WIAW: Welcome to the Tupper Club

I’m glad you enjoyed the randomness in my last post. Maybe I should practice being random and sharing tidbits about myself a little more often?

Have you ever heard of the Supper Club? These fancy dining events? As much as I’d enjoy joining a party like that: the Tupper [ware] club is what it’s been at for me these days.  Ever since starting work my meals have followed the criteria of “everything I can fit into a [fake] Tupper or a [resealable] bag”.  Here’s to my first working girl edition of What I ate Wednesday – also known as:

WIAWbutton_Tupper club

Starting the day right I usually take a mug brownie with me as I don’t get the chance to have breakfast at home. At first I was a bit unsure about how to get it to the office because I don’t happen a perfectly mug brownie-sized lunchbox [say what?!].

Mug cake

I’m all about being inventive as one of my [kitchen] mottos is “Reduce – reuse”, though, so when life hands you empty packaging …


I can’t deny the smiley stickers on their products are one of the reasons I buy this brand for. Could you resist the cuteness?

… you’d better smile back and pack your brownie. Not without adding some peanut butter before rushing out the door, though.

Trying to make the most of my 30-minute break I usually go for a walk so I have to eat lunch while working at the computer. Far from my ideal idea of a calm meal but it’s about doing what works. Lunches haven’t been as pretty as I like them but let’s face it: taste beats looks. And who didn’t like to mashed food as a child? Not to call it a mash, though, I’ll be a little more grown-up naming it stew.

In fact served in a real Tupper.

In fact served in a real Tupper.

And if you’re wondering about those grains in there: That’d be remainders of a store-bought tabbouleh salad I picked up when it was on offer recently. With a relatively healthy ingredient list I figured it was worth giving a try. The verdict: a tad too vinegar-y for my taste but still nice. While I’d usually prefer to prepare my own version I’ll admit it’s nice to have some fast options for the convenience of it. It might not make it on my grocery list regularly but it’s nice to know vegan choices are slowly expanding. A  heads-up for any German readers.


When the post-lunch sweet cravings hit I’m obviously prepared with one of the many snack bags of mine. These vegan mint chocolate and cinnamon macarons have been working quite well.


Talking about healthy snacks I can’t forget to mention the one really nice bonus my work offers: an organic fruit box delivered every Tuesday. With the team consisting of only my boss, a trainee and me I’m lucky not having to share with many others. Fruit addict right here …

Fruit basket

This week’s bounty minus several handfuls of blueberries and half the grapes – the trainee’s a bit addicted …

 The only downside to this probably being that my boss is quite a blueberry fan, too. Not a reason to worry for me, though. Remember my favourite lunch box? Much cuter than a Tupper this one carried my personal share of blueberries in style – coincidentially, in fact.

Hello Kitty

Never enough blueberries.

With that I’m off to join the Tupper Club at the office once more. I already excuse for not being able to look at your WIAW deliciousness or comment as early or as much as usual. Weirdly enough my boss doesn’t approve of blog reading at work ;).

Happy Wednesday!

 Happiness inducing today: Getting some awesome news via mail [might have to share soon].


Are you a proud member of the Tupper club [fake or not], too?

What are your favourite quick and filling office lunches? I’d happily take any recommendations and recipes.

Do you ever read blogs at work? I’ve been wondering how everybody else got to join the WIAW link-up before when I can’t or need to do it secretly at the office. Sh, don’t tell ;). [Or maybe it’s just the time difference?]

25 thoughts on “WIAW: Welcome to the Tupper Club

  1. Amanda @ .running with spoons. says:

    Packing food is seriously the bane of my existence. There are days where I’m out of the house for 10 hours or so, and I always end up feeling like I’m carting around a small cooler of food. But I’d much rather do that than risk not bringing enough and winding up hungry – no one needs to be exposed to that. I think, though, that I just need to invest in cuter tupperware. Your Hello Kitty container is just too cute 🙂

    • letsgetupandlive says:

      Same here. I wouldn’t want anybody to be around the hungry version of me. It’s ridiculous how much food I pack.
      But thinking that it really are nine to ten hours for me, too, I guess we’re both well off bringing a small boatload :). Not sure how my colleague does with eating just once in between but I’ll just consider her the ridiculous one here ;).

  2. Arman @ thebigmansworld says:

    I often read blogs both at work and at uni…procrasti-blogging I call it 😉

    A quick lunch for me would involve an energy dense bar and some random snacks, but I try to make good, wholesome choices when I can! Those macarons look yum!

    • letsgetupandlive says:

      I wish my job allowed for some procrasti-blogging/blog-reading in between, too. Lucky you :).
      Sorry for being confusing with my question [note to self: double-check what I’ve written]. What I rather meant were quick to prepare not eat lunches :). Like you I’m all for packing wholesome yet fast to cook meals.

    • letsgetupandlive says:

      Blueberries might just be my favourite berries and grapes hadn’t made an appearance in my life for a while until getting them at the office, either. Now I’m popping them like candy every time I pass the fruit bowl.

    • letsgetupandlive says:

      Right?! I’m trying to at least add in a some Facebook time while eating as that means having to erase just one page from my online history so my boss won’t notice ;). Don’t we all need a little socializing during lunch?

  3. alex@vegginout says:

    Love all the fruit!! Never such thing as too much fruit. Never 😉 Fruit addicts unite!
    Tupperware is definitely my “plate” of choice when I’m on the go. I’ve brought oatmeal to class several times in it and have gotten some pretty strange looks… gotta eat breakfast people! 😛
    Love your Hello Kitty container. I need to get one of those for my roommate from last year. She’s obsessed with Hello Kitty!

    • letsgetupandlive says:

      What a lucky former roommate! That’s a sweet idea.
      I can relate so well to bringing oats/oat bran to class and getting the looks. Admittedly, those were blueberry oats so you can guess the colour was slighty … interesting :).

  4. liftsleepeat says:

    I love tupperwares!! Especially really cute ones..I have an array of various different designs/sizes. I do always prefer to eat meals at home though, but obviously needs must sometimes and the tuppers have to be used!

    • letsgetupandlive says:

      So true and as much as I like a sit-down meal at home it’ll just not always be possible. Packing the tuppers allows me to bring just what I feel like instead of eating at a cafeteria [we don’t have one in anyway] or quickly grabbing pre-packaged food from the supermarket. It’s all about seeing the upsides :).

  5. Emily says:

    I totally know this feeling! Eating on-the-go definitely isn’t ideal but it looks like you’re making the most of it! Your Hello Kitty box is absolutely adorable! I’ve been wanting to invest in a nice Bento Box for my lunches but haven’t done it yet. Maybe soon!
    PS: All of this fruit makes me smile- you can never have too much. (:

  6. livliveslife says:

    Ooh, you’ve left us with a cliffhanger! Can’t wait to hear about that good news!
    I’m not a fan of packing food, but I’m always glad that I do. It’s the process that gets me and that I dread, but when I have a healthy, delicious meal all prepped, it’s a good thing!

    • letsgetupandlive says:

      I hope it’s as exciting for you as it was for me :).
      You’re totally right. The preparation and packing process is most annoying yet rewarded when producing a homemade healthy lunch and snacks from my bag at meal times.

  7. Irina says:

    I am all about tupperware! I try to bring homemade lunch to work daily (at least when I come into the office), and my go-to foods are simple: “garbage” salads (where I essentially throw in basically anything and everything from my fridge) and/or sandwiches. Since our microwave is a bit complicated to get to, I try to avoid foods that need heating up.

    That mug brownie looks amazing! Recipe please 🙂 I actually eat my lunch at my desk in front of the computer too, which is really a shame because getting up and walking around is very important. Good for you for making sure you get some movement in during lunch.

    Can’t wait to hear your good news! And your email response is coming soon 🙂

    • letsgetupandlive says:

      Oh, right, I remember seeing those “garbage” salads on your blog and thinking they looked pretty good. While the microwave at the office seems to work I have yet to use, too. Mainly because I’d feel odd with my colleague eating her sandwich and me making a fuss about lunch. Once it gets colder – which hopefully won’t happen for quite some more time -, though, I’ll insist on my warming meals.
      Taking a walk every day makes me the only one, too, yet other than with the hot lunch this is something I just won’t give up. My brain needs a good dose of oxygen sometime in between work :).
      I’ll be sharing the news soon.

  8. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets says:

    I’m digging the Hello Kitty lunch box. That’s adorable. I cart oodles of Tupperware (faux) into work each week with all my salad toppings, lettuce and snacks of course. I love that your office has fresh fruit brought in weekly. Mine does too, and every other week, they do Chobani.

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