Let’s get goal-ing [February]

Sorry!  I know I promised to post my goals for February later this week which ended up being very late now.  But after finally finishing and mailing my essays on Friday night – ugh, midnight deadlines – I went to my parents’. Trying to spend as much time as possible with them I almost forgot about the post. In the end I remembered so without further ado:

My goals for February!

–          Work on my (yet-to-be-posted) food bucket list

–          Eat out at least four times. – As I’ve mentioned before I enjoy it a lot but due to being scared, too, hardly do so. There will hopefully be several chances to challenge myself in this point in February.

Still thinking of my Birthday lunch - such a good one!

Still thinking of my Birthday lunch – such a good one!

–          Unplug at least one day a week.

–          Get crafty! – While I don’t have the patience for knitting or sewing [yet] Irina’s craft projects inspired me to start some myself. Look forward to some pictures of my – hopefully presentable – crafts.

–          Practice positivity. [More on this in another post soon]


–          Go to bed earlier.  – Hello, night owl right here. I’ve been quite feeling lately which some more hours of sleep should be a good cure for.


–          Cook more often.  – Not that I didn’t do every day but my meals are seriously lacking creativity and I’ve found myself stuck in a routine lately.

–          Meet a special blogger friend [blend?]!super excited for this one as we’ve been meaning to finally meet for a while and things kept getting in between. Fingers crossed!


I’ll keep you updated as I tackle the items on my list and am excited to see how well I’ll do.

Hope you’re having a great Sunday (night)! I’m off to watch a movie with my mum :).


Do you have any goals for February?

Which kind of craft projects do you like? Inspire me! I’m open for (pretty much) anything that doesn’t involve knitting ;).

What did you do this weekend?


What I ate … while writing essays

Thank you for all of your sweet birthday wishes! Every single one put a huge smile on my face.

Is it really Wednesday already again? After my birthday time seemed to flow by without me noticing. Well, time for our favourite weekly foodie party hosted by Jenn. Happy WIAW!


Life lately has been a tad more hectic. I’m not exactly good at time management … Therefore working shifts while actually having a pile of essays to write turned out to be a bad combination. Doesn’t help that I didn’t exactly chose the easiest topics for my essays.

While eating at work isn’t possible I still find it important to nourish my body in a healthy way when coming home. Sure, random snacking on not-so-healthy foods happens but I like to keep it fresh and nutritious most of the time.

Let’s take a look at some of my recent eats!

Baked oatmeal has found its way into my life and I’m embracing it. Blueberry Vanilla protein baked oats to be specific – easy, quick and comforting. Obsessed already.

Crunchy topping, creamy oats cooked with coconut milk - breakfast perfection.

Crunchy topping, creamy oats cooked with coconut milk – breakfast perfection.


Carrots and peanut butter have become a new addition to my diet – aka “how to get my veggies in”.

Positively addictive.

Positively addictive.

Can you believe I’d never had baby carrots before? I might still not buy these regularly from now on. But they’re a nice time saver when I don’t feel like peeling a bunch of carrots yet want my vitamin A boost :D. Thanks for the PB and carrots inspiration, Shannon!

Granolaaaa! It had been too long since I bought my last bag of it but I finally got over my ED fears and now can’t get enough. And really, if I’ve been craving it for so long it must have been something I needed, right?!

Crunchy gluten-free almond coconut granola, coconut flour soy yogurt and almond butter – mmmh!

Crunchy gluten-free almond coconut granola, coconut flour soy yogurt and almond butter – mmmh!

Yes, I had way more than what’s in the picture :).

Putting one of my birthday gifts to good use: a julienne peeler! Inspired by other bloggers I asked my mum for one on our little shopping trip after our birthday lunch. Zucchini pasta in multiple combinations has been a go-to lunch when coming home ravenous from work. Whether with peanut sauce, in a cheesy casserole or Italian inspired balsamico tomato sauce with chickpeas – it’s a new favourite.

Does anybody else still enjoy slurping their pasta? It shouldn't be resevered to kids only.

Does anybody else still enjoy slurping their pasta? It shouldn’t be acceptable for kids only!

I’m not usually one supporting unseasonal cravings but as blueberries happened to be on offer for three weeks straight – how could I resist?! Blueberries have been said to be the perfect food to protect your body from the negative aspects of stress thanks to the antioxidants they contain. Whether it’s true or not – they’re delicious and that’s all that matters.


In other news: I’m on Twitter now – and once I’ve figured out Instagram I might join that fun, too :). Anybody care to explain it to me?

I’ll be back with a post on my February goals after handing in my essays later this week.


How does your eating style change on busy days?

What is your favourite (baked) oatmeal combination?

And stealing the question of the day: What’s the best thing you ate today?