Whipping out the big girl panties

Some people are straight-forward “doers”, some are doubters. I, unfortunately, belong to the last category.

Whether it’s the decision of going to the cinema, buying a dress or trying a new recipe: I might initially like the idea but at latest the second thought is sure to include a “what if” or “but”.  This state of mind isn’t helpful in living life to the fullest. Not.at.all.

Oh how I miss those days …

Sure, I’m not necessarily unhappy with my life in general. But knowing how much I might miss out on with my unnecessary weighing up of the pro’s and con’s of just about everything … Not to forget the time that Is lost in the process, too.

Last week had me in for a – at least to me – pretty big decision. Knowing it might make a noticeable change to my life I kept putting it off at first – and was grieving my decision right away. So I put on my big girl pants and gave it another try. Boy am I glad I did. While it might not have changed my whole life, an important part of it was intensified for the moment – and hopefully will keep intensifying. Don’t you love me being vague here ;)?

Copius amounts of chocolate and tea are consumed in the the process of making my decisions.

You might have guessed already but putting things of is something I’m good at regarding food, too. How long had I been meaning to try Amanda’s Fig & Date Bars? Countless excuses were made up: “But they contain coconut oil and I’m already eating too much saturated fat”, “what if I end up not liking them?”,  “the recipe yields wayyy too much for one person.” Needless to say, the list went on.

Being seriously annoyed by my current food rut, though, the big girl pants came out once again. At 9 PM. Yes, I’m a night owl and get more productive as the day goes on. Having to whip up lunch for a full day of classes today in anyway – it’s a general agreement that the food our cafeteria serves is inedible – I turned on the oven, too.

Waiting for the bars to leave the oven was the hardest part.

Yet again, my worries were pointless. The bars turned out well and thanks to the “scary” coconut oil  have an amazingly buttery crust. Try them!

The big girl pants weren’t discharged to the wardrobe again, though. Preparing the bars was just one step. Taking them to class was the more difficult one as I tend to always pack the same snacks. Mission accomplished! Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of the bars yet as I baked them at night, was in a hurry in the morning and returned home in the evening.

I’m excited to pull out the big girl pants again this weekend …


When was the last time you put on the big girl panties?

What are your favourite filling snacks for class/work aside from fruit? I need inspiration!

2 thoughts on “Whipping out the big girl panties

  1. Irina @ Chocolatea Time says:

    Isn’t the best feeling in the world the moment after a big decision is finally made. It’s like the weight is literally lifted off as long as you don’t start second-guessing yourself. What’s even better is the feeling that your decision was definitely the right one after you actually made it! So good for you 🙂 I consider myself to be the most indecisive person ever and I hate it. It really complicates life, right?

    • letsgetupandlive says:

      Absolutely! It’s incomparably freeing to decide and let loose of any overthinking tendencies afterwards. Realizing at how ridiculous my worries gets me laughing, too.
      I can’t believe for you to be the most indecisive person ever as I thought I’d claimed that title long ago already :D.

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