MIMM: A fabulous blend [not talking coffee]

Did you all have a nice and relaxing weekend?

After last week’s Berlin adventures mine was definitely more laid-back but no less special thanks to a fantastic first: Meeting a blend! And not just any but the lovely Kat who made my Saturday truly marvelous.


We’d originally planned to meet a while back already after realizing how close to each other we lived. But university and work got in between hindering an earlier meeting. I’ll admit my usual anxiety came up as I was afraid we might not get along in real life or have nothing to talk about. However, I can now safely say Kat’s one of the sweetest person I’ve met to date and we kept talking non-stop from the very minute I picked her up on the gate. A fabulous blend, dare I say?

Table decor II

With only four hours on hand we tried to make the most of our time and started with the only possible thing: Shopping. Sorry for confirming a girly cliché here ;). But browsing the shops was a necessity. It’s safe to say we could both have spend a little fortune on pajama pants, Hello Kitty bowls and cute mugs [I’ll get you that one next time, Kat!]. Somehow managing to resist larger purchases we headed to our main destination.

I just HAD to get this cute pen – it’s varicoloured after all, right :D.

I just HAD to get this cute pen – it’s varicoloured after all, right :D?!

After my great birthday lunch experience we’d decided to visit the café I’d been to with my mum and friends again. The daily menu sounded fabulous once again.

Menu of the day

Once we’d gotten our beverages and ordered our mains it was time for our gift exchange.

Kat obviously had to try the Sweet Chili Yogi tea I’d been swooning about. No convincing needed ;).

Kat obviously had to try the Sweet Chili Yogi tea I’d been swooning about. No convincing needed ;).

Staying true with her sweet personality Kat spoiled me with goodies. We’d been talking about our fear foods several times before so there was a certain something I’d asked for …

Cereal! Real, sugary cereal.

Cereal! Real, sugary cereal.

Growing up I’d never really eaten a lot of it and when ED hit I eliminated it from my diet completely. Being the cereal queen herself Kat couldn’t let my life go on cereal-less anymore. Therefore she brought me both her favourite and a special kind of cereal I’d asked for. More on that in Wednesday’s post – I’m such a tease, right ;)?! But here’s what else she added.

Hello, Lindt truffles!

Hello, Lindt truffles!

Being quite camera shy in anyway we failed on remembering to get a picture of us taken. Bad blogger alert – sorry! But food pictures make up for it, right J? So here’s what we got at the restaurant.

My entrée: Arabian Chickpea and Kidney Bean Stew with fresh mint and a side of whole-wheat bread with spreads

Not exactly photogenic but a delicious choice nontheless.

Not exactly photogenic but a delicious choice nontheless.

Kat had meant to try the vegan tarte flambée my mum got on my birthday but her order was switched up accidentially. She still enjoyed the vegan quiche she got instead.


Time flew by way too fast and we had to say goodbye already. It was so nice to chat about everything but obviously especially fun to go into all kinds of topic only a fellow blogger understands. Exchange about nut butter favourites, taking pictures in public and chocolate definitely happened. One thing we fully agreed on was how fantastic the blogging community is. We were already talking about a future meet-up again on the way to the station. Thanks for the marvelous day, Kat!

Hope you’re all having a great Monday!


Have you ever met a blend? What did you do?

Tell me about the best part of your weekend!

13 thoughts on “MIMM: A fabulous blend [not talking coffee]

  1. Kat says:

    Aaaaw,this post made me so excited for our next meet-up already – and we don’t even have set up a date,haha! 😀
    I loved every minute I spent with you on Saturday,honey. Can’t wait to see you again! ❤

  2. Emily says:

    Aww! What a fun treat to get to spend the day with Kat! You’re both adorable and it sounds like you had an amazing time together. Plus, the food looks delicious!

  3. Amanda @ .running with spoons. says:

    Meeting blends is pretty amazing, and I really wish that more bloggers lived around me. As it stands, I kind of live in blogger no man’s land, so I rarely get to meet any, but the few times I did were absolutely fabulous… And I guess there’s always Skype 🙂

    Very excited to hear sbout how things go with the cereal. I kind of have a huge crush on it 🙂

    • letsgetupandlive says:

      Blogger no man’s land perfectly describes my situation around here, too. Aside from Kat living (relatively) close by there don’t seem to be any others. Skype does seem like a great option for getting in contact with bloggers overseas but I’m too shy to ask any …

      Oh, I’d have never guessed for you to have a crush on cereal, really ;).

    • letsgetupandlive says:

      Believe me, most of my weekends seem unproductive, too, but it’s okay to rest once in a while. Especially during the rather stressful time you’re currently going through. Try to enjoy the laid-back days :).

  4. Carli says:

    Aww, I’m so glad you and Kat had a fun outing! I don’t know too many bloggers and I’m pretty shy, but I think it would be so much fun to do a blogger meet-up!

    Hope you’re having a good week 🙂

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