When in doubt … take a survey.

First and foremost: Happy Thanksgiving to all American readers! We don’t celebrate it over here but I hope you’ll have a wonderful time with your loved ones, friends or whomever you choose to spend the day with.

Do you know those days where your mind is filled with ideas but you can’t get yourself to follow through with just a single one – rather than jumping back and forth between three or four? If you can: that’s me right now … If you can’t: lucky you! Nevertheless, I felt like posting and when I can’t settle on one topic it’s time to look for some help – rescued by a survey today. These are perfect for inspiring some random thoughts on a Thursday so  there we go!


I’m happiest when…I’m busy and can help others. It’s sounds cheesy but is so true. These past months I’ve been volunteering a lot and sometimes a thanks of simply noticing I’m taking some workload off somebody else’s shoulders is pay enough.

I’ve always wanted to…travel to the US and especially now that I‘ve gotten to I ‘know’ so many wonderful people abroad through blogging.

My family and I… are pretty unconventional [at times to my dismay]. We don’t celebrate Easter, break traditions – just look at our Christmas tree from the past year for proof – and goof around a lot.

I was a terrible…at any of the creative subjects in school. Whether arts or music – I really didn’t enjoy any of those lessons everybody else seemed to find so much find.

My first job was…babysitting. It was so.much.fun. It actually felt wrong being paid for it when I had been playing and reading bedtime stories.

I could probably eat ____ everyday. Apples. If an apple a day keeps the doctor away – what do I get for eating a minimum of four? Eternal health? I’ll take it!

Pink Lady Apple

I was born on the same day asAdam Lambert, Anton Tschechow and Vincent Klink [German chef].

My all-time favorite movie is… impossible to choose. To name a few nonetheless: Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Mad Hot Ball Room [a documention I’ve watched a million times and urge you to watch if you haven’t!] and – seasonally fitting – Love … Actually.

I do a pretty mean… plank. Honestly, I didn’t know how to answer this but I’ve been told I’m a little insane for how long I hold my planks so that’s that J..

I’m still mad… about several things that went wrong in the past, missed memories and opportunities. But I’m working on letting go and looking ahead instead of grieving.

I met my best friend… in kindergarten. We stuck together like glue until grade six. These days, I don’t have one best friend anymore but several close ones I can trust.

I always knew I wantedto write. It’s my hugest passion and I remember being eager to go to school to learn how to read and write.

I’m not afraid tobe honest. When I don’t like something even if everybody else does I won’t swim with the current. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you know I’ve touched on a few topics some people considered taboo but not writing them would have felt disingenuine.

I make the bestcookies from scratch. Sorry, uncreative answer but I couldn’t think of anything right now and who doesn’t like baking? Or – in my case – eating the dough?

What's not to love about freshly baked cookies? Tasting the dough might be my favourite part of baking, though.

What’s not to love about freshly baked cookies? Tasting the dough might be my favourite part of baking, though.

I have almost nopatience. If we ever meet I apologize in advance for interrupting you in a conversation – it’s in my genes so I can’t help it ;).

I always cry when Actually, I don’t cry a lot.

I’m nowa Journalism graduate unsure where my future lies …but I hope to… figure out life step by step.

I wish my folksall the best in their lives every day. Health, love and overall happiness.

I believe if everyone was a little more kind in their daily actions the world would be a slightly better place.

I can’t standtwo-faced people. In fact, I’ve had a post on that drafted for way too long.


is on I’ll start dancing.


Happiness-inducing today: A good conversation.

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Pick a few of these and answer them yourself. Like: who shares your birthday? That was such an odd one for me because who ever looks that up?


Good good links #117

Why are introductions so hard to write? Alternative question: Can I just hit publish on this post filled with lots of wise words and inspiration from others without anybody noticing? Okay, that last one is rhethorical. But seriously, does anybody pay much attention to those intros ;)? Either way, I won’t lament on my troubles of writing intros but rather serve up the great posts I happened upon this week right now. Not before thanking you for your opinions on my last post, though. Like I said I was quite nervous to touch on a topic out of my usual spectrum but sharing my thoughts felt so relieving.

Happy reading and happy Sunday!


Good good links



Good good [food for thought]

It’s Impossible to Have an Honest Conversation About Weight by Lily Burana via NY Mag

So true when you think about it and sadly conversations arpiund weig a constant part of our lives. “(… ) regardless of where you fall on the weight continuum, your body and your choices surrounding it are up for commentary. No size acts as a mute button.”

When having it all isn’t enough via The Peanut Butter Lover

What looks like the perfect life [situation] from the outside might turn out not to be when you’re living it yourself with all its ups and downs.



Good good [advice and inspiration]

Recovery is Real – a letter to my 20-year-old self via In It 4 The Long Run

Something everybody who feels stuck in and doubting the possibility of recovery needs to read.

Things Everyone Needs to Know About Instagram via Healthy Happy Jaime

Be mindful about whom you’re looking and don’t trust a picture you haven’t photoshopped yourself …

Are You Listening To Your Soul? via Life Sprinkles

Not an easy thing to do but in the end we carry around the best source of advice within ourselves.

Saying “Please” & “Thank You” doesn’t take much—does it? via Elephant Journal

The title says it already but can’t we all use those little words that make a difference more often? Please?!

45 Free Online Classes You Can Take (and Finish) by the End of This Year via The Muse

Oh, the possibilites the internet offers us! I will take at least one of these.




The Importance of Your Blogging Tribe and How To Build One via The Blogger Project

Yes to all of this! Connecting with others is the best part of blogging and can be really helpful, too.

 Online etiquette, the Golden Rule, and calling bullshit when you need to via Danielle Laporte

Privacy and kindness rock – online as well as offline. Treat others the way you want them to treat you.


Good good [posts to make you smile + DIYs]

Every Celebrity Interview via The Message

Because they really hate to workout and are totally not like other couples, you know?!



Good good [food]

The 50 Best Oatmeal Recipes on the Planet via Fit Foodie Finds

Show me the person who still claims to hate oatmeal after seeing all of these.

Sesame + Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Brownies (vegan and gluten-free) via Happy-hearted Kitchen

You would never guess how many [or which!] nutritious ingredients these amazing looking brownies pack in!

50+ Copycat Starbucks Recipes via one little project

For those of you addicted to the ‘buck but unwilling to spend too many bucks there.

White Bean Stew with Winter Squash and Kale via Fatfree Vegan Kitchen

Nothing better than a stick-to-your ribs stew with kale and beans to warm you on a cold day.

6 Tips for Flawless Kale Chips + All-Dressed Kale Chips recipe via Oh She Glows

Take that as my official promise to make kale chips this year after failing to do so last.



Happiness-inducing today: Some winter baking, a hot hower, walking outside – an all-around cozy Fall day.


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Why I didn’t #prayforparis [hint: it’s not lack of empathy]

This might be one of the posts I was most hesitant to post and there’s a knot in my stomach still. Yet it was this very bugger that basically forced me to write this in the first place. Do you ever have a topic stuck on the front of your mind and can’t shove it aside?

I tried to talk myself out of writing this as I’m afraid of coming across as: rude/unempathetic/insert other negative adjective. Which is not my intention and hopefully not what others perceive me as. Rather, it’s a topic on my mind which I see being the point of Amanda’s invitation to think out loud.

What I will talk about is a touchy subject so I want to be clear about a few things first:

1. In case you didn’t see my post on Sunday where I briefly talked about it: I think that what happened in Paris is horrible. And that’s not even expressing my feelings because there are no words for this.

2. I’m solely referring to the hashtag #prayforparis. This isn’t saying my thoughts weren’t with the survivors, victims and families left behind.

2. What I will talk about is my very personal decision and reasoning – not intended to say anybody posting this was wrong or shouldn’t have done so.

3. Prayers and solidarity are very much needed in times like these.

After I heard of the shootings and everybody posted on Instagram, Twitter or changed their Facebook profile I considered joining for a brief moment, too. But then I quickly changed my mind.


Here’s why I didn’t:

Lack of words. I didn’t want to simply change my profile picture or just post a picture. That didn’t feel enough to me as my personal statement.

Who’s supposed to see this post? I feel that some – again: not all – people joined in using the hashtag and posting because [almost] everybody did and they felt they had to. For all of your real friends and people who know you it should be obvious that you would in no way support the assassination of Paris. No sane person would ever approve of anything as horrible as those shootings or any kind of massacre or violence.

It became like a trend and overused. And this is not what it should be. Yes, I might be an overthinker but I feel this topic is too serious to turn it into a hype and tag even your unrelated pictures #prayforparis. What I did appreciate, however, where people who really took the time to express their feelings.

If I prayed for Paris: what about the rest of the world and the remainder of the year? It’s a fact I think most of us are probably aware of but don’t consciously remind ourselves of every day: there’s terror happening in the world every day. Tragedies. Every minute. Every second. People die. People suffer. Families mourn the loss of loved ones. I’m not better than other people. I would feel weird showing empathy in this one event yet turning a blind eye for the remainder of the year. I’d feel wrong being selective in my empathy [or at least the part publicly displayed].

Can words make a change? As you might know I’m a huge believer in the power of writing. But with this tragedy I was both at a loss for what to say and unsure how much words would help the people affected. Sadly, you cannot send hugs out to the mourning families because I’d send thousands of those <3.

Once again, I’m not judging you for posting your feelings, using #prayforparis or changing your profile picture. If you did I’m genuinely interested in why and as always open to change my mind.

In my opinion, we should be empathetic every day. Starting with the way we treat those around us already. When I’m scrolling through Instagram and see some people’s unnecessarily hurtful and rude comments on others’ posts. People threatening others because they “dared” to change their diets: this isn’t a world I want to live in. If there’s one thing events like this should encourage us to do it’s: to bring more love and less hate into the world. It’s acts of kindness that will make a change.


Over to you: Did you join #prayforparis – why or why not? As well as any other  Please be kind and don’t hate. Like I said I do not judge anybody for joining #prayforparis. This is my very personal explanation on why I didn’t and I look forward to hearing your thoughts.


Happiness-inducing today: Being busier than usual and able to help others.

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Good good links #116

Right now, sitting here in my warm and comfortable home I feel lost for words. Should I talk about Paris? My dad and I did for a moment yesterday but there are no words to express the feelings about what happened. Just deep sadness. Life is fleeting and we worry about many things not worth worrying about. Go and hug your loved ones, tell them how much they mean to you. Like I said, I don’t really know what exactly to say.

Going on as every Sunday I hope you’ll enjoy the pots below as much as I did.

Happy Sunday!


Good good links



Good good [food for thought]

To Share or Not To Share? Social Media, Privacy and What it Means to be Real Online.  via healthy.happy.life

How much of our life do or should we show and share online? It’s a topic constantly on everybody’s mind.

The Addiction That No One is Talking About via Elephant Journal

We all do it even if unintentionally and probably don’t always realize its effect.



Good good [advice and inspiration]

Random Acts of Kindness Generator via Shari’s Berries

Because there can never be enough kindness in the world and

30 Challenges for 30 Days of Growth via Marc and Angel

Who’s with me on trying to actually follow through with this list? I’ll try to go with at least some of them.

the best fashion advice i could give (+ 7 tips for more flattering outfits) via girl meets life

I’m by no means a fashionista so these tips are appreciated plus the #1 advice here is spot on.



5 Reasons Your Kitchen is Still Messy via The Kitchn

Some of these are definitely spot on and offer great solutions for anybody else with a tendency to chaos …

15 Ways To Lower Your Energy Bills This Winter via Oh so Amelia

This might be an unusual one on here but my family has always been pretty savvy when it comes to this and who wouldn’t want to save money?!





Five Things I Did That Helped My Blog Grow via Forever Amber

It’s great to learn from those who’ve been in the blogging game for years and are deep-down honest about hits and misses.

Give Me Your Whole Blog Post or I’m Unsubscribing via Nose Graze

So much yes! This is a big pet peeve of mine yet unfortunately the norm from my experience.



When Should You Replace Your Running or Walking Shoes? via hello healthy

Being prone to foot injuries I pay close attention to my shoes and it’s something everbody should do – no matter which kind of exercise you choose.


Good good [food]

Pumpkin chai oatmeal with caramelized banana via love me, feed me

Caramelized bananas are a must in my oats, pumpkin is great in there, too, but this takes things to a wholly different level of deliciousness.

Honeynut Squash Polenta with Crispy Maple Kale via Beetific Beginnings

Polenta has my heart, squash is a must right now plus kale + caramelized pumpkin seeds?!

Ultimate List of Vegan Mexican Recipes! via The Garden Grazer

So many amazing options you won’t know which one to try first.

a lentil bowl: kale, curry, + chickpeas via eat and relish

A creamy bowl of comfort boasting plenty of vegan protein with the double legume action.

Easy Cheesy Chili Mac via Veggie inspired Journey

Dare I say this looks even better than plain mac and cheese?!

Balsamic Sea Salt Roasted Brussels Sprouts via Fit Foodie Finds

I’ve been obsessed with Brussels sprouts lately and these look irresistible [probably even for those weird people claiming to hate the sprouts].

Healthy Green Bean Casserole with Cauliflower Sauce via The Almond Eater

No Thanksgiving over here but this sounds good to me no matter which date or celebration.

Faux Pulled Pork AKA Pulled Cauliflower via Damy Health

Say what?! While I’ve never had the real deal this vegan versions sounds very intriguing.



Happiness-inducing today: Realizing that all might not be well but there’s still a lot to feel blessed for. Very vague but I can’t sum it up better.


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WIAW: Real food versus protein bars

Hello, hello, hello. Welcome, welcome, welcome. Is it that late already? I always forget about the time.

Are you confused? I know I would be and very much was after the theatre play I saw on Monday. That’s where the above lines come from though they probably were the easiest understandable part of the whole story. No theatre review here, though, but some much easier comprehensive food talk featuring some of Monday’s meals.  Thanks to Jenn and Laura for hosting today’s What I ate Wednesday shenanigans!


By now you should know I’m not the person for average breakfasts. Most mornings, I don’t like breakfast at all because I hardly ever know what I want to eat. Yet skipping is no option. Luckily, Monday was rushed so I ran a few errands and then quickly packed breakfast/first lunch (?) to-go as I just got note there was a teaching assignment for me that early afternoon. Polenta had been absent from my diet for months – shockingly and not okay – so its quick preparation turned it into my breakfast savior along with Brussels sprouts, tomatoes and chickpeas, all seasoned with my favourite organic curry blend. If you haven’t tried microwaving polenta yet you’re missing out. It’s the most fuss-free/no-second-pot needed/less clean-up prep method ever.



Lunch was a two-part story as we were heading out in the afternoon shortly after I came home from teaching German. The first part was a repeat of breakfast – did I mention a slight obsession with polenta? – but as I didn’t take a picture again here’s yesterday’s candlelight lunch instead. Yes, lunch and yes, already dark. The weather hasn’t been treating us kindly this week so far. Anyway, polenta with thyme-y mushroom chickpea tomato stew was on the menu. When I like something, I really like it so polenta might very well stick around for a while.


So … part two: my first ever whole Quest bar. Not my first ever Quest bar but the first I actually ate as a whole in one day. Here’s what I didn’t mention in my post a while ago. For me, Quest bars or any kind of protein bar actually aren’t safe foods hindering recovery. Eating them as opposed to real treats like chocolate that I have every day is the challenge.

I was glad to get lucky in receiving these Quest bars as it gave me two boxes of challenges. Because you might be wondering: I liked the S’mores flavor. I’ve never had an actual S’more before meaning no expectations could be met or disappointed. The con for me is that the bar overall is very sticky-sweet. Pros are the chocolate pieces [are you surprised in any way?] and what I guess are supposed to mimic graham crackers plus the cinnamony taste. More interesting for me, though, was the saturation factor. Protein is believed to be that super macro filling you up like no other after all. I was doubtful if I bar could deliver this.

Quest bar_protein_s'mores

Verdict? I was positively surprised but not overly impressed in this point. Not overly impressed because I didn’t feel full the same way I do with protein from real food sources. Positively surprised hours later when we returned home and I didn’t crave the Greek yogurt that usually acts as part of my night snack. That’s my interest in macros: I don’t prefer a certain one but will keep experimenting to see how I react to them. Neither carbs, nor fat or protein are inherently good or bad to me. In relearning to trust my intuition. I see them all as equal and try to find my happy balance. At the moment, I tend to need a little extra protein with my meals but I opt for real foods like legues, cottage cheese and above-mentioned Greek yogurt to fill the void.

As we were out and about the remainder of my meals escaped the camera or were eaten before I remembered to get it out. Life > taking pictures. Not like I wasn’t curious about everybody else’s meals, though …

Enjoy your Wednesday and eat some good food!


Happiness-inducing today:Editing yet another text. What can I say? It’s my element.

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I’m really curious: Do you find protein or Quest bars in specific  filling?

Have you noticed yourself gping through phases of needing more of a certain macros [even iff – like me – you don’t track them]?

Good good links #115

Let’s talk about seasons for a minute before we get into the main part of this post. Are you entirely sure it’s November? Because I could swear it was August rather than that. On my walk today, I felt like a penguin in the Sahara – so hot! Not like I was complaining. Something else I’m not complaining about are the many thought-provoking, helpful and delicious posts I happened upon again this week.

One last note regarding the recent hot topic: as I’m sure all of you have read a lot about Essena O’Neil already so I didn’t focus too heavily on the topic in my picks. Let me know your opinion on it in the comments if you feel like sharing, though.

Happy Sunday!



Good good links



Good good [food for thought]

Empty Bellies Do Not Beget Genius via Gala Darling

Such an amazingly powerful post anybody uncomfortable in their own skin should read. [Quite old but still so very true.]

Things I Didn’t Say // Cropping Out Reality on Social Media via The Peanut Butter Lover

“A square picture can hide eating disorders, insecurities, self hatred, less than perfect weather and countless emotions.” For those needing a hashtag this girl would be your #honestygoals.

5 Ways “No” Can Make You A Better Person via Erin’s Inside Job

A very powerful post that will help you look at any ‘no’ you hear from a different perspective and see them as opportunities for growth.



Good good [advice and inspiration]

Don’t Worry, Be Happy! 7 Pick-Me-Ups For A Bad Day via Career Girl Daily

Whether it’s the weather or an argument: pick-ups for rough times always come in handy.

7 Tech Tools You Can Definitely Teach Yourself to Use Before the End of the Year via The Muse

Just what I’ve been looking for as I’m hoping to broaden my knowledge in different ways.

How to survive the holidays as a vegan via  it doesn’t taste like chicken

Respecting each others’ choices, bringing a dish for everyone to share and keeping food discussions off the table all have worked for me before, too.

15 Things You’ll Absolutely Want to Buy if You Pack Lunch Every Day via The Muse

If I wasn’t living outside the US at least two or three would make it onto my Christmas wishlist.


10 Easy Updos You Can Actually Do With 2 Hands via hello natural

I’ve been meaning to try new hairstyles forever and these look amazing.



How to Make Money From Your Healthy Living Blog via In It 4 The Long Run

Once again, Georgie does a great job explaining everything in a comprehensive and honest way. This post is gold if you’re looking to start making money through your blog.

Your Complete Guide to Editing Photos (Without Photoshop) via Helene in Between

If you’re like me and would rather save the money you’d spend on the program for something else [nut butters?!].



Good good [food]

Worm and Dirt Pudding Cups via love me, feed me

Yes, Halloween might be over but this creative vegan dessert deserves a mention nonetheless.

Spiralized Apple Crumble via The Healthy Maven

One of my favourite [fall] desserts with a hack that’s saving time and simultaneously makes this look really impressive.

Sweet and Spicy Game Day Salsa via Fooduzzi

I’m a major salsa addict and not sure I’ve ever seen a homemade one looking this similar to my favourite storebought kind.

Light and Creamy Peanut Sauce via Veggies Don’t Bite

Like peanut sauce but not too keen on its heaviness [or just like sneaky legumes a lot]? This one’s for you.

Totally Addictive Creamy Cashew Carrot Dressing via The Full Helping

I’m not even a salad person but this lookslike it would make a great dip, too.

Vegan goulash with smoked tofu and potatoes via Elephantastic Vegan

Goulash was a childhood classic for me and this meat-free version looks even more appealing than the real one.

Roasted & Curried Delicata Squash-Carrot Puree with Zucchini & Yellow Squash Noodles via Parsley in my teeth

A perfectly slurpable [completely positive characteristic if you remember your childhood!] dish plus pretty much covering your recommended servings of vegetables for the day.

Spanish chickpea stew served with toasted couscous via Food and Style

My fondness of chickpeas is never-ending and this looks really comforting and warming.

Vegan Corn and Potato Chowder via The Garden Grazer

Simple comfort food for cold days with ingredients you might already have at home.




Happiness-inducing today: Making the aquaintance of Frieda and Emma – a neighbour’s cute dogs – on a walk.


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