All I want for Christmas is accomplishment [of my Bucket list]

Only two more days – well, depending on where you are – until Christmas Eve! Aaaaaah!

Christmas challenge

I know I failed regarding Jenny’s Christmas Challenge but I still wanted to answer a few more questions. Hey, it’s the thought that counts, right (okay, not really for me here but let’s pretend it was).

13. Favourite Christmas Book

A family favourite that we’ve been reading ever since I was little:The Tomtes’ Christmas Porridgeby Sven Nordqvist. It’s a magical story about the Swedish tomtes helping the humans in the household throughout the year and being rewarded with a bowl of Christmas pudding. One year, though, things are different. The tomte mother senses the people are about to forget the porridge. She plots a plan to prevent the tomte father from getting angry and saving Christmas. If you don’t know this book you have to (!) read it. Trust me, you’ll love it. Suffice to say our age-old copy of this book looks a little, um, ragged. That’s how much we enjoy reading it.

14. Real or artificial tree?

Real or none! We never had an artificial tree in our house. Sure, regarding the environmental aspect it might be worth a consideration but … I can’t imagine Christmas without the scent of a fir needles in combinations with – obviously! – that of real candles.

15. The best gift you’ve given

One that was quite popular were homemade fairy lights I gave – in different layouts – to both of my grandma’s as well as one aunt. Seeing them my sister requested one, too. Not to mention they were fun to produce, too. Maybe I’ll find an old photo somewhere to show you.

17. Post a picture of an old Christmas card.

Christmas Card

Santa: “So, who are you?” – Children: “Your target group!”

Maybe not traditional but my mum has quite the sense of humor when it comes to cards :D.

(Translation: Santa: “So, who are you?” – Children: “Your target group!”)

18. When do you open Christmas gifts?

Traditionally, gifts are opened on Christmas Eve in Germany. We put them under the tree in the morning and open them more or less late in the evening. A family tradition is playing the dice to decide on who’s allowed to open a gift. Waiting to throw a “six” has never been more agonizing …

Candles II

19. Favourite stocking stuffer

We don’t have stockings in Germany so no stocking stuffers for me. It does seem like a fun tradition, though.

20. Favourite Christmas meal

Seeing as I’m a vegetarian I won’t have the traditional Christmas duck. I did buy a vegan “beef” roast but what I’m mostly looking forward to in anyway is my Grandma’s red cabbage. It’s a German specialty and hers is the very best :).

21. Do you travel on the holidays?

Yes! Tomorrow afternoon, I’ll jump on the train to my aunt’s house were we are celebrating this year. My family celebrates interchangeably either at my Grandparents’ place, our house or my aunt’s.

22. Eggnog or hot chocolate?

I’ve never had eggnog before and seeing as I don’t consume eggs anymore I’ll go with hot chocolate. You can never go wrong with hot chocolate.


23. Your plans for Christmas 2012

Grandma's cookies


Well, this one inspired this post’s title. “Thanks” to my ED I can’t remember the last carefree Christmas I had. It’s been afflicted with tears shed about food eaten or not eaten, regrets and anxiousness. My bucket list for this year includes:

–          Eating at least one of my Grandma’s awesome cookies that she puts a lot of work into. They’ve been my favourite and I finally want to enjoy one again. Or two.

–          Focus on family rather than food. That’s what Christmas should be all about.

–          Have one count-free day: Three days of celebration and I’m hoping to manage one not thinking about nutrition, fat grams and calories.

– Distract myself from not being able to exercise. My family isn’t into exercise on Christmas because they simply enjoy being together. This one’s going to be hard.

While I’ve been having similar goals in the last year I never accomplished them. But fellow ED fighters like Alexandra gave me the push to try again. This year I hope that blogging makes me more, well, accountable for my plans. So feel free to inquire on how well I did :D.

I most likely won’t be blogging again until after Christmas so:

Merry Christmas to all of you!

Tell me:

What’s your favourite Christmas book? Had you heard of “The Tomtes’ Christmas Porridge” before?

What’s your favourite Christmas meal?

Which are your plans for this year’s Christmas?

Any ideas on how I can stop worrying about not exercising yet eating a lot? I’m embarrassed to say how anxious this makes me and would appreciate any ideas.


8 thoughts on “All I want for Christmas is accomplishment [of my Bucket list]

  1. Alexandra says:

    YOU GOT THIS GIRL!!!!!! 😀 I have the utmost confidence in you with your desire to achieve your goals. This is YOUR year, YOUR time to shine and knock those ED thoughts to the curb. I’m rooting for you pal and I hope your have a beautiful Christmas with your family!! ❤

  2. Kat says:

    Sven Nordqvist is a genius,I seriously adore his books! They’re so magical and no matter how old you are,they always put a smile on your face. “Morgen,Findus,wird’s was geben” – Petterson & Findus generally – is also a favorite of mine during holiday season. 🙂
    However,I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Believe me,you WILL be able to get through the next few days with food,rest and – yes! – an unchanged body. You won’t gain weight just because you don’t exercise occasionally… Even if you might feel like it.
    Just don’t focus on that “I have to distract myself or I’ll drive crazy”-thought,as thatb will only make it harder. Accept the negative thoughts,but don’t let them influence your actions.
    YOU CAN DO IT! 🙂

    • letsgetupandlive says:

      “Morgen, Findus, wird’s was geben” is another favourite of mine. I can’t think of any book by Sven Nordquist I didn’t like.

      Thanks for your encouragement regarding Christmas! I’m so glad to hear you had a good one!

  3. Irina @ Chocolatea Time says:

    You can do it!!! Stay focused and determined, and always remind yourself the true meaning of Christmas – being with family, relaxing, and staying appreciative of everything life has to offer.

    What are these wonderful homemade fairy lights you created? Do share the procedure, I love homemade arts & crafts 🙂 And I agree with you on the real vs. artificial Christmas tree. There was a period when we put up a fake tree, but eventually we resorted back to the real deal. There is nothing like the wonderful smell of evergreens filling your home!

    • letsgetupandlive says:

      Thank you, Irina! I did follow your advice of reminding myself of being appreciative of the time spend with my family. While I still had to deal with anxieties I did better than last year.

      Ah, yes, the fairy lights. Unfortunately, my parents don’t have any at their house so I can’t take pictures. But I’ll try to come up with a tutorial once I get the chance to make them again if you’re interested.

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