Simple Sunday Serenity

It’s amazing how much things can change within a week. Just seven days ago I experienced a serious case of the Mondays Sundays  – I blame the weather! – and now? Perfectly blissful enjoyment that’s well worthy of the label marvelous.


Sleeping in until … a time that I’d be ashamed to admit in the blog world where 8 AM is considered a late wake-up call :). And then I even spent a bit more time in bed reading. It’s Sunday after all and a good book is the perfect start to this day of the week in my opinion.

Reading in bed

Moving on in my day in a productive fashion I got out the cleaning agents, mop and remaining fun gadgets. Call me weird but I actually enjoy cleaning or rather the way it changes my mood. Nothing like a good cleaning session to make me feel a bit more accomplished for the day already. That’s not to say I’d mind my roommate taking over part of these duties. We usually do bathroom and kitchen interchangeably but since she’s been on holiday for the past week and a half it was all up to me.


Having a longer day of classes on Monday the weekend and Sunday in particular also happens to be the best day to bake. It’s no secret some sweet goodness can make the most boring of all seminars that wee bit more endurable. Enter a mixing bowl, a little bit lot of chocolate and some Oreos and the party is about to start. Any guesses on what it might have turned into? It’s also no secret that calories consumed while baking don’t count. If you’d asked me a while ago my answer might have been different but now? Not missing out on the best part of baking anymore.

Oreo Brownies in the make

Aside from my baking session – the finished product of which you’ll see in this week’s WIAW  – and delicious new lunch creations I also occupied myself with some non-food activities. Some research and writing for university happened. To get a little more creative, though, I did also pick up stationary and paper and got started on a letter to a friend. Got started because I hardly ever write a whole letter in a single piece. Instead, I like to compile it over the course of a few days randomly adding thoughts and happenings as I go along. It’s no surprise these end up being rather lengthy letter at times but who’d complain, right?

Letter and studying

Last but not least I finished my serene Sunday with a walk around the lake. Admittedly braving a pretty strong breeze but it was nice to get out nonetheless.

Happiness inducing today: Seeing a dog get all excited about running around at the lake. So cute!

What does your ideal Sunday look like?

Do you tend to write letters in one go or over the course of a few days?

13 thoughts on “Simple Sunday Serenity

  1. Emily says:

    Absolutely marvelous. I’m so glad that you had a relaxing weekend- you deserved it! There’s definitely no shame in sleeping in! Since I have to be at work at 5am on most days, I sleep in sooo late on my days off!
    And I’m with you- no more missing out on the joys of eating what we bake! Been there, done that. Life is too short not to indulge in the things we love. (:

    • letsgetupandlive says:

      5 am? That’d be waaay too early for me. How do you manage to get up even earlier than that to arrive at work in time? Late wake-up times on Thursday are something you definitely deserve.

  2. Aimee @Cinnamon Castle says:

    Whatever you’re making looks great!
    I always feel bad when I complain at getting up for work at6am, that’s a lie in co pared to some bloggers! I have been staying in bed until about 9am lately – my excuse is this virus!
    I wish I loved cleaning, I can pretend I guess! So glad you had a good day, wish I was there ): xx

  3. jessielovestorun says:

    You are not alone girl. I absolutely LOVE cleaning. I always find that I’m the most productive first thing in the morning as well.. like 4:30 early, Ha Ha!

    To a beautiful person, have a beautiful day

  4. Carli says:

    It sounds like you did indeed have a marvelous day! I agree that reading in bed is the best way to start off the day! And no shame in sleeping in…I am sure your body needed it!

    I”m not sure what you were baking, but it looks and sounds delicious! Can’t wait to see how it turned out 🙂

    Have a lovely week!

    • letsgetupandlive says:

      Oooh, you could be quite right about my body needing it. Being a night owl yet not wanting to get up toooo late makes for lack of sleep at times.
      I hope you had a great time celebrating your sister’s birthday at the weekend.

  5. livliveslife says:

    Haha you’re absolutely right about the blog-world wake up call! I’m glad you got to sleep in though. That’s so nice to do sometimes.
    And calories consumed while making the food totally don’t count. At all.

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