Marvelous in my Monday: Wedding ahoy!

Is there anything more marvelous than love? As mentioned in my last post my sister got married on the weekend.  It was a huge celebration of love, family reunion and amazing friendships that was more amazing that I could have ever imagined.


Due to work I wasn’t able to travel down to my parents’ place any earlier than the actual wedding day. Upon arriving I immediately had an appointment at the hair stylist’s. Though I wasn’t quite happy with the hairdresser – my mum had made appointments for all women in the family so it wasn’t my choice – the final result got my approval.

Note that I had been wearing it for hours already when the picture was taken.

Note that I had been wearing it for hours already when the picture was taken.

Following a maritime theme the wedding ceremony itself was neither held in a town hall nor church but on a ship. Needless to say some voyaging around on the water followed which was made even more special through several little perfomances by friends and family on board. Poetry and music have been part of both my sister’s, her husband’s and their shared history so including them was such a sweet idea. It didn’t even end here but was continued all throughout the day with speeches, songs, poems and more.

Sailing into the harbour of marriage

Sailing into the harbour of marriage

Previously I hadn’t approved – or maybe just not fully grasped – the fascination with love padlocks hanging from bridges in every large city. Maybe it was their overabundance or not having a personal connection to them. Seeing my sister and her (now) husband [it still feels weird to suddenly call him like that] fix theirs amidst the other already lined up on the bridge brought a whole new sense to them. Experiencing the emotion of the moment made me see them in a different light and actually understand their symbolism.

Love padlocks

And even though I had my ‘moments’  [ED-wise and else] throughout the weekend they never lasted long enough to ruin the experience for me. Looking on the bride side of life [no typo] pushed any negative thoughts aside almost immediately. My sister’s glow, the smile that wouldn’t leave her face all weekend and all-out happiness was an endless source of positivity.

The beautiful bride's bouquet - which was later on caught by my brother's girlfriend :).

The beautiful bride’s bouquet – which was later on caught by my brother’s girlfriend …

There’s no way I could ever stop  I could go on and on about all the wedding marvelousness I’ll end it by saying that my sister and her husband safely entered the harbor of marriage in the most marvelous way I could have ever imagined. It was perfectly planned down to smallest details adding a special touch. Including Hello Kitty soap bubbles that I’m sure Katie would have approved of :).

Hello Kitty Bubbles

Despite the maritime theme there luckily was no fish to be found at the wedding reception buffet. Instead, there was a lot of beautifully arranged deliciousness and a wedding cake extraordinaire to fit with the theme. More on that to come on Wednesday right in time to celebrate the foodie extravaganza that is What I ate Wednesday. Note that I’ll have the post up in the morning already but won’t be able to join the link-up at Jenn’s until after returning from work [read: likely as the last person adding her post].

Just to give you an idea of the table decoration already: the wedding cupcake.

Just to give you an idea of the table decoration already: the wedding cupcake.

Happiness inducing all weekend: Love, family and friendship – no need to explain.

What did you do on the weekend?

Which was the last wedding you attended? Previously to my sister’s it had been my oldest cousin’s five years ago.

What are the most interesting/curious/romantic wedding rituals to you? In between the vows, throwing the keys of the padlock into the river and the tossing of the bridal bouquet I have a hard time picking one.

10 thoughts on “Marvelous in my Monday: Wedding ahoy!

  1. Ksenija @ Health Ninja says:

    That sounds like a beautiful ceremony. I never heard of boat wedding before, so special and unique. I also love the cupcakes – but I hope they still had a huge fancy schmancy wedding cake though? For me a wedding is all about the cake 🙂 Glad that you enjoyed the wedding and could push away the ED thoughts! Cannot wait for the food recap on Wednesday. Have a beautiful Monday, lovely!

  2. Emily says:

    Aw, how beautiful! Congratulations to your sister!
    I love weddings. There’s something so magical about the. I’m really, really glad that you were able to enjoy yourself and embrace every moment with your family. ❤

    • letsgetupandlive says:

      ‘Magical’ would be the only way to describe weddings. Everything about the day was just perfect, laced with that special something you can’t quite put your finger on. Even the weather happened to play the game with a short rain shower coming down only when we weren’t out in anyway.

  3. livliveslife says:

    Aw that sounds like such a fantastic day. Wedding are always so much fun! And your hair looks gorgeous! As do the bouquets.
    Most of the weddings I’ve ever been to were very traditional. That said, one of my favorite traditions is when the bride and groom’s families walk down the aisle. It’s just a special moment in which people can show respect to the people who made the couple who they are. 🙂
    Anyway, congrats to your sister!

    • letsgetupandlive says:

      Thank you, Liv!
      Oh right, the walking down the aisle is such an emotional part of weddings, too. Actually, though, it didn’t happen for us because there was no aisle on the ship. It was on the small side but I never even notice this part was ‘missing’ because it was just all over special :).

  4. kissmybroccoli says:

    “And even though I had my ‘moments’ [ED-wise and else] throughout the weekend they never lasted long enough to ruin the experience for me.” <- Oh sweetie, I am so SO happy for you! I can feel the happiness in your words! I hope you are super proud of yourself for keeping those bad thoughts at bay (pun toooooootally intended! ;)) And your hair looks GORGEOUS!

    I'm super intrigued by the love padlocks! I've never heard of such a thing before! Also, I can't wait to see Wednesday's post…especially since I've heard that this wedding spread was supposed to be pretty epic!

    The last wedding I went to was a friend of the man-friend back in March…it was small, romantic, and the food was amazing! One of my favorite wedding rituals is the lighting of the unity candle…and the first dance…and the cake/wine glass swapping! Ahh, weddings are so much fun! 🙂

    • letsgetupandlive says:

      Thank you <3! Being able to fully enjoy the whole day instead of wasting it worrying about food was awesome and your advice really helped! I'd have been so sad to miss any of those magnificent and special moments due to a grumbling stomach or guilt. Yes to keeping bad thoughts at bay [ah, you know my approval of that pun :)].
      It’s interesting you’d never heard of love padlocks because I didn’t know about unity candles. I wonder if it’s a cultural difference between countries or differs from family to family. I agree weddings are amazing whichever way :).

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