Cheerily changing palates

Some things never change, some do. One thing that [hopefully] won’t change anytime soon? Wednesdays being synonymous with foodie fun. One thing that has changed for the very best? My palate. Let me explain …


Do you have any foods that you didn’t like when you were younger and proclaimed you also would never ever in the world eat when growing up? Whatever mum and dad used to tell you about changing tastes was nonsense. Obviously … not. For me, some of those would have been tomatoes. In my memory  they used to be those watery, slimy, rather tasteless vegetables with unpleasant little bits.  These days I can hardly get enough of them. Especially not if they’re from my mum’s garden and taste super sweet and flavourful – almost too good to cook with so most of them get eaten pure.

Mum's tomatoes

Feel free to laugh or be shocked but:  I never liked salad growing up. Never. What was supposed to be appealing about chewing on crunchy, tasteless leaves drowned in acidy, mustard-y dressings? No, thanks. In my defense, though, I wasn’t potato salad’s hugest fan, either – no mayonnaise for  this girl. That being said I was known as the “weird non-salad-eating vegetarian” by just about everybody.

After all I was just meaning to leave more salad for Bugs Bunny. Obviously …

Fun tidbit: Did you know that Mel Blanc, the voice of Bugs Bunny, was supposedly allergic to carrots? [He denied this.] Don’t you think he’d have had a pretty hard time connecting with his role if that was true?

Let’s say I had a life-changing food-preference-changing experience the past weekend. Just four words: Taco salad with guacamole.

Taco Salad_

With my tongue finally allowing me to eat more than yogurt, blended soups and ice cream again this recipe was the first one on my list. How could I not like a dish containing both chickpeas (addicted!) and guacamole?! I’ll admit I cheated on the last part because I have yet to appreciate the taste of cilantro aside from that and a few other minor changes I followed Leanne’s recipe closely.

Taco salad

The next one wasn’t exactly a food I didn’t enjoy. Yet I can’t remember eating a lot of blueberries throughout my childhood as strawberries – once more straight from my mum’s garden – were more abundant. Nowadays? Cant.get.enough. We can finally find local ones for a decent price again – blueberry season was delayed by the too-cold Spring and early Summer this year.

More Blueberries

Ending on a sweet note once more: Mangoes weren’t on my hit list of fruit back in the day, either. I’m glad it changed and am celebrating 😉 by eating my fair share of mango sorbet. We might not have nearly as large a variety of fancy non-dairy ice creams around here but some seriously good sorbets.

Mango sorbet

 Happiness inducing today: The kind librarian helping me to order a book from a library further away so I wouldn’t have to commute there myself.

What’s your favourite non-boring fresh and summery salad? Please feel free to share recipes!

Which foods that you didn’t like growing up are you fond of nowadays?

16 thoughts on “Cheerily changing palates

  1. Juli says:

    Great post! Love the pic of your salad! I totally understand what you mean. I practically changed my whole style of eating!

    Things I used too hate as a child/teenager and can’t get enough of now: almost every green veggie and salad – especially spinach and broccoli but also beef, cheese, chick peas, lentils & beans. Now I hardly eat anything else 🙂

    Things I used to love when I was a child and can’t stand anymore: mashed potatoes (I refused to eat almost anything else for my first 2 years!), sweet main courses, soda and chinese food.

    Funny how much we change!

    • letsgetupandlive says:

      Compared to how I ate as a child I took a u-turn, too. Granted, I wasn’t picky as in eating no vegetable at all but I’ve broadened my veggie-horizon in the past years.
      Sweet main courses – at least for lunch – don’t appeal to me, either. I’d have to step in for the [mashed] potatoes, though: comfort food at its finest :).

  2. Amanda @ .running with spoons. says:

    I had to laugh because tomatoes were the first thing that popped into my head when you mentioned foods you didn’t love as a child that you love now. If it wasn’t ketchup, I wouldn’t eat it. Not fresh, not in sauces, not as salsa… the thought just skeeved me out. Now, though? They’re probably one of my favorite veggies, and salsa is seriously the love of my life. And speaking of salsa, adding it to salads and following a Mexican theme is one of my favorite ways of doing it as well. But then again, adding salsa to anything is pretty much guaranteed to kick it up a few notches in my books.

    • letsgetupandlive says:

      Call me weird but I didn’t even like ketchuo as a child :). Fully agreed on the salsa. Add it to anything and I’m likely to be a fan – unless there’s meat or another food I won’t eat, obviously. Really, though, I go throw a jar a week.

  3. MassachusEATS says:

    Yum, love me some taco salad – although I’d be that person overdosing on the cilantro! Maybe one day your tastebuds will change a bit – I know mine have in the past few years!

  4. Lacey says:

    There are so many things I couldn’t stand when I was little – avocado, mango, brussels sprouts, tofu, to name a few. yet compared to my sister I wasn’t picky at all (except for that stage when I decided I didn’t like anything that my big sister wouldn’t eat haha)!! I was also the ‘plain’ kid -plain cheese pizza, cheeseburgers with just cheese and meat (not even ketchup), just bean burritos -my how things change!!

  5. liftsleepeat says:

    I used to absolutely hate tomatoes as well..and cucumber! Cucumber used to literally make me gag, and mushrooms! Now I love them all! One thing that hasn’t changed though – I never and still don’t like sandwiches?!

  6. Alisha's Appetite says:

    Your pictures are gorgeous! I never liked salad growing up, either. I’d be willing to guess neither did/do the majority of kids 🙂 The only food I don’t loooovee is bananas. I can eat them, and I try to because they are so nutritious…but I’m not a huge fan!

    • letsgetupandlive says:

      Thank you!
      Now that you’re mentioning it I don’t think I was too fond of bananas as a child, either. These days, however, I have them every day. Not on their own, though, but mostly in oat bran and as banana softserve.

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