MIMM: It’s all about the people

Hi there! Hope everybody’s weekends were relaxed, energetic or whichever way you prefer them to be like! Here’s to another Marvelous in my Monday hosted by our marvelous hostess Katie.


For me, a weekend doesn’t need to be packed to the brim with activities. Sure, I do enjoy a weekend getaway, shopping trip or meeting new people. But I’ve come to appreciate laid-back weekends just as much. To be honest, that’s what most of my weekends are like. I used to – and admittedly sometimes still do – dwell on the fact I didn’t have any special plans. Lately, though, I’ve realized and reminded myself of something that might seem ridiculously small to some: It’s the people I’m spending them with making any day special and unique.

Orchids are omnipresent at my parents’ house

Orchids are omnipresent at my parents’ house

While it might seem like I spent every weekend at home lately – granted, it’s not every 😉 – it hasn’t always been like that. During the past years and mostly due to my ED I often retracted myself from people – my parents included going home every few months only at times. My family has gone through a lot of rough times with me and I find the need to show my appreciation for all of this much more often. In a certain way I’m trying to make up for “lost” time now.

I may or may not be jealous of my mum’s collection of dishware - which I actually inspired ;).

I may or may not be jealous of my mum’s tableware – which I actually inspired her to start buying.

Spending more time and building a stronger tie especially with my dad therefore means a lot more to me than being at their parents’ might to others. I mentioned before how I enjoyed being with my mum no matter what we had planned – if anything at all :).

This weekend was extra special due to a surprise visit by my grandparents. No matter how little happened my grandparents’ presence alone made my weekend marvelous. Certain people in my life are able to give me a feeling of comfort and home by just being around – namely my parents and grandparents.

Another couple of warm socks in the make.

Another couple of warm socks in the make.

There’s something blissfully calming about just sitting next to my grandma knitting. Chatting about anything and everything, letting her know what’s on my mind or discussion a current topic. Her genuine interest in what I’m doing while not stressing me about my future is one of the reasons making me feel happy around her. Back when I was younger I spent a week at my grandparents’ every summer – a happy time I enjoy remembering.

Preparing foamy latte macchiatos for my parents.

Preparing foamy latte macchiatos for my parents.

Due to fickle weather situations – exaggeratingly described as a “snow storm” by my dad 😉 – didn’t allow me to stay as long as I’d liked. Being forced to leave early on Sunday afternoon instead of the evening and going on a much longer train journey than unusual instead of family time? Not what I’d hoped for.


But instead of grieving I soaked up as much family atmosphere as I could before and was grateful for all the time I was given. It’s about the way you choose to look at it.

Snow storm? Not quite.

Snow storm? Not quite.

And with that I’m heading into to a week filled with new classes at university, meeting friends and hopefully another visit at my parents’.

Do you feel like certain people have the ability to create a comforting atmosphere by just being around, too?  Who is it for you?

Which things made your weekend marvelous?

What are you looking forward to this week?

12 thoughts on “MIMM: It’s all about the people

  1. Carli says:

    I’m so glad you had a lovely weekend. Spending a laid back weekend at home surrounded by family and friends is the best. I can’t think of a better way to relax and unwind!

    P.S. I LOVE your mother’s dishware…it reminds me of springtime!

  2. Sara @ Nourish and Flourish says:

    Some of my favorite memories are those spent relaxing with family members at home. Like you, I treasure the time I was able to share with my grandparents. Even though they’ve passed, I still think about those moments–baking with my grandma; listening to my grandpa’s stories about adventures in Latin America–and smile. They were some of my greatest supporters, merely just by loving me for being me.

    Your mother’s dishware is beautiful! I’d love a set of my own. 😀

    Happy Tuesday! ❤

    • letsgetupandlive says:

      Sorry your grandparents passed but I’m happy you have many great memories of them. Some of my favourite memories are of times spent with my grandparents – and my parents, obviously – too. It’s for the feeling you described: Feeling loved for being just the way you are.

      Regarding my mum’s dishes I’ve been meaning to steal some for a while now … it’ll happen :D.

      Happy Wednesday, hun!

  3. Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli says:

    Aww, I loved this sweetie! So true that it doesn’t matter WHAT we do in our spare time but WHO we spend it with…and those we love should always be at the top of that list! My mom is definitely one of those people who I am always the most comfortable around. We can sit and chat for hours or be in the same room, doing our own thing and not have a word between us…but yet comfortable in the silence. I’ve felt so lucky to have her help me over these last few weeks…I seriously don’t know what I would’ve done without her!

    Your mom’s china set is gorgeous! I’d have a hard time not stealing a tea cup or two! 😉

    And I am SO happy to hear you and your dad are getting closer…warms my heart more than you know!

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