Let’s talk Greek [yogurt]!

I’m so sorry I disappeared for a whole week when I’d actually meant to post more often. Kudos to all bloggers out there working full-time yet managing to stick to regular – often even daily – posts Honestly, tips on time management are much appreciated so feel free to share!

Enough of that for now, though, because it’s time for our midweekly food party once again: What I ate Wednesday. Thanks to Jenn for hosting!


Looking through my camera’s memory card a theme for this week emerged quickly. While I apparently didn’t deem lunches picture worthy enough I found plenty of evidence for my latest food kick. And as Greek sounds a lot like green I deemed it fitting for WIAW ;).


You might remember me mentioning my coconut flour and Greek yogurt combo a while back? Let’s just say I brought this snack that I’d deemed perfect to new heights. With this special new food find …

Banana flakes

Sun-ripened dried banana flakes or simply: Deliciousness.

… a new favourite was born: Coconut Banana Greek yogurt. Sweetened just by the banana flakes it didn’t need any maple syrup. Obviously topped with almond butter because it magically turns the best of snacks into something even more amazing.

It might not look like much but the flavour and texture are swoon-worthy.

It might not look like much but the flavour and texture are swoon-worthy.

As if coming up with a great new combination myself wasn’t good enough I stumbled upon this in one of the grocery stores around. Squeee!

Thick and creamy with a slight tang completemented perfectly by the sweet blueberries – hit the spot.

Thick and creamy with a slight tang completemented perfectly by the sweet blueberries – hit the spot.

Just to explain my excitement to any American readers: Germany is devoid of any of the popular Greek yogurt brands like Chobani or Oikos and grocery store brands don’t exist. The only Greek yogurt we can get at select supermarkets is full-fat and even that does only come in plain flavor. What I’ve been referring to as Greek yogurt is actually “Quark”, German curd cheese. Now you might get how delighted I was finding Fage split cups. Regarding the hefty price tag they’ll definitely be an occasional splurge only but it’s nice to treat myself every now and then. Just looking at the pictures makes me feel it might not be long until I cave again 😉 …

Happy Wednesday everybody!


What are some of your latest food finds?

Have you tried mixing Greek yogurt with coconut flour yet?

Unrelated to food: Did Spring make an appearance where you live yet? I’m already prepared for a white Christmas Easter.

WIAW: No need to be green for being green

Remember how last week I said it wasn’t easy being green? Well, thinking about it Jenn’s rules they might not exactly require me to eat green only to be green enough for this month’s motto. Did I confuse you enough already ;)? Let’s dive right into this week’s What I ate Wednesday and you’ll find out what I mean in a pinch. Thanks for hosting, Jenn!


A little cheating bending the rules is always allowed, right? So while my meals might not all have included green they packed in some of my favourite fruit and vegetables.

No, I'm still not getting tired of blueberry baked oats.

No, I’m still not getting tired of blueberry baked oats.

It’s safe to say these are a favourite breakfast of mine. While I got a few requests I’ve been hesitating from posting a recipe because it’s incredibly … simple.

My fondness of broccoli should be well know by now and I’m sure at least this girl approves of yet another broccoli-fied meal.

Meet my new friend Alfredo ;).

Meet my new friend Alfredo.

Yet more proof simple recipes can turn out surprisingly delicious. Never having had Alfredo sauce before and with silken tofu in need to be used I whipped up Happy Herbivore’s vegan version.

Creamy, rich and using few ingredients it was the perfect go-to white sauce with freshly grated nutmeg making the dish. Definitely one I’ll repeat.

With longer days of classes and our cafeteria serving less-than-appealing food I like to pack my own lunches. A simple yet flavourful dish that tastes way better than it looks:

Beats cafeteria food any day.

Beats cafeteria food any day.

This came about when I started getting wild with my spice collection and turned out to be a winner. Let me know if you’re in need of the recipe for a quick and easy lunch.

Caring is sharing after all so I didn’t let my friends go hungry during class, either. Bringing in these bad boys clearly wasn’t green – but sometimes a little sugar is all you need during a boring lecture, right?!

Much needed brain fuel for hungry students.

Much needed brain fuel for hungry students.

Happy Wednesday!


Are you a meal repeater? Which are your go-to dishes?

How did you green up your meals lately? Do you agree with my little cheat :D?

WIAW with [not quite] green confessions

It’s easy not easy being green – at least sometimes. While I had the best intentions on living up to this month’s WIAW motto and getting more creative with veggies … I failed. Sorry, Jenn! That’s not to say I had forgotten about the veggies completely, though. Here’s to a new What I ate Wednesday edition confession-style – some green, some not quite.


Confession #1: However hard I try to imagine them being delicious I can’t wrap my head around the idea of green smoothies. Does having Green Monster casseroles regularly count as compensation?

Daiya on top is totally not optional – unless I’m running out …

Daiya on top is totally not optional – unless I’m running out …

Confession # 2: If going green means relying on seasonal produce only I’m dropping out of the game. Sorry I’m not sorry but starting the day without Blueberry Baked Oats seems almost impossible.

Topped with popped amaranth and almond butter sauce these are reason enough to get up.

Topped with popped amaranth and almond butter sauce these are reason enough to get up.

Confession #3: Bok choy may or may not be my new favourite leafy green. With its crunchy stalks and tender leaves it’s been making a sneaky appearance in just about every lunch.

Well worth the extra trip to the Asian grocery.

Well worth the extra trip to the Asian grocery.

Confession #4: Sometimes the green in my diet comes from a not quite natural source …

Why do I overdo it with these every time? Atchoo!

Why do I overdo it with these every time? Atchoo!

… and I’m not feeling guilty about it at all. Sure, these have a few unnecessary ingredients but it’s all about balance, right?!

Confession #5: Blueberries weren’t the only exception in terms of not living quite seasonal lately. Yes, I caved and bought strawberries when they were on offer. But I learned my lesson the hard way: Out-of-season strawberries do NOT taste good – mark my words. Covering them in almond flour and maple helped a little.

Don’t let the picture fool you: Watery, just watery.

Don’t let the picture fool you: Watery, just watery.

Happy Wednesday!


What’s one recent (foodie) confession you have to make?

Do you like bok choy? What is your favourite way of using it?

MIMM: It’s all about the people

Hi there! Hope everybody’s weekends were relaxed, energetic or whichever way you prefer them to be like! Here’s to another Marvelous in my Monday hosted by our marvelous hostess Katie.


For me, a weekend doesn’t need to be packed to the brim with activities. Sure, I do enjoy a weekend getaway, shopping trip or meeting new people. But I’ve come to appreciate laid-back weekends just as much. To be honest, that’s what most of my weekends are like. I used to – and admittedly sometimes still do – dwell on the fact I didn’t have any special plans. Lately, though, I’ve realized and reminded myself of something that might seem ridiculously small to some: It’s the people I’m spending them with making any day special and unique.

Orchids are omnipresent at my parents’ house

Orchids are omnipresent at my parents’ house

While it might seem like I spent every weekend at home lately – granted, it’s not every 😉 – it hasn’t always been like that. During the past years and mostly due to my ED I often retracted myself from people – my parents included going home every few months only at times. My family has gone through a lot of rough times with me and I find the need to show my appreciation for all of this much more often. In a certain way I’m trying to make up for “lost” time now.

I may or may not be jealous of my mum’s collection of dishware - which I actually inspired ;).

I may or may not be jealous of my mum’s tableware – which I actually inspired her to start buying.

Spending more time and building a stronger tie especially with my dad therefore means a lot more to me than being at their parents’ might to others. I mentioned before how I enjoyed being with my mum no matter what we had planned – if anything at all :).

This weekend was extra special due to a surprise visit by my grandparents. No matter how little happened my grandparents’ presence alone made my weekend marvelous. Certain people in my life are able to give me a feeling of comfort and home by just being around – namely my parents and grandparents.

Another couple of warm socks in the make.

Another couple of warm socks in the make.

There’s something blissfully calming about just sitting next to my grandma knitting. Chatting about anything and everything, letting her know what’s on my mind or discussion a current topic. Her genuine interest in what I’m doing while not stressing me about my future is one of the reasons making me feel happy around her. Back when I was younger I spent a week at my grandparents’ every summer – a happy time I enjoy remembering.

Preparing foamy latte macchiatos for my parents.

Preparing foamy latte macchiatos for my parents.

Due to fickle weather situations – exaggeratingly described as a “snow storm” by my dad 😉 – didn’t allow me to stay as long as I’d liked. Being forced to leave early on Sunday afternoon instead of the evening and going on a much longer train journey than unusual instead of family time? Not what I’d hoped for.


But instead of grieving I soaked up as much family atmosphere as I could before and was grateful for all the time I was given. It’s about the way you choose to look at it.

Snow storm? Not quite.

Snow storm? Not quite.

And with that I’m heading into to a week filled with new classes at university, meeting friends and hopefully another visit at my parents’.

Do you feel like certain people have the ability to create a comforting atmosphere by just being around, too?  Who is it for you?

Which things made your weekend marvelous?

What are you looking forward to this week?

Going green for success

What does the colour green mean to you? Maybe it makes you think of Spring? Nature? Or how about it being the great new WIAW motto for March? [Will you believe I had the title planned and the post written before I even knew that? Jenn clearly has mind-reading skills!]? During the past days, though, green had a different but no less postitive meaning to me: Success! Before I’m getting into the details let’s thank the wonderful Jenn for hosting yet another What I ate Wednesday! It’s always such a fun party!


Not like you hadn’t assumed it already or anything ;):  Yes, green meant success in terms of food. Okay, okay, I’ll make it short and sweet: I conquered a fear food!


I’m well aware avocados are a healthy living blogger favourite but to me they were – and admittedly still are – a major fear food. Nutrient-dense, packed with fat and all that in combination with a rather unsuspecting taste. While I am quite fond of other dense foods – think almond butter or dark chocolate – this lovely green-hued food scared me. But – if for colour reasons of else 😉 – I decide it was time to conquer it once I stumbled upon Michelle’s brownie recipe.

Avocado and chocolate are a dream team.

Naturally topped with almond butter post-photo :).

Being quite the chocolate fan it was only natural for me to whip up this treat and let me tell you: It’s rich, satisfying and simply amazing. I’ve been enjoying an avocado brownie as a midday snack for the past days and don’t regret a bite. How could I, really?

Green made more appearances in terms of changing up my meals, too. Staying true with my February goals I’ve continued making more of an effort when cooking. Happening upon a surprise [maybe last for the season] kabocha I made the most of it come lunchtime.

Simple yet incredibly satisfying.

Simple yet incredibly satisfying.

Maybe you remember the Daiya cheese I got while in Berlin? It’s been sitting in the fridge for too long but finally jumped out to add a little something-something to my meals.

Spicy, warming and flavourful chili.

Spicy, warming and flavourful chili.

Winging it I created a tasty broccoli-packed vegan Chili Casserole made spectacular by the melty goodness of Daiya Pepperjack.  With that I’m off to get some work done swoon over everybody else’s WIAW posts :D.

Happy Wednesday!

What’s the best thing you’ve eaten this week?

Do you like avocado?

Are there any fear foods you’ve conquered lately?

MIMM: Fabulous February [favourites]

[Grammar nerd alert: Can’t get enough alliteration in my life.]

Yes, you read that right. I know it’s almost too late to post February favourites by now but as there were quite a few fabulous things and happenings I’ll still do it. Which better occasion to do so than Marvelous in my Monday?! Thanks to Katie for hosting!


Favourite beauty product

Thanks to my fantastic American pen pal who spoiled me with goodies earlier in February I finally got to experience the awesomeness that is Bath & Body Works.  Their Honey Autumn Apple Lotion scents sooo good.

Honey Autumn Apple

Favourite tea

Cinnamon Apple Spice

While I’m usually not keen on fruity teas at all Celestial Seasoning’s Cinnamon Apple Spice flavor is a fabulous exception. Warming, naturally sweet and just delightful it’s one of those teas I can’t get enough of.

I’ve been bugging a local store selling several Celestial Seasoning’s products about ordering this flavor but while they promised it they never did. Talk about bad customer service. Once again my pen pal stepped in and mailed me not only two large boxes of that flavour but also some of this …

Sugar Cookie

Sugar Cookie Tea!

She got this for herself after I recommended it having heard the whole blog world rave about it. Teasing me she pretended she wouldn’t be able to fit it into the box anymore. Such a sweet surprise to open the package to this one, too. Granted, I might not have assumed the taste to be reminiscent of sugar cookies had I not known the name. But it certainly tastes fantastic and I totally get what all the hype is about now :).

Favourite blend

Hoping to get back to the lovely restaurant soon - not alone for sure :).

Hoping to get back to the lovely restaurant soon – not alone for sure :).

Okay, there are way too many sweet people in the blog world to play favourites. But having met Kat in February I can definitely say she’s a fabulous one I hope to meet again soon! Getting to know alike minds is one of my main reasons to blog and I hope to meet more blends in the future.

Favourite book

Kindle reading

Reading everybody’s enthusiastic reviews during the past months I finally got “The Happiness Project” for my Kindle. I’m usually skeptical of books like this but am enjoying it a lot so far. In case you’re wondering why I haven’t finished it yet: I think it’s one of those books to read slowly trying to incorporate the advice in your own life. Yet another topic for a future post, I guess 😉 – not that there weren’t enough I’ve promised you already. I will get to those soon, I promise!


Favourite trip

The famous "Ampelmännchen" spotted on a shirt at the flea market.

The famous “Ampelmännchen” spotted on a shirt at the flea market.

Visiting Berlin was definitely one of my highlights in February. Funnily enough I wasn’t even to keen on going there when I was younger wondering what all the rage was about. But especially during the past years I’ve grown quite fond of the city. It’s an interesting place with many things to see and do as well as good food to eat, obviously ;). Traveling with my mum was the cherry on top. Fingers crossed we’ll be going again soon!

What were some of your highlights in February?

Which is your favourite flavor of Celestial Seasoning’s tea?