Positive peer pressure with pizza and [kale] krunch

Peer pressure.  I’m sure you’ve felt it before, too – and likely wish you could ignore it. Especially as bloggers or blog readers we’re constantly exposed to other people’s lives and their diets offering even more opportunity for comparison and pressure in daily life. While there’s a negative side of this peer pressure or influence, too, I’ll keep this post light and look at the bright side. Which better day would there be to take a look at this than What I ate Wednesday as a day dedicated to sharing delicious eats?


It usually takes me a long time to implement changes – especially in the food department. Being a creature of habit and still having a number of food fears I often find myself stick with the same meals and snacks over and over again. With the peer pressure or – using a less harsh term – inspiration by other bloggers I’ve been making progress in this part of life, though. Simply having a proper lunch every day is a habit I had dropped sometime during my ED and only picked up after being inspired by the blog world. No more lusting over other people’s dishes only but creating delicious midday meals myself.

Packed lunch for classes - isn't tupperware really classy ;)?

Packed lunch for classes – isn’t tupperware really classy ;)?

Some dishes are still fear foods for me, though. Pizza hadn’t been on the menu for me for a long time and I wasn’t likely to change it. Living on my own it was easy enough to come up with one excuse after the other: preparation is too elaborate for a single serving only, it won’t be saturating enough, not voluminous enough …  With many bloggers having pizza regularly, though – be it homemade or store-bought –  the [positive] peer pressure rose steadily. It still took me a while but in a burst of spontaneity I finally made it happen on Sunday. An almost empty vegetable drawer didn’t make for a voluminous or colourful choice of toppings. Nothing a little creativity couldn’t solve and must say I was pretty pleased with the final result. Unusual? Maybe. Delicious? Definitely.


Mushrooms, chickpeas, corn and melty vegan Daiya cheese – simple pizza pleasure.

Another positive bit[e] of peer pressure? Kale chips. Not something I’d have been likely to try again after failed experiences with fat-free homemade ones. These, however? Incredibly similar to the cheesy “real” chips, flavourful and crunchy. I wish we were able to find them in Germany but right now a big thanks goes out to Sara for mailing me several bags and getting me addicted :).

Kale Krunch

However hard it is for me to imagine life without them now: nut butters didn’t make an appearance before I saw them all over the blog world. It wasn’t just fear here, though, but also unawareness about the existence of more than all-natural plain peanut butter which had been present all throughout my childhood.  Cashew butter was the first non-peanut variety I tried years ago and many followed since. Sunflower seed butter being the latest one after I picked it up at Veganz recently.

Sunflower seed butter

It might not seem like much but to me this kind of peer pressure has truly made an impact on my food choices and daringness. Blogging itself is a way to keep myself accountable of sticking to goals I set [for the most part] and keep me motivated in recovery. Peer pressure in the best way, really.

Happiness inducing today: Friends who make me laugh during a boring class.

In which positive ways has blogging influenced your life – food-wise or else?

What are your favourite pizza toppings?

How many different nut or seed butters do you currently have in rotation? Just from the top of my head I can think of six open jars in my pantry: almond, cashew, coconut (not much left, though), hazelnut, peanut and sunflower seed butter. All of them are plain as there aren’t any fancy flavoured ones available.

18 thoughts on “Positive peer pressure with pizza and [kale] krunch

  1. Kat says:

    Kale chips are definitely delicious! I won some in a giveaway sometime,but unfortunately they’re by far too expensive to order them somewhere. 😦
    Your homemade pizza looks so good! Did you also make the base by yourself? 🙂
    I am yet searching for an easy,no-fuss gluten-free pizza base. Before I found out about my gluten-sensitivity I used to use wraps,but that obviously doesn’t work anymore…
    Anyways,I like spinach and red onions on my pizza. 🙂

    • letsgetupandlive says:

      Fingers crossed kale chips will become more easily available over here, too.
      Yes, I prepared the pizza crust myself, too. That’s what had kept me from having it before because I assumed it to be too time-intense for a single serving.

  2. Chelsea's Healthy Kitchen says:

    You make a really great point here! So many bloggers point out the negative aspects of blogging (like comparison, etc), but there really are so many positives too. Blogging helped me branch out and try new foods too, and it’s also helped me meet so many friends, some of which turned into real life friends!

    It’s awesome to see the strides you’re taking with getting over your fear foods! 🙂 Your pizza looks delicious. My favourite toppings are roasted figs, caramelized onions, and mozzarella cheese all on the same pizza!

    • letsgetupandlive says:

      Roasted figs and caramelized onions? Wow, that sounds like a great combination I need to try myself.
      Meeting like-minded people is probably my favourite part of blogging. It’s just amazing and I hope I’ll be able to meet more of them in real life, too.

  3. Alex@Veggin' Out says:

    Aren’t those kale chips pretty much the best thing in the world?! I’m so addicted and even got my mom addicted 😉
    Your pizza looks so yummy! I had a Kashi pizza last night and loved it. I don’t know why pizza is so good, but it sure is!
    I love the way blogging has inspired some of the things that I eat too. I learn about so many new food products/food combinations that I never would have heard about otherwise!

    • letsgetupandlive says:

      Definitely addictive so it’s even more of a pity I won’t be able to stock up once I’ve finished the last bits :(.
      I agree there are so many food combinations I’d have never come up with myself. Even as simple as yogurt bowls with many interesting add-ins.

  4. liftsleepeat says:

    Woo great job in tackling more of your feared foods! I never used to even think I “liked” pizza..that was definitely the ED talking.
    Yours looks delicious 🙂 I love topping it with loads of colourful roasted veggies, yum.
    Cashew nut butter is delicious; I always revert back to my fave PB though! 🙂 mm

    • letsgetupandlive says:

      Telling myself I didn’t like pizza was one of my ED ways of avoiding it, too. Rediscovering the goodness of it is a great feeling and I’m doing my best to make up for lost time ;).
      PB isn’t my favourite nut butter but I recently got a chance to try Justin’s Honey Peanut Butter and that one’s a definite hit.

  5. Sara @ Nourish and Flourish says:

    It makes my heart so happy to hear that blogging has been a source of inspiration for you to challenge your fears! There’s an abundance of delicious foods out there, and life is far too short not to enjoy them! I had a very similar experience during my first year of blogging – reading about the “foreign” nut butters, sauces, and new-to-me creations others were whipping up, “forced” me to push through my anxieties. Even though not every experiment was a success, the experiences taught me that not every meal had to be “uhhhmaazing.” However those experiences also re-introduced me to some pretty “uhhhhhmaaazing” meals and snacks – things I’d denied myself of for years.

    I’m so glad you love the kale chips!! Let me know when you need a re-stock! I’d love to send you more!

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend, my dear! HUGE hugs. ❤ xoxo

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