photo Booth To Get Them Adopted, And The Results Are All That! via Web Burger

Sometimes all it takes to change a sad situation is a brilliant idea. <3



Good good [food]

Vegan cannelloni with spiced tomatoes and aubergine via Bite-sized thoughts

These are even fast enough for a weekday meal and I really like the trick of subbing lasagna sheets for the cannelloni here.

Hot and hearty Mushroom Curry via eat healthy, eat happy

A great new curry recipe with a secret [and actually very well-known since childhood] ingredient lending creaminess to the sauce.

15 Cold Summer Treats via Cookie and Kate

What’s better than buying your favourite ice cream on a hot day? Making your own!

Cremiges Aprikosen Pie-Eis via Mimi’s Fairy Cakes

I can’t even get over how brilliant the idea of adding apricot pie into ice cream is!

Almond Joy Breakfast Bake via Running with Spoons

I’ve never had the chocolate bar but almond, coconut and cocoa in one oatmeal-based breakfast dish? Win!


Happiness-inducing today: Watching the sun go down on a walk.

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