[A glimpse into] The Polka-dotted diet

Seeing as food is one of the topics I’m writing about it seemed only natural to let you know a bit more about my diet. Which occasion would be suited better than Jenn’s weekly WIAW party?! Thanks for hosting this fun, Jenn!

While I have yet to successfully photograph a whole day of meals I thought I’d show you some foods that make a frequent appearance in my diet.

Recent breakfast: Greek yogurt mixed with coconut flour and maple syrup – give it a try! And yes, I did add more granola.

Recent breakfast: Greek yogurt mixed with coconut flour and maple syrup – give it a try! And yes, I did add more granola.

 Using the term Sarah came up with I’d call myself a “vegan with benefits”. Growing up I ate meat like all other members in my family and really enjoyed it. Becoming vegetarian ten years ago was actually accidental because I simply decided to skip the meat one day and see how long I could go without. Back then I didn’t have any real reasons while nowadays there are several. Let me know if you’re interested in hearing them – for now I’ll just spare you the story :D. Anyway, vegetarian turned into vegan and that’s where I am now.

Anything eaten out of bowls and topped with salsa is a win in my book.

Anything eaten out of bowls and topped with salsa is a win in my book.

Being vegan with benefits to me means being less strict and able to adapt. Wanting to be fully vegan led to me denying myself certain foods I craved and made me unhappy and hard to be around. I still think it’s a good diet but if I went completely vegan I’d like to be sure it’s not an ED-related choice. Now I’m mostly rolling with my cravings and eating with others had become a bit easier. For example when eating at my parents’ and my mum wants to use regular milk instead of soy in her mashed potatoes I’m cool with that. And I’m certainly not aversed to some delicious Lindor chocolates …

Could you say no?!

Could you say no?!

Chocolate might be my number one sweet but thanks to the blog world it has gotten a fierce contender. Almond butter! It’s safe to say I’m having at least a few tablespoons every day – who says healthy food can’t be addictive?

Best eaten straight from the jar - one of the benefits of living alone ;).

Best eaten straight from the jar – one of the benefits of living on my own and not having to share ;).

Hope you enjoyed this little first glimpse into my diet and maybe I’ll manage to post a full day of eats soon, too.

Are you a fan of “bowls” for lunch, too? What’s your favourite combination? Inspire me!

Which is your favourite nut butter?


20 thoughts on “[A glimpse into] The Polka-dotted diet

  1. Jennifer says:

    ahhh yogurt and (pure & canadian ;P) maple syrup is so amazing :O … i like granola. hm favourite nut butter is probably peanut, because i would have it most often (out of say almond, cashew, sunflower) and right now i only have a natural crunchy pb + natural just plain sunflower seed butter opened. but i eat nuts more than nut butter and my favourite nut is almond. i do like almond butter but don’t have it often, though its a nice change and surprise. xox

  2. Ashley @ AlmostVegGirlie says:

    I love the idea of vegan with benefits–I’ve considered adopting it for myself since I kinda miss Greek yogurt sometimes and I love the taste of honey! If I do decide to go that way, I will definitely be trying out your Greek yogurt-coconut flour combo–coconut flour is sooooo good!

    • letsgetupandlive says:

      Do it, girl! When being vegan and craving dairy I was worried people would judge me if I had it again. But in reality it was just me judging myself and letting go of that is the main point. As I said I still eat vegan most of the time but it’s freeing to know I’ll let myself have dairy whenever I want to. Let me know how you like the Greek yogurt + maple + coconut flour combo if you try it :)!

    • letsgetupandlive says:

      It really is SO good – give it a try! The coconut flour makes the yogurt thick and creamy while adding a bit of sweetness, too. I’d still add some maple because I find it is needed but maybe that depends on the brand of Greek yogurt?

  3. Carli says:

    I think it’s great that despite being vegan, you are still able to be flexible with your eating. It’s so important to be flexible and not stress too much about eating, and I am trying to become more flexible with my diet as well. Your greek yogurt creation sounds delicious! I am a huge yogurt eater, so I’m definitely going to have to try that! I also love chocolate and almond butter…have you ever tried the two together? So good!

  4. Irina @ Chocolatea Time says:

    I think your approach to food and eating is perfect. Although you define yourself as a vegan, you don’t get overly caught up within the boundaries of foods you “can” and “can’t” have. It’s these sorts of flexible approaches to eating that keep random cravings (and possible resulting binges) away. I love greek yogurt as well, it’s the perfect vehicle for just about anything! Granola, coconut butter, nut butter, jam, fruits, anything! Oh and chocolate + honey over yogurt 🙂

    • letsgetupandlive says:

      Oooh, chocolate and honey over yogurt is a combination I have yet to try. Thanks for the idea!

      Flexibility is the key argument for my decision to eat this way. Trying to be fully vegan kept me from enjoying many social situations and ultimately this wasn’t worth it.

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