Marvelous in my Monday: Weekend of marvelousness

Hi there,

Did you have a good start to the week?

Mine started in a bright mood due to having had one of the best weekends in a long time. Seeing as it truly had a lot of marvelousness I’m linking up for the sweet Katie’s Marvelous in my Monday party.

What was so marvelous about my weekend? Well, I got to see three of my favourite people and spend quality time with them.

First up was a desperately needed visit – almost two months had passed since my last one! – at my parents’ place. They don’t live incredibly far away but enough to be on the road for about three hours. This might not seem like much but sometimes it’s just not worth traveling if I’d end up only having a day at home. Also, my parents enjoy have other plans for the weekend.

Being in the countryside makes me happy.

Most marvelous was simply spending quality time with my mum and dad. We didn’t have any exciting plans but didn’t feel we needed them. When you haven’t seen each other in that long simply being together is enough, don’t you think?

Marvelous 8+ hours of sleep in one of the quietest and most comfortable places in the world. While I like my flat in the city I can’t deny the fact that my heart still belongs to the countryside. It’s too beautiful a place to not miss it when I’m away from there. Home truly is where the heart is!

… or home is where the dancing robots are. My mum has fun putting up odd little decorations like these.

Marvelous was conquering a “fear food” by having rice pudding just like my mum used to prepare when I was younger again. Well, sort of … Mum used to prepare it “in bed” meaning she brought the milk and rice to a boil and then wrapped it in her thick blanket to finish. Did anybody else’s parents use that method, too? I got impatient after a while and continued to cook it on the stove, admittedly. Still a tasty treat I hadn’t had in a while due to fearing it might not be filling enough. Crazy ED thoughts …

Taking the tiny bit of leftovers back home with me. I’ll make sure to have rice pudding more often again.

Marvelous was skipping my run though I was slightly anxious due to not having worked out the day before, either. But spending time with my mum made up for it!

Marvelous was baking my parents’ favourite cookies and seeing their happy faces. My mum has been too busy to start Christmas cookie baking though she’d have liked to. My dad was jumping at the special cookies the recipe for which comes from my paternal grandma.

(sorry for the bad cookie picture but foggy days don’t make for the ideal photography lighting)

Not the special cookies mentioned but another family favourite I baked.

Marvelous was listening to Christmas compilations – hello, Michael Bublé – and not having my parents protest :D.

While leaving my parents again after only a scant two days was sad it was …

Marvelous to see the boy on Sunday. While it hadn’t been quite as long since we’d seen each other it still was about time J. No special plans here, either, just a movie which admittedly wasn’t thaaat great and spending lots of time with each other. The best way to end a week!

What was your favourite part of the weekend?

Which are your favourite Christmas songs or compilations?

Did you already start baking Christmas cookies? Do you have special secret family (cookie) recipes you make every year?

11 thoughts on “Marvelous in my Monday: Weekend of marvelousness

  1. Irina @ Chocolatea Time says:

    Oh my…I ate rice pudding that my mom prepared last night!!! Looks like we’re on the same wavelength 🙂 Does “in bed” mean that the rice was basically cooked in milk (as compared to in water and then added to the milk)? Because that’s exactly how my mom prepared it last night as well. So tasty! Those cookies look gorgeous…are they glazed? I can’t quite tell from the photo, but now I have glazed cookies on the brain and really want some! On a final note – home truly is where the heart is. I quickly learned this while being away at school, and nothing can beat a warm and welcoming home with parents.

    • letsgetupandlive says:

      Isn’t rice pudding prepared by moms the best :)? You’re so right about one’s parents’ home to always be the best place in the world.

      Yes, the rice is brought to a boil in milk, then wrapped in a blanket to finish cooking/soaking. I’d never heard about cooking it in water first and then adding milk before I started to read blogs. Is that the traditional American way?

      Haha, yes, the cookies are glazed but I guess it might be hard to tell from the small picture. What are your favourite cookies?

  2. Khushboo Thadani says:

    Your weekend sounds marvellous indeed! Way to go on eating the rice pudding & skipping the run when you wren’t up for it :)! I haven’t had rice pudding in forever but it really brings me back to my days at boarding school…it was one of my favorite desserts, especially served with a dollop of jam!

  3. Sharon @ Bit of the Good Stuff says:

    Wow that does sound like a marvellous wkend! My mom only lives an hour & half away but I haven’t seen her for a couple of months. I’m really missing her so I’m going to visit tomorrow. My sister’s baby due any day now so it could be a very exciting weekend indeed!

    • letsgetupandlive says:

      Oooh, that’s awesome! Is it her first child?
      Like you said it can even be hard to see your parents more often when they don’t live too far away. Different work/life schedules make it difficult to find a date that works for everyone. I had expected it to be a lot easier when moving out, really.

  4. Carli says:

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend to me! There is nothing like spending quality time with your family and sleeping in your childhood bedroom.

    I haven’t started baking Christmas cookies yet, but I plan on starting this weekend! My family makes a lot of different types of cookies, but we love to make pizzelles (they are an Italian waffle cookie). Hope this weekend is just as good (or better!) as your last weekend!

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