Worry-free wedding buffet wondrousness

Time for What I ate Wednesday at Jenn’s again – and not just any for me but the one showing off all the amazingness [well, the food part only] found at my sister’s wedding. Let’s jump right in!


If you’ve ever attended a wedding – or any family gathering if we’re talking – you’ll know there’s more food than any crowd could possibly eat. Starting with cake on board shortly after the vows. One of my cousins as a vegan herself provided a veganized version of the German classic ‘Donauwelle’. Which literally translates to “Danube waves” – we apparently took the theme serious [even unintentionally at times].

Donauwelle I

Knowing my ‘relationship’ with cake I’m sure you’re wondering whether I had some or not. Making a long story short: yes, I did. Being honest here, though, it was once more a success in the unsuccessful. Despite knowing I wouldn’t be able to exercise at all the day of the wedding – not even a walk happened due to lack of time – I’d given myself full permission to eat all the food I wanted in the amounts I felt like having – no matter which time, either . So when it came to the cake buffet I figured trying some despite not feeling hungry wouldn’t hurt. After a few bites already, though, I wasn’t keen on it anymore.


After a short rest in between we headed to the location of the actual wedding party. With more than 100 guests celebrating at my parents’ would have hardly been possible. Family and friends had spared no efforts to lovingly decorate with a plethora of balloons, personalized garlands with the newlywed’s portrait on them and many other cute details. Just note the cupcakes on the table functioning as name plates for every guest. Pink for the girls, blue for the boys [pretending we weren’t all grown up already being called women and men ;)].

Table decorations

And then it was time for what many growling stomaches had been demanding : the wedding dinner. Or dare I say: the delightfully decorated and dangerously delicious wedding buffet [this one’s for you, Heather]. In case you’re wondering: the caterer my sister and her husband picked is specialized in adorning her dishes with edible flowers. It was almost too pretty to eat.

Buffet I

Another reason I’m not usually fond of buffets is the slim [if existent at all] choice of vegan dishes – let alone creative ones. Imagine my delight at my sister insisting the meatless main dish had to be not only vegetarian but vegan, too, as well as the buffet offering many other choices. Like leafy salad that was far from boring but filled with fruit, seeds, vegetables, …

Flowery salad

Sherry Bean Salad [not vegan] …

Bean salad

Hummus …


Needless to say I took full advantage trying everything that looked good. Note the Seitan Stroganoff which was so.damn.good.

Wedding dinner plate

My first plate – numerous followed.

Slowly savouring every dish I went back for more regardless of calories which is something I wouldn’t have done in the past. A past that isn’t too long ago, really.

With stomaches filled to the brim we hit the dancefloor after dinner. Once again relying not on outsiders but friends of the newlyweds as DJs. When midnight hit it was time for yet another highlight of the day [though I can’t think of any part that wasn’t]; the wedding cake

Wedding cake

As pretty as it might be it was ironically the icing on the cake [no pun intended] that turned me off. Just one word: fondant, lovelies. However shiny and amazing it looks there’s  a hidden not-so-awesome ingredient making it even non-vegetarian: gelatin. Why would I bother with not being able to eat it, though, if there had been such a lot of love and creativity involved in the making of this amazing cake?

… no matter if it’s vegan or not.

Despite all my singing its praises the buffet wasn’t taking up as much room – both mentally and figuratively [in terms of stomach space] –as I’d expected. Buffets and me don’t share a happy past – every of ours encounters ended with me feeling regretful and guilty. For either going totally overboard [pre-ED] or filling up on raw vegetables as the only safe and vegan option which lead to a discomforting feeling of fullness. Needless to say some pep talk by two lovely blogging ladies – thanks, Heather and Shannon – was necessary to calm my nerves. When it came to the actual run on the  buffet my mind was at ease. Like all day I got what I felt like, had seconds and thirds of my favourites and stopped when I felt comfortably full.

That Carrot Coconut Salad!!!

That Carrot Coconut Salad!!!

My only regret would be not getting more of the seitan goulash the second time because there was none left when I went for my third refill. Never mind, though, as I went back for many more helpings of the awesome Coconut Carrot Salad [still hoping to get the recipe from the caterer] – another salad to add to the list of those I actually enjoy – during the remainder of the night. Eating when nobody else did? Yet another thing I would hold myself back from in the past – how could I be hungry already again? Instead of fearing anybody’s judgement I didn’t make it a big deal for myself this time and guess what? Nobody minded. If it works for me – why worry about what others might think? Despite all my gushing about the food it were once again the people turning this wedding into the amazing event it was.

Happiness inducing today: Getting assigned some more interesting tasks at work.

What would your ideal wedding buffet or menu look like?

Buffets in general: Yay or nay?

Do you get self-conscious taking food pictures at [family] gatherings?

17 thoughts on “Worry-free wedding buffet wondrousness

  1. Christine@ Apple of My Eye says:

    All of that wedding food looks fantastic! The garnishing with flowers makes all the dishes look so beautiful :). I’m so glad the buffet went well for you and you felt comfortable letting go and eating until you felt comfortable! That’s definitely something to be proud of 🙂

  2. Amanda @ .running with spoons. says:

    I’m doing a serious happy dance for you over here, lovely lady! I’m so glad to hear that you were able to relax and enjoy the food at the wedding, because it all looks amazing 🙂 And despite not being blown away by the first cake, the big thing is that you had some. I hope that you’re feeling super proud of yourself ❤

    • letsgetupandlive says:

      Aw, thank you, Amanda! Even though I have a hard time being proud of myself I was surprised by how easy it all went, too. With the insane amount of time spent worrying before I was amazed by just shaking all non-exercise and food worries off when it came to eating. Every little step towards recovery feels so good.

  3. Flake And Cake says:

    Your sister’s wedding looks absolutely beautiful, I love how pretty and delicate everything was. The flowers in the food are such a lovely touch. And amazing job – you deserve a huge clap on the back for relaxing and enjoying the food. P.s. your hair was gorgeous (I loved the pic but didn’t have time to comment on it before!)

    • letsgetupandlive says:

      Thanks for your sweet comment on my hair-do! I’ll admit I wasn’t sure whether to post the picture or not as it looked quite dishevelled already by the time my cousin snapped the photo.

  4. livliveslife says:

    I LOVE the table decorations! The cupcakes are such a cute idea.
    That food looks just great! I’m not vegan, but I can totally relate at having a hard time at weddings and get togethers because of my allergies. It’s so great that your sister made sure there were dishes you could have, too!
    Looks like you had a lovely time. 🙂

    • letsgetupandlive says:

      A friend of my sister’s had the cupcake idea and I thought it was super sweet, too. Only few guests ended up eating theirs, though – whether they considered them too pretty or possibly poisonous I’m not sure ;).

  5. Arman @ thebigmansworld says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog- What an amazing array of food! I find buffets to be abit uncomfortable, as I’m always worried I’d overdo it with the food and go crazy- irrational fears. Alot of my mates would save up a buffet trip and then eat nothing all day, then tear it up when they get there- I guess I’m the odd one out! An ideal buffet for me would need to be seafood heavy 😉

    • letsgetupandlive says:

      We’re totally opposed here, then ;): I was glad there was no seafood at all. Despite the overall maritime theme neither my sister nor her husband like seafood at all so there wasn’t any.
      I hear you on the overdoing worries – buffets can easily lead to that. Though – as you said – not eating anything all day beforehand isn’t the right way so you’re good to go on being the odd one out who doesn’t save up.

  6. alex@vegginout says:

    Wow that buffet looks amazing! How neat that they had so many vegan/vegetarian dishes. That’s usually where I struggle too – not enough options to keep me satisfied. This buffet definitely looks like the exception though. And I LOVE all the edible flowers!! I definitely need to keep that in mind for my wedding (no where in the near future of course haha!).

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