Yay for today!

If September 2nd, 2012 was a person, I’d like to give it a big hug and say thanks for it having happened.

What made today special? Some time ago admitting the answer to this would have made me feel uneasy: Nothing.  Yes, I had a few hours of class in university.  Chatted with some friends. Had a pleasant talk with my boss. Ran a few errands and treated myself to my favourite but expensive non-dairy milk – Provamel hazelnut, if you’re curious. See what I mean with saying “nothing”? None of these things was “special” or an achievement.

Take a rest and smell the flower(s).

Still, I didn’t stress myself about it. Not too long ago, I would have been angry with myself for not making more of the day. Not checking off points on my to-do-list. Today, though, I was able to simply enjoy the day. Prepare delicious food and eat it with pleasure. This post by the lovely Amanda might have helped me realize that I don’t need to achieve anything to “deserve” good food or treat yourself in another way. Seeing it like that, my achievement for today would have been allowing myself to feel good while achieving nothing.

This little birdy told me to … call my sister who gave me this necklace a while ago – just because, no achievements needed.

Whatever tomorrow is going to be like, I’ll remind myself that the simplest of days can be joyful. On that note, I’m off to bed with a good book. Is there any better way to end a simple day?

How was your day? Do you like simple days or always need a busy schedule to feel good?

10 thoughts on “Yay for today!

  1. aimeelouise says:

    We really do have so much in common! I spend a lot of my days doing the same old thing, and sometimes feel guilty that I am not ‘making the most of my time’. However, lately I too have been trying to just accept the day for what it is, and enjoy the moment. And we should take time to smell the flowers (I did just that in my Grandma’s garden this morning!).
    I llloooovveee hazelnut milk, especially if it’s chocolate flavoured, it’s tastes like nutella milk! What country are you in?
    Also, as far as I’m concerned finishing the day with a good book can turn a bad day into a perfect one.

  2. Kat says:

    I love this post,it’s really beautiful and so inspiring.
    Before my Eating Disorder,I really enjoyed spending non.buzy,lazy days at home sometimes. It was a nice change on stressful school days and long trips to conventions or book fairs with my friends. I always liked being with friends,but sometimes,I needed some time for myself; some time “off”,you know?
    However,by now,I’ve pretty much unlearned to enjoy relaxation. If I find myself able to enjoy it,it’s either because I have had an exhausting day or I am ill. I feel guilty for it,even though I know it’s ridiculous.
    I hope I will be able to change my attitude in the future,though – especially the holiday season just isn’t as cozy and magical without a nice afternoon on the couch with a hot milk or cocoa and a good book. 🙂

    • letsgetupandlive says:

      It’s so true what you said about the holiday season. Being nervous about being able to fit in a run while everybody else enjoys themselves and snuggles up on the couch is so.not.cool. I hope this year will be different for both of us – nice and relaxed.

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