Because I want to

And yet again time has passed since I last blogged. This time there isn’t work or university to blame for it but fear. Fear of what you might have though of me. But as I’ve been meaning to be downright honest on my blog I’ll be.

Truth is, I felt a bit stuck and let the nasty of the two voices in my head take over during the past days. Making them unsuccessful in terms of recovery and me feel uncomfortable. Why I didn’t feel comfortable telling you? Having just posted about how to be happy and then finding myself stuck and unhappy: Not exactly following my own words, right?

Rainy day? Yes but it’s up to you to still see the beauty in it.

Today didn’t start out in the best way possible, either. But the difference was that I was determined not to let yet another day pass in that grumpy way. So when the nasty voice in my head told me to skip breakfast I didn’t. I was determined not to let this happen – because I wanted to. Breakfast happened and it was a good as well as new-to-me one.

As delicious as they are – long gone are the days when I considered an apple a full breakfast.

As I considered going to my favourite fitness class in the late afternoon, I needed to have lunch shortly afterwards. Uh oh, not easy and especially since I had planned on not letting myself repeat meals often anymore.

But guess what? I did have lunch, used the full amount of grains used in the recipe – decreasing them is a bad habit of mine – and didn’t bulk the dish up with more veggies. Success!

No missing the times when skipping lunch was a daily occurence. There are far too many good options to try.

Actually going to the class proved to be another challenge. I really like it because it’s intense, the trainer plays great music – doesn’t hurt he’s a cutie, too – and the atmosphere is good. Due to having spent my last semester in another city, though, I hadn’t been there for quite a while. The bad voice in my head tried to convince me I’d embarrass myself not being fit enough. In the end however, the good, brave voice won and I went there.

Some of my favourite flowers. What are yours?

And now I’m sitting here truly happy – because I did what I really wanted. Turns out being brave is rewarded in multiple ways: Not only did the class give me a rush of endorphins but I also met a girl I had gotten to know there earlier again. We exchanged phone numbers and plan on meeting for a cup of coffee sometime soon. I love making new friends! Seeing that she remembered me right away and was apparently happy to see me made my day.

Being daring is something I need to practice more often. And I will – because I want to!

To brighten my mood even further I’m going to listen to a few more songs of one of my current favourite singers whom I recently saw live:


And last but not least I might be late but …

World Vegan Day


Are you a daring person or have a hard time trying new things?

When was the last time you challenged yourself and what was it?

Do you prefer taking fitness classes or working out on your own?

8 thoughts on “Because I want to

  1. Kat says:

    I am so proud of you for doing what you really wanted,darling! That’s amazingly strong and I really admire your courage for doing so,believe me.
    Personally,I am rather a creature of habit and prefer sticking to my “safe” routines and habits all the time. Anything un-planned tends to freak me out terribly.
    Although,I constantly try to step out of my comfort zone since I know life’s more but this. And to be honest,I never really regret it afterwards.

  2. Irina @ Chocolatea Time says:

    I think pesky voices bother many of us, some more than others of course, but it’s all about learning to shut them up! I am so happy to see that you’re learning to push the negative ED voices aside and choosing to live life as it should be lived instead. It’s all a work in progress but you’re already doing great and are showing your strength 🙂

  3. Brittany says:

    I love this post!! I get nervous going to new workout classes, or ones that I haven’t been to in a while. I always end up being glad I went though. So glad you went and so glad you didn’t listen to the food voices!

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