Get to know me a little more [Liebster award]

Get yourself a snack and a nice cup of tea because today’s post is going to be a lengthy one. Thanks to the sweet Carli who nominated me for the Liebster award. I truly appreciate this award – and not only because the word “Liebster” is German but because it’s a great way of sharing some more information about me. I hope it will let you get to know me a little more.



Here are the award rules:

1. Write 11 random facts about yourself.

2. Answer the 11 questions posed by the person who nominated you.

3. Create 11 new questions.

4. Nominate 11 bloggers and mention them in the post.

5. Thank the blogger who nominated you and tell the bloggers you nominated


11     Random facts about me

1.I have two older siblings: one brother and one sister. Funnily, there always is a three-year age difference between us: my brother’s 27, my sister 24 and I’m 21.

2.When I was younger I couldn’t fall asleep in complete darkness. Thus, my room door had to be left semi-open and the light in the corridor needed to be turned on at night. My poor brother and sister who shared a room with me for several years :D.

Nowadays, though, it’s the completely different way round: I cannot fall asleep when there’s light turned on in my room, the corridor or a street latern’s light falling in through the windows.

3. Like most parents my mum has been having nicknames for me and my siblings which she used interchangeably. Nothing wrong with that at home. But one day when I was in 6th grade I forgot my Biology folder at home. Being the kind person she is my mum wanted to give it to me and knocked on the classroom door. When my teacher opened mum said “My little snail forgot her folder at home.” Eeeehm, yes … Let’s say the whole class couldn’t stop laughing and kept calling me “little snail” for the remainder of the day.

4. Tea is my favourite beverage ever and I’m very picky about it. No fruit-flavoured roibush for this girl – yuck!

Tea and cups

5. I’m afraid of spiders. One night I was getting up to go to the toilet and something told me there would be a spider sitting on top of light switch. Um, do I really need to tell you the end of the story? Aaaah!

6. I can’t name the colour of my hair. When I was younger people used to say it was dark blonde but my mum called it “street dog blonde” while I’d have never associated it with blonde in any way. Let’s just go with a light brown.

7.  I can’t go without chocolate for a single day. This one doesn’t need an explanation, right ;)?

8. Touching frosted glass gives me the heebie-jeebies.

9. I’ve never watched Titanic. Anybody else? Please tell me I’m not the only one!

10. My parents insisted all of their children learn at least one instrument. So I played the flute and then the alto recorder for several years while being jealous of my sister getting piano lessons. Practicing for my lessons sometimes happened just an hour before they started … woops.

11. Growing up my sister and I were huge Spice Girls fans listening to their CDs all of the time. Who’s with me?

 1.   What’s the best piece of advice someone has ever given you?

This one’s hard to answer. What I can say, though, is that my parents have given me lots of great advice for life.

2. What is your favorite dessert?

Hands down: Ice cream. I could eat it every day. Sorry, Froyo lovers.

Ice cream

3. In your opinion, what’s the best way to spend a Sunday afternoon?

Spending quality time with my family. Talking to my mum about everything on my mind on a long walk through nature. I used to laugh at the idea of Sunday being “family day” but nowadays it seems like a great one.

4. Name one quality you admire in other people.

Self-confidence. I admire people who probably don’t have the “perfect” lives either yet seem to be at peace with themselves and their environment.

5. What’s your biggest fear?

Losing somebody I love. I can’t imagine living without the people dearest to my heart and am afraid whenever they travel far away, have to go to the hospital or something like that.

My grandpa experienced serious health troubles several years ago that are still ever-present and since then I’ve been even more worried about him. It has shown me how fragile life is and reminded me to spend more time with the ones I love.

6. Do you have any hidden talents? I have a hard time seeing my own talents.Something other people tell me I’m good at – without even trying – are languages and grammar. I genuinely enjoy writing, checking other people’s papers/presentations/you name it for spelling or grammar mistakes. I can hardly read a text without spotting mistakes. As this can be a serious problem when writing own texts I try not to re-read them after publishing. So I’m sorry if there are any mistakes in my posts!


7. What is your favorite vacation spot?

I haven’t traveled a lot in my life yet. What I can say, though, is that I’m not a beach person. Not that I wouldn’t like lovely sunny places – I just don’t enjoy lying around in the heat doing nothing all day long. I’d rather go hiking, cycling or spend time in nature in another way.

8. Would you rather live in the calm countryside or a hustling bustling city?

Having grown up in the countryside and moved to the city after graduation from school I’ve experienced the benefits and disadvantages of both. While living in a city is offering a lot to do when you’re younger I’d love to move back to the countryside if founding my own family. Nature is my happy place.

At the lake

9. What is your favorite way to destress?

Calling my mum or a friend. Bake. Drink tea and eat chocolate.

10. What was your first job (if you’ve had one)?

Does raking the leaves or mowing the lawn count – even though those were unpaid my mum still called them my “jobs” ;).  But really, babysitting was my first ever paid job and I liked it a lot. Who doesn’t like to get paid for playing Barbie with cute little girls or beating 8-year-old  boys in board games? Being allowed to eat everything I please from the closets didn’t hurt, either.

11. What is one lesson you learned the hard way?

At the risk of sounding boring and dumb: That being thin doesn’t make life any easier. Slipping into my ED during my teenage years I hoped losing weight would be my ticket to the world of happiness, popularity and success. But the truth is that dropping pounds doesn’t change the person you really are underneath. And my true friends are those that liked me before I even started losing and went with me through everything.

My 11 questions

What did you want to become as a child?

Who’s your role model in life?

If you had/have a stuffed animal: What was/is its name?

What would you like to be remembered for by others?

Which foreign culture would you like to learn more about?

What’s your motto in life?

What are three of your favourite books of all time?

If you could switch places right now where would you go?

What is one of your quirky habits?

 Which nicknames do you have?

What is your favourite way to treat yourself?


Edited to add: Sorry my original list was that short. I should really stop writing posts at night when my brain is elsewhere :D. So here you go …

My nominees

Irina @ Chocolatea Time

Michelle @ Peachy Palate

Heather @ Kiss my Broccoli

Kat @ a dash of fairydust

Lauren @ The homeostatic Mindset

Aimée @ An Aussie in England

Shreya @ rush of endorphins

Antonia @ Health inspirations

Emma @ Sweettoothrunner

Laura @ Laura Virginia

… and how could I forgot about Jen @ Peas and Crayons?!


Even if I didn’t nominate you please feel free to answer some or all of the questions above. I’d really like to get to know more about YOU!

I hope you enjoyed reading these random facts about me. Have a great day!

14 thoughts on “Get to know me a little more [Liebster award]

  1. Kat says:

    Aaaw,thank you so much for nominating me,deary!
    And hell,we have SO much in common! I also love tea,but please no fruit flavors or anything like that… Ugh! Plus,I am such a linguist as well. People keep asking me why I want to become a nurse instead of a job that involves working with languages and stuff,but well – that’s just not what I want! And hey,at the same time they’re pissed when I complain about their terrible grammar… That doesn’t fit! 😛

    • letsgetupandlive says:

      How could I not have nominated you??? Especially seeing as we have such a lot in common it really is about time we meet.

      Same here for people complimenting on my language skills and then complaining about my corrections. And you could still write a book or articles for trade journals as a nurse :).

  2. Carli says:

    I really enjoyed reading this and getting to know more about you! That story about your mom bringing in your folder is so funny, although I am sure it wasn’t funny to you back then. And I used to be a HUGE Spice Girls fan. My sisters and two neighbor friends would always put on concerts and pretend we were the Spice Girls (I was always Posh Spice haha).

    Also, you should listen to what your friends and family tell you…you are definitely a great writer!!!

    • letsgetupandlive says:

      Thank you again for nominating me, Carli! It was such an honour.

      Yay for a fellow former Spice Girls fan! When my sister, friends and I put up concerts I used to be Baby Spice though I look nothing like her :).

  3. Jenn Peas says:

    Thanks for the nomination darling!!!! I’ve filled this out once before but need to find a chance to do it again! =) Loved learning more about you! I’m always drawn to people that are self confident — I admire that trait too and strive to be confident myself!

    I’m also a major tea snob — I don’t mess around with sub-par tea! haha

  4. Irina @ Chocolatea Time says:

    Thanks for the nomination! I’m going to fill this survey out as soon as possible 🙂

    Reading this has made me realize we have so much in common! Tea is (obviously) also my favorite beverage, and I live on chocolate daily. Although what is this madness about never seeing ‘Titanic’? Go watch it now, you won’t be sorry! My biggest fear is also losing someone I love. The older I get the more I realize how precious my family and close friends are to me. I know it’s not good to worry about such a matter because it’s not something in my control, but I’m embarrassed to say that the loss of a loved one is something that crosses my mind daily and leads to a lot of anxiety :/

  5. Lee says:

    Miss Polkadot, I’m so glad you stopped by Veggie Quest and left a note so I could find your lovely blog! Also, we have a lot in common. As a kid I slept with my door open to let the light in, I eat chocolate daily without fail (well, actually, I drink it in almond milk hot cocoa, but it’s about half chocolate, lol!), I love to write and edit, and spending time with my family and chatting with my mom about everything are favorite ways to de-stress. Adding your blog to my reading list! 🙂

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Aww, thank you for such a sweet comment, Lee. We really have a lot in common – and all the good things: daily chocolate, passion for writing and editing and even that childhood quirk.

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