WIAW: No need to be green for being green

Remember how last week I said it wasn’t easy being green? Well, thinking about it Jenn’s rules they might not exactly require me to eat green only to be green enough for this month’s motto. Did I confuse you enough already ;)? Let’s dive right into this week’s What I ate Wednesday and you’ll find out what I mean in a pinch. Thanks for hosting, Jenn!


A little cheating bending the rules is always allowed, right? So while my meals might not all have included green they packed in some of my favourite fruit and vegetables.

No, I'm still not getting tired of blueberry baked oats.

No, I’m still not getting tired of blueberry baked oats.

It’s safe to say these are a favourite breakfast of mine. While I got a few requests I’ve been hesitating from posting a recipe because it’s incredibly … simple.

My fondness of broccoli should be well know by now and I’m sure at least this girl approves of yet another broccoli-fied meal.

Meet my new friend Alfredo ;).

Meet my new friend Alfredo.

Yet more proof simple recipes can turn out surprisingly delicious. Never having had Alfredo sauce before and with silken tofu in need to be used I whipped up Happy Herbivore’s vegan version.

Creamy, rich and using few ingredients it was the perfect go-to white sauce with freshly grated nutmeg making the dish. Definitely one I’ll repeat.

With longer days of classes and our cafeteria serving less-than-appealing food I like to pack my own lunches. A simple yet flavourful dish that tastes way better than it looks:

Beats cafeteria food any day.

Beats cafeteria food any day.

This came about when I started getting wild with my spice collection and turned out to be a winner. Let me know if you’re in need of the recipe for a quick and easy lunch.

Caring is sharing after all so I didn’t let my friends go hungry during class, either. Bringing in these bad boys clearly wasn’t green – but sometimes a little sugar is all you need during a boring lecture, right?!

Much needed brain fuel for hungry students.

Much needed brain fuel for hungry students.

Happy Wednesday!


Are you a meal repeater? Which are your go-to dishes?

How did you green up your meals lately? Do you agree with my little cheat :D?

21 thoughts on “WIAW: No need to be green for being green

  1. Sara @ Nourish and Flourish says:

    Oh my heavens, yum! Everything looks so delicious–especially that broccoli alfredo! Fettuccine alfredo has always been my favorite pasta dish (well, that’s a slight lie–macaroni and cheese owned my heart first), but I’ve never tried making it with tofu. Fantastic idea!

    The Oreo cookies look amazing, too. I’d love that recipe!

    I’m definitely a meal repeater–in fact, it’s not uncommon for me to repeat meals three or four times/week. Sometimes I eat the same breakfast seven days in a row!

    • letsgetupandlive says:

      The same breakfast seven days in a row? Don’t ask how many days in a row I’ve eaten mine :D.
      I’ll link up the cookie recipe for you :). It’s super simple using staple ingredients only which is a winner in my book.
      Can you believe I never had authentic American Mac and Cheese?!

  2. Carli says:

    That alfredo disk looks great! I never thought of using a tofu base for the sauce. And oh my word, those cookies look amazing. Are those Oreos INSIDE a chocolate chip cookie?!?

  3. Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli says:

    Oh my lord, girl, those cookies!! I’ve yet to try one of those…but I think it’s safe to say I could do some major damage…I have such a soft spot for Oreos and well, you already know about my cookie affliction! 😉 On the flip (and healthier side) I DEFINITELY approve of that broccoli-fied dish…looks fantastic! And so does that squash dish…I’m all about a quick and easy meal…do tell!

    • letsgetupandlive says:

      Haha, yes, I DO know though I think I’d take one of your PanCookies over the Oreo ones any time :). Want to swap?
      I really need to start measuring the spices the next time I prepare that lunch. I’m way too good at adding a pinch of this, a spoon of that – and have it end up taste different every time.

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