Going for the goals [September]

It’s been a long time since I last [and admittedly for the only time so far] posted goals for a month. Knowing I’ll be more accountable to stick with those I’ve made, though, I decided to share mine again. A new month, a new chance to make them work. right?

Going for the goals

So other than applying for and hopefully finding a new internship placement here’s what I’m striving for this month:

Get more sleep


Yes, I’m all of 22 years old and share my bed with a stuffed animal.

As well aware as I am of its benefits I’ve been slacking on sleep more than ever before the past weeks. This is the one change I’m assuming to make the biggest difference in my overall well-being. Seven hours a night would be great, eight perfect.

Read at least two books

Fall is the season for curling up in bed with a good book and after two disappointing reads lately I’m on the lookout for new ones. Feel free to share any great ones you’ve read lately!

Dry brush every day

dry brush

Inspired by Amanda I finally invested in a brush last week [note: they’re not that expensive but I’d just forgotten] and have been using it every day since. It has felt good already and I’m curious to see whether I’ll experience the differences she mentioned, too.

Be more creative in the kitchen [again]

Once more I’ve found myself stuck in a food rut which in itself might not be that awful. But being honest with myself I know that one of main reasons is still my fear of change and need of safety. But sticking largely with the same ‘safe’ options gets tiring after a while. Therefore my plan is to try at least four new recipes a week [three would be the standard number to use here but it’s an uneven one and you know how much I like these. Not.] – and hopefully create some myself, too.

Write surprise letters


It’s amazing how happy something as simple as a letter can make others. It’s true at least for myself. So to bring a smile to smile to some people’s faces I’ll get out pen and paper. Actually, it’s a win-win situation because I genuinely enjoy going the old-fashioned way.

Let’s see how I’ll be doing!

Happiness inducing today: A nice uplifting phone chat with my mum.

What are your goals for September if you made any?

Have you ever tried dry brushing?

Do you still write letters [regulary]?

12 thoughts on “Going for the goals [September]

  1. Amanda @ .running with spoons. says:

    EeeE! I love your sheep 😀 And don’t worry – I’m all of 28 and I still have a stuffie in my bed 😉 And let me know how the dry brushing goes! I’ve been doing it for two months now and the biggest differences that I’ve noticed at way smoother skin and much better circulation. Plus it just wakes me up and gives me energy in the morning. I also think it’s so sweet that you’ll be writing letters 🙂 I actually often think about how much I miss snail mail now that technology has taken over. Sure we can do things almost instantaneously now, but there’s something so much more special and personal about handwritten notes.

    • letsgetupandlive says:

      Aww, thanks – I’ll forward the compliment :D.
      While I’ve only been dry brushing for a scant two weeks I can already agree on the wake-up effect it has. I’m curious to see which other benefits I might experience and will keep you updated.
      As much as I appreciate technology and especially the internet I can’t deny being really sad about it ousting good old snail mail. Yet another reason I decided to keep it alive at least a little by writing more letters again. Contributing in just the smallest of ways :).

  2. Emily says:

    Aw, I love your stuffed animal. We’ll never been too old for them. (:
    These are actually really similar to my goals for the month! Getting more sleep is a big one for me and I’ve been intrigued with dry brushing ever since I read about it on Amanda’s blog. Let me know what you think!

    PS: I promisepromisepromise that I will be replying to your email asap- this week has been crazy! I just want to make sure I have time to say everything that I want to. Until then, know how proud I am of you! You’re absolutely beautiful- inside and out.

  3. Arman @ thebigmansworld says:

    I’m with you on the sleep goal- Thats the area of my life that takes a back seat when study/work/life gets busy then I wonder why I’m always dragging!

    That sounds great about trying new recipes- I was like you initially, but since experimenting more, I’m enjoying the variety! Writing surprise letters?! I hope I receive one of them 😉 Have a great weekend buddy!

    • letsgetupandlive says:

      Well, unless you forward your adress to me I’m afraid there won’t be any letters coming your way ;).
      Sleep is such an integral part of a healthy life yet truly the one we’re likeliest to slack on, huh? Fingers crossed I’ll be able to make a change in that area.

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