Marvelously semi-blended at Veganz

Hi there!

Does anybody still remember me? Sorry for the huge disappearing act I played after my last post! I hadn’t even meant to step away for that long but finishing my thesis took up more time than assumed.

What better day to come back than the most marvelous Marvelous in my Monday to date? Congratulations to our beautiful host Katie for giving birth to her cute little baby boy! Head on over to say hello to Rocco Santino!


While my current shenanigans probably can’t quite keep up with Katie’s amazing news I’d still like to think there were some marvelous happenings for me lately.

Thursday was a day for the books in terms of university. Handing in my thesis after days with little sleep and me being a nervous wreck was incredibly relieving. Thanks again to everybody who helped me get through those tough last days. Not only my family who supported me in whichever way they could but also fellow bloggers. Who – unknowingly as I hadn’t told anybody I was working on my thesis – brightened my day with kind messages and cute puppy pictures (Dixya!). Thank you! It really meant a lot to me.

Reading - printing - done!

Reading material  – printed – done!

Enough thesis talk now, though, and onto the main marvelousness. With the fourth branch of Veganz – the all-vegan supermarket I talked about before – opening not too far from where I live my Saturday plans were set already. Really, though, I didn’t take the train ride just for the food but to meet a blend. Or – as the title of this post suggests: a semi-blend. Anna and I got to know through the blog she used to write when I hadn’t started mine yet. She stopped blogging last year but we still kept in contact so I figured I might call her a semi-blend ;). Seeing as she lives in the city and is a former vegan gone vegetarian it was only natural for us to reunite at Veganz.

Veganz HH 1

Perusing the aisles at Veganz was lots of fun and I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. Granted, I didn’t take many because the store was packed and carrying around my DSLR wasn’t exactly practical. Also, I still feel a bit uneasy taking pictures in public. Not the best premises for a blogger, I know.

Be assured I made good use of the many samples given out, though. Who doesn’t like free food?! Naming just a few there were various kinds of raw chocolate by OmBar, different tigernut breakfast porridges, ice cream, a new German brand of vegan milk chocolate that really tastes just like the real thing, tigernut nut butter and more.  I didn’t get any pictures of those at all, though, because that area of the store was even more packed.

Veganz HH

Oh the choices at Veganz: all kinds of raw bars, chocolate heaven, the first ever (!) bulk bin display I’ve seen, American brands of cheese, ice cream, nut butters galore and more. Despite all the temptation I managed to walk away buying just three items: a 70% fair-trade chocolate bar sweetened only with banana puree, my first ever jar of sunflower seed butter and Hulala, a special kind of vegan whipped cream. Expect to see at least one fancy vegan dessert in the future …

Veganz purchasesDue to the incredibly long queue at the hot food counter Anna and I ended up cancelling our lunch plans and got ice cream instead. And not just any but the Dutch brand Prof. Grünschnabel with its creative flavours like chai-spiced Indian Winter, Brasil Basil Lime and Madagascar Matcha. After taste-testing several flavours I chose Fresos del Habanero – strawberry with hot chili peppers which definitely had quite some heat to it.  Catching up over ice cream – is there any better way? I hope to be back soon.

Not my own photo but that’s a choice of their flavours.


Marvelousness didn’t end here yet. Upon arriving home I talked to both Heather (and the man-friend) and Shannon this weekend. It truly was a weekend to make me appreciate the friendships made through blogging once more. Now I just need to figure out a way to meet everybody in person 🙂 …

I hope your week’s off to a great start!

Happiness inducing today: My neighbour’s 6-year-old son telling his dad “I think I like that woman” after we had one of our fun conversations. He’s a cutie :).


Tell me about your weekend! What did you do/see/eat/read?

What are some of the most interesting ice cream flavours you’ve tried so far?


6 thoughts on “Marvelously semi-blended at Veganz

  1. Kat says:

    Okay,if the weather’s good. But I really hope so!
    Omg,this post makes me soooo excited already! I can’t wait to see it with my own eyes…
    But seriously,how could you just walk by and not buy more than three tiny items?! I think I will buy… *cough* cough* …SLIGHTLY more… 😉

    • letsgetupandlive says:

      Actually, it was cold and dreary on Saturday, too, and we still got our ice cream. Nothing to get in between us and frozen treats :).
      Regarding my purchases: They call it self-restraint and it takes a lot (!) of practice but I’ve somehow been getting better at it. Guess you’ll show me how to properly shop at Veganz ;).

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