The Power of Writing

One advantage of being a blogger? You’re legitimated to celebrate not one but two birthday [week]s a year. Because – laugh at it if you’re blogging yourself [yet!] – but looking back at how long your outlet in the online space has been around is worth mentioning. I obviously mention this because today marks Spoon’s third birthday – congratulations to Amanda! It also collides with the fact that my thoughts this week led me to reminisce about why I write. Not just blog-wise but in general so there we go – out loud.


Ever since I was a wee little one I had the reputation of being drawn in by every piece lf writing I could get my hands on. I was eager to start school because I finally wanted to find out the sense behind the letters on the pages of newspapers, books and random leaflets. And once I knew how I couldn’t stop reading everything in sight. Occasionally to the annoyance of my parents who tried their best to get me away from the books when we had guests. Or sighing in relief libraries existed as else the amount I read would have resulted in huge bills.

Putting pen to paper to create my own stories fascinated me, too. While the content has changed throughout the years what hasn’t is that I still write. Sometimes I – and I assume that’s true for other twenty-somethings, too – feel a little lost. And unless this colides with being lost for words, too, I start writing. To clear my mind and find hold again.

Occasionally I hear [read] others describe themselves as broken human being made whole again through their relationships with their significant other. Not to say writing was equal to these people’s relationship with other people. Yet I will say it is healing, therapeutical for me. I’m broken – not only but obviously through my history – and writing, little by little – helps me become whole again.

current view_writing(My current view whenever writing – be it on my laptop or pen-to-paper.]

What I write on here and possibly even more in almost daily posts on Instagram is ## nicht zuletzt ## a reassurance for myself. Like I mentioned I’m not trying to  compete for the most followers but write first and foremost for myself. Though yes, I’m hoping to help others, too. I want to hear from them; from you. I believe that by sharing our stories we can support each other. Lead by example. Two people might be on a similar road in life with one ahead of the other being able to offer hope and help. And next time it might be the other way around. If we wrote for ourselves exclusively and never shared our thoughts with anybody we’d still be lost. It’s about the community.

At the same time putting my feelings into words – often only reflecting on an event the very moment I start typing and letting my thoughts run wild to be surprised by the outcome. In a good way: More often than not writing things out offers me more clarity. Shows me the lessons  I can learn from certain events in life in hindsight. It’s also about commitment and accountability. Funnily enough it’s – like mentioned above – again only now that I’m reflecting on my reasons to write that I see how many and diverse ones there are.

Yes, I write light-hearted posts, too. Actually, though, these are usuallya bit harder to write for me than the deeper ones because I’m an overthinker and apparently that doesn’t match well with [written] humor?*

* For some reason I feel the need to clarify that I can still crack my friends up in person – it just doesn’t translate that well in my writing ;).

I’m writing to discover who I am.

I’m also writing to kick my perfectionism in the curb. If you want to post at all you have to hit publish at some point – and trust me that can be hard when they never feel ‘perfect’ to you  … Good training.

As cheesy as it sounds – but I have an inkling a lot of what I wrote so far will come across like that already – I’m writing my own life story.

I write so I am? Why, yes, I’d like to think so. Take away the ability to write and express my feelings through words and I’ll once again be broken. Working my way to ‘wholeness’. Word by word. And I’m happy to share my journey with you and take part in yours. Let’s build each other up.



Happiness-inducing today: A little gardening work While working with words/writing is nice for the brain it’s good to get a little physical action on, too.

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Enough talk about me [as a blogger I probably shouldn’t say it but I don’t really enjoy talking about myself :)]: Tell me why you write. Don’t hesitate to get wordy or even write a post of your own on the topic. I’m honestly curious!







Food Talk Wednesday #4

A little birdy told me it had been a while since I last talked about food on here. It also told me that I risked losing my label as a foodie. So what’s a girl to do? Better safe than sorry so how about we talk about … .food today?  It’s common knowledge among bloggers that writing an intro is the hardest part of a post so how about we get started right away? Thanks again to Jenn for hosting What I ate Wednesday!

Food Talk Wednesay_logo

Usually I’d keep the best for last but because breakfast yesterday was [one of] my favourite food[s] in the world I’ll spill the beans right away: it’s kabocha season! Granted, not actually. But our garden has allowed me to have a first taste of autumn’s best produce while stores aren’t carrying squash regularly yet. I know some of you are lucky to have kabocha available all year round but for me it’s a few months only. A few long-awaited months. Or this year sadly just weeks because stores around here won’t carry this very kind of squash at all so I’m limited to the ~ seven kabocha babies in the yard.

Anyway, I figure I’d go best by living in the moment and enjoying kabocha to the fullest while I can. No problem because it tates so.incredibly.amazing.


Sometimes, the best dishes grace your plate when you improvise [or can’t follow your own recipes]. Case in point: the zucchini overload in our garden and lack of cauliflower combined led to me turning my Cauliflower Chickpea Curry into a, well, Zucchini Curry.  With kidney beans because I had an open can of those. So yes, totally overthrowing my recipe but keeping the spices. The result? Delicious. And obviously more afforable using our own produce. Just wait for it: by the end of summer I’ll either be fed up with squash or sadly resert back to those at the store.

Zucchini Kidney Bean Curry

No day is complete without some …? Chocolate, right. I’ve been surprising myself with a changed taste preference here. After my recent purchase I haven’t been fancying my old favourite at all anymore. Dare I say it tastes … odd to me? Well, I guess they say tastes change as we grow up. As of yet I’d asumed this was only true in terms of more nutritious foods [can you believe I wouldn’t touch a tomato as a child and now can’t get enough of our homegrown ones?] but why not include chocolate? It’s from a bean so basically a vegetable/legume after all ;) .

Mint chocolate

Because we’ve reached the sweet ending of this post I bid you goodbye and see you again tomorrow!

Happiness-inducing today: Meeting an old acquaintance and his cute dog and having a nice chat.

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How have your taste preferences changed in the past?

What’s your current go-to breakfast? How often do you change it up?

Tell me your favourite flavour combination: Chocolate and _______________?






Good good links #104

Hello there!

Did you have a nice weekend so far? Mine was filled with a few too many hours spent in the car in gorgeous weather but also meeting relatives I hadn’t seen in a while which made up for the former. Because we just got back I’ll keep my intro short and sweet to let you dive into the great posts shared by others right away.

Enjoy your Sunday!


Good good links



Good good [food for thought]

“Life Experience” is not a medical qualification via The Big Man’s World

Not every health ‘expert’ out there can actually treat serious medical or psychological issue – be careful with whom you trust.

What Our Responses to Photoshopped Images Really Say About Us via Style.Mic

We might be aware that photoshopping is the norm these days but that’s not to say it didn’t affect us.


Good good [advice and inspiration]

5 Tips For Staying On Top of Your Emails via A Beautiful Mess

Who doesn’t need help with that? Tackle your inbox with a system.

30 Days of Self-Care via Mind Body Green

Very simple activities you can implement in your daily life to take care of your well-being.

How to annoy everyone you work with in five easy steps (without getting fired) via six out of ten

Read the reverse way to become everybody’s favourite colleague  – or just have a good laugh.

How Often You Should Actually Be Washing Your Towels And Sheets via Huffington Post

Don’t tell me I was the only one wondering this. From towels to curtains: this guide has the answers.

11 Best Ways To Naturally Treat Under Eye Circles + Puffiness via hello natural

Going all-natural and saving money as a nice side effect: some of these ideas I knew, some not.



Can you freeze THAT? via Six Figures Under

A handy guide on freezing just about everything – some of these foods really surprised me in being freezer-friendly.

Should you limit your fruit intake? via The Detoxinista

Not even a question for me but I know quite a few people are wondering this so here are the scientifically proven facts.



Expert tips to help you grow your blog via A Lady Goes West

Some really good advice on what really matters, how to work with brands and more.


Good good [posts to make you smile + DIYs]

Acht Wahrheiten, die ich von PR-Firmen gelernt habe via Coconut Sports [German]

Working with brands can be great but some inquiries make you wonder if the PR folks actually read your blog.

Coloring is the new meditation + free coloring pages! via positively present

If you feel you’re too old to colour: think of all the benefits!

DIY Starbucks Eos and DIY EOS made from Nutella

While I likely won’t try either of these I can’t deny the cutesy factor is hard to beat – and this find would be courtesy of my current guilty pleasure.


Good good [food]

Peanut Butter Cookie Cereal via Yeah … Imma Eat That

Who needs boxed cereals when you can make this at home??

Flourless Chocolate Cherry Brownies via Running with Spoons

Chocolate and cherries are a match meant to be and these looking extremely fudgy make them close to brownie perfection.

Cookie Dough Flourless Brownie Pizza via The Cookie CRUNicles

Fusioning brownies and cookie dough is plain genius and it’s gluten-free, refined flour- and dairy-free so almost healthy ;).

Black Rice Crunch Salad with Creamy Curried Cashew Dressing (vegan, gf) via Blissful Basil

You might know I’m not usually a fan of salads but this is one even I can get behind. Cashew dressing and rice? Yes, please.

Mexican Cauliflower Casserole via Vegan in the Freezer

Mexcan spices? Check. Plenty of vegetables? Check. A crunchy topping? Check!

Thai Cauliflower Rice via Yeah … Imma Eat That

A simple  to prepare but still exciting side dish that I want to eat just right now!

Pirohy mit Rosmarin-Kartoffel Füllung, Speck & Quark via Vegan CooKing

I’m not sure I’ve ever had pirogi before but these hearty vegan ones look great.








Happiness-inducing today:  Spending time at the beach with my family.

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Friday Favourites – 8/21/2015

Every now and then I think I should work out a schedule for my blog … and then I notice I’m better at simply rolling with the flow. Like now. I had no set intentions of writing this post but after reflecting on the past week the idea of talking about some favourites sounded good to me. So here we go!




This one was a huge positive surprise. My current guilty pleasure has resulted in me watching  [or not watching but waiting until it was over] the trailer of this movie about 456834 times during the past weeks. Combined with the very unfortunate German title [Dating Queen] I was 99 % sure I wouldn’t enjoy the movie. Wow was I ever wrong! It was not the expected [boring] romantic/trying-to-be-funny movie but really good. I won’t add any spoilers here but if you haven’t seen it yet I highly recommend you do! The reason I changed my mind and watched it in the first place?

#2 Quality time with friends. Or better yet one very good friend of mine. She visited her family and we got to meet two consecutive days. One of them was spent just talking. It amazes me how there are people in our lives we can go not seeing for months yet the minute we meet catching up is a breeze because it feels like it had been just yesterday. Do you know what I mean?


Chocolate. Always among my favourites but this week I can actually introduce you to a new one. Aldi of all places was where we met ;) . Yes, I’m cheating on my usual addiction. I recently did the math lookin g on my consumption of that one and well, let’s say it’s no surprise I have a hard time keeping a strict budget …

chocolate bars_mint

These, however? A refreshingly minty taste, a lot more affordable and vegan, too. It’s a pity Aldi doesn’t sell these regularly so be assured I stocked up big time. The bars you see above are just a fraction of all packages I bought.

Something that is always a bright spark in my days but especially so during the past that felt like a first taste of [the bad part of] autumn: rainy, grey and all kinds of unfriendly: flowers! While I prefer walking through the garden and take their beauty in my mum randomly brought me a bouquet for my table.


I’m obviously not complaining.  And that’s it for my favourites for now as I need to go and pack for a little weekend get-away.

Thanks to Heather and Clare for motivating us to focus on the good things in life every Friday!

Happiness-inducing today: A repeat from above but nothing could beat meeting said friend.

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Do you have a set blogging schedule or fly by the seat of your pants?

If you’ve seen Trainwreck yet: what did you think of it?








Currently … August 2015

Oh hey, it has only been … forever since I last shared some currents from my life. But in celebration of another Monday I’ll give you a little update on what I’ve been reading, eating, doing and thinking. Sounds good? Let’s get into it.

Current book: Maybe I’m one of the last ones to read this book and it has actually been on my reading list for a long time: ‘The Opposite of Loneliness’.  So far I like it but don’t feel it and agree Keegan was a talented young writer.

Book_Marina Keegan

Current music: Blank Space – Taylor Swift



Current guilty pleasure: Why did nobody tell me YouTube videos were that addicitve? Or should I say effective? Because they can be both for me. Here’s how I started the addicition: My sister sent me a total of twelve pages she had to hand in for her studies as I usually help her with editing. I find that I work better with some white noise and because

Current nail colour: Prior to asking the question a while back I had gone weeks, no, months without any colour on my nails. Now that summer is in full bloom I absolutely need to get my nails sparkling and shining. And yes, I’ll say the same again in winter. For now, I’m wearing Essie’s Double-breasted Jacket.

Nails_Essie Double breasted jacket

 Current TV show: Still Gilmore Girls. And I’m still bugged about this problem I had while watching it.

Current volunteer job: While I might not have a new full-time job yet I’ve been trying to keep busy with tutoring and helping out in a reading club for children. What I expexted was like a kids’ version of adult book clubs. However, it’s more about getting the little ones to get active outside of sitting in front of the computer or TV. We practicted for a short role play some of them got really excited about – so cute! – and now during the holidays there are various activities centering around certain books.


Current bane of my existence: The weather. Why in the world can’t it be constant? Rain. Heat. Rain. Summer, where are you?  My mood fluctuates with the weather and lack of sun means …

Current drink: Tea? Water? I can’t say much was changing in this realm throughout the year.

Current food: What am I not eating? Really, though, ever since upping my intake  my appetite has been through the roof. Given my stomach looks like that of a pregnant woman most nights [hello, TMI]. Right now and for the past weeks, these have been chickpeas [always], chocolate [ditto], cottage cheese and carrots. And did I mention that when chocolate comes out peanut butter isn’t far away, either?

Chocolate and peanut butter_Lindt

Current blessing: Probably my most repeated but it’s worth saying again: friends. Real friends who care about you and always offer to lend an ear but also cheer you up not asking how things are going.

Current guilty embarrassing pleasure: Turning up the music and shaking it out. I have no feeling for rhythm whatsoever – but all the more fun. When going through my iTunes for the first time in a while this song came on and I despise my plan to quickly send out a mail I couldn’t stop myself until the song was over. Crazy times.

Current link: If only this existed in real life  …

Happiness inducing today: Something I felt majorly anxious about beforehand turning out much better and happier than expected.

Stay in touch!

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Tell me your current

  • a) book
  • b) needs
  • c) food
  • d) blessing

Good good links #103

Okay, this week definitely passed by too far. Not only in terms of blogging but also life in general. Think: my to-do list kept growing with the time left to conquer fading away in a heartbeat. Blogging-wise I somehow have this inkling I’ve missed out on a lot [because a growing to-do list = less time for reading] so let me know your must-reads in the comments! No worries, though, because I still found some really good posts worth your time so …

Happy Sunday and happy reading!


Good good links



Good good [food for thought]

Does your past define your present? via Hungry for Balance

Such a good question to ask ourselves. It can be so hard to let go off old memories but we have the power to decide what defines us.

Stop waiting to love your body via The Domestikated Life

We might never love the way we look  100 % but “total adoration and love for my appearance isn’t essential to living a full, active life.” Just go and read this post.


Good good [advice and inspiration]

11 Tricks To Get A Job You Actually Love via Mind Body Green

Given you’ll spend a large chunk of your lifetime at work it’s worth making the effort. Some really good tips!

12 Things Only Overthinkers Understand via Huffington Post

The struggle [especially regarding choices] is real. If we ever meet: don’t make me choose the location ;).

One Woman’s Perfect Response to a Man Who Yelled Fat Jokes While She Ran via PopSugar

“I am not ashamed of my body. It has never stopped me from doing anything I want.”

Here Are 19 Things The Scale Should Actually Say via BuzzFeed

… and I’m sure you could come up with many more.

15 Simple, Affordable, and Protein Rich Combinations of Plant Foods via Choosing Raw

 These dream teams are the answer to the ever-annoying  protein question.




This is Why I Unfollowed You on Twitter via Forever Amber

Twitter is a great way to promote your posts and connect with others – unless you overdo it.

What Really Is The Ideal Blog Post Length? via CoSchedule Blog

A constant question for about every blogger potentially unexpected answer.


Good good [posts to make you smile]

So You Want To Write A Food Blog via The New Yorker

Probably one of the most shared articles this week but I wouldn’t want anybody to miss out.


Try and Tell Us the Treadmill Is Boring After Watching This Video via Greatist

Now who’s up for trying that at their gym?!


Good good [food]

34 Quick and Easy Veggie-Packed Breakfast Ideas via Greatist

I especially like the bowl section of this post. But there are also pasta, tacos or hashes for breakfast if that’s what you fancy.

3 Ingredient Fruit Roll-Ups via Live Eat Learn

A slightly more time-intense but simple and perfectly portable healthy snack.

Eggplant Lasagna Rolls via Dietitian Debbie Dishes

Too much eggplant on hand? This is a great alternative way to use it if you’re a little fed up with ratatouille already.




Happiness-inducing today:   Catching up with a good friend I hadn’t gotten a chance to talk to in a while.

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