There’s magic in every beginning …

First off: Hi and thanks for stopping by my little space in the blog world!

The above title is a line from a poem my father told me years ago and it holds a lot of truth for me.

I hope to find magic in the start of this blog, too. I’m not sure you’re able to influence the kind of magic a new beginning offers to you. But if it was possible, I’d hope for this blog to inspire me and motivate me to change my life for the better. To help me leave the golden cage ED has built around me for years. To find out who I truly am.

Oh, wait, I’d probably better introduce myself a little before babbling on. I’m a 21-year-old German student and foodie interested in healthy eating. Shy at times – that’s why I’ll be going by Miss Polkadot for now – but bubbly, joking around and laughing loudly at others. I love books, polka-dots on everything, chocolate, photography and much more.

I’ve been pondering to start a blog for quite a while now. Reading many inspiring people’s blogs and seeing how much fun they had made me wish to join them. But then all the buts and ifs came on stage and made me delay it again and again. Now I’ve finally decided to give it a try and hope you might tag along on my journey to a bright and fulfilled life.

Following my blog title, I finally want to get up and move on. Change my routines and challenge myself. On this blog I plan to share my dreams and experiences as I’m challenging myself and discovering new things. I also love getting to know new people so maybe you’re interested in joining me on my journey and share your opinions and ideas as well?

Okay, I’ll make a long story short. “Let’s get living” is about just that: A girl’s dream to get up, snatch her life back from ED’s beastly grip and finally live to the fullest again! Which day could be better to start living than today?

Miss Polkadot

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