WIAW … with [thoughts on] snack evolutions

First off: Thanks for letting me know I’m by far not the only one afraid of needles! As odd as it might sound it was relieving to hear many of you share my fear of those pesky little things.

Secondly, I’ll bend the rules of WIAW once more – it’s okay, Jenn, right ;)? – and split up my food post in two posts this week as what I’ve planned to say just seemed too much for a single one. So check back on Friday * for more snacks and my recent realizations on sensible snacking. Hint: it’s going to get sweet 🙂.

* If you saw this post earlier today already you’ll notice I changed the day to Friday rather than tomorrow. I had honestly meant to blog tomorrow but with sudden tasks lining up tomorrow I know I won’t be able to. Sorry but it’ll be up on Friday!

wiaw sensible snacking button

Sensible snacks? I’ll admit right away that I wasn’t too keen when seeing the theme Jenn had picked for this month‘s What I ate Wednesday posts.While I’ve made some steps in regards of changing up my lunch almost every day snacks have remained a weak point.

To those who never struggled with an ED looking at my snacks during the past months – and we’re talking many months – would have been ridiculous. Eating the same things over and over every day without so much of a change? But for me these perfectly planned out little meals provided safety. Only safety came at a price: food boredom. If you’ve ever eaten the same foods day after day you might have noticed getting less and less satisfaction from them over time. Take my Greek yogurt bowls for example. First it provided a … for my taste buds, deviating from my regular soy yogurt which in itself had failed to please me anymore.

Greek yogurt bowl

Creamy, coconut-flour thickened Greek yogurt with maple syrup – sounds good enough, right? It was but after a while I already noticed the sensation of newness fading away. Adding banana flakes was a first try to spice things up again. Yet it once again only worked for a while. Getting a bit more daring with grains I started adding cooked grains – best to date: speltberries – which provided more substance and a nice chewy texture. Just months ago I wouldn’t have allowed myself this kind of Greek yogurt evolution as in: playing around with it, adding some of this, some of that. Daring the potential fail or added calories, though, I ended up getting more enjoyment again.

Greek yogurt

While I wasn’t too picky in terms of eating my vegetables at lunch as a child I wouldn’t have thought about snacking on them. Entering the healthy living blog world got me curious to get a little more creative with produce. Nowadays I’m actually buying raw mushrooms for the mere purpose of dipping them into salsa. Another blog-inspired creation have been snack plates. Why go for plain veggies when you can jazz them up by having a bit of everything?

Veggie snacks

Trying to venture a bit further in the snack department and tackle my still lingering fear of “wasting calories” I got inspired to turn some overripe apricots into “ice cream”.

Not the prettiest to look at but taking pictures quickly at the danger of melting ...

Note to self: taking pictures of ice cream at the danger of melting is NOT easy.

In case you’re wondering: no, it’s not ice cream but I didn’t expect it to be. All I wanted was a frozen treat to cool me down on a hot day – yes for Summer’s arrival! – and this worked in a pinch. Yet, there still was a desire for real treats … which I’ll get into in Friday’s post. Look forward to dessert daringness and why I consider it essential for [my] recovery.

Happiness inducing today: Getting myself out of bed earlier for a lovely morning walk in the sun.

Have you ever had a snack “evolution” similar to my playing around with Greek yogurt?

Do you have any must-try snack favourites?

What’s been happiness inducing for you so far this week?

16 thoughts on “WIAW … with [thoughts on] snack evolutions

  1. Khushboo Thadani (@KhushbooThadani) says:

    I tend to be quite repetitive with my snacks but I like to think of them more as grooves rather than ruts ;)! Lately that has been involving a lot of yogurt, fruit, nuts and my latest favorite: freshly roasted corn with garam masala seasoning :)! That Greek yogurt bowl looks yummy!

  2. jessielovestorun says:

    I’m very repetitive with my snacks on a weekly basis. I have been trying to change them up lately, but can’t say I’m 100% committed yet, Ha Ha!

    Coconut flour & Greek yogurt.. Delicious!

  3. Lisa says:

    I definitely am a repetitive Snack eater. I tend to just get used to grabbing and making the same things and just lack creativity. Should probably work on that one!

  4. liftsleepeat says:

    i can often be a repetitive snack eater..if somethings so good then why change it haha?! I normally end up sickening myself of it though and then don’t have it for ages! I go through food obsessions haha!
    raw mushrooms dipped in salsa..that is one combo i’m definitely going to have to try! 😀

  5. Amanda @ .running with spoons. says:

    Real treats aren’t only essential for recovery, but for overall happiness as well. I can definitely relate to feeling bored and unsatisfied with playing it safe, but thankfully, there’s an entire blog world out there to get delicious inspiration from 🙂 The only tricky part is overcoming those pesky anxieties, but satisfaction and happiness are totally worth the fight.

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