Good good links #3

Is it just me or did Sunday come much earlier this week? And no, we didn’t celebrate Labor Day over here. Hm … Anyway: Happy Sunday! I hope it’s a great one for you and Fall [read: chilly weather] hasn’t taken over yet. If it has, though, [or even if it hasn’t] you might be interested in some good reads.

Good good [food for thought]

I’m so sick of 1200 calories!!! via eat run live happy

Been there, done that and don’t miss the crankiness in the least. Speaking up against the myth of low-calorie diets that only end up backfiring and making you unhappy.

Eating disorders – not just the girls via The big man’s world

Awesome post on an important yet sadly often disregarded topic. Having met males affected myself I really hope awareness for their struggles will rise.

Good good [advice, inspiration and happiness]

8 Good Morning Questions that create Happiness via Marc and Angel

I’m a huge fan of [morning] rituals and thinking about how you can shape your day to be awesome is a great one.

48 Variables That Make The Biggest Difference in Your Life via Self Stairway

Pretty much an all-around guide to a healthier, happier and fulfilled life. With its many ressources this is a post I can see myself get back to many times again.

10 Simple Ways to Wake Up with Self-Confidence via live bold and bloom

Great easy tips on starting the day with a positive outlook.

How to actually get sh!t done with a to-do list via The Greatist

Just reading this makes me feel on top of my [future] to-do lists already ;).

25 Tips To Make Kindness Your Superpower! via Mind Body Green

Could there be any better superpower? All around awesome and easy to implement tips.

How to Ditch Digital Distractions (And Actually Focus) via Huffington Post

Guilty as charged. I might just really need to give these a try.

When more calories is better via Shape Magazine

Yes to choosing nutrition over mere calories. Sorry about #4, though, Froyo lovers ;).

How to Back Up Your WordPress Blog via Freeing Imperfections

Good to know! Confession: I had yet to do it.

Good good [laughs]

9 Urban dictionary definitions you need to know via Buzzfeed

Seriously, all of that nocializing has to stop. I’m not sure whether to laugh or consider it sad.

26 Products You Can’t Believe Don’t Exist Yet via Buzzfeed

How amazing is #21? And I need (!) #24.

Good good [food]

Chocolate filled Pumpkin Spice Muffins via Running with spoons

Anything with streusel reminds me of my grandma’s Streuselkuchen (Streusel cake) plus a cocoa-date filling?

Adzuki Banana Coconut Kabocha Stew via Carolyn eats carrots

Kabocha, bananas and coconut are daily staples for me and even the spices are right up my alley – what’s not to like? [Random sidenote: I actually came up with a savoury dish including banana that I’ll share in Laura’s next Strange but good link-up.]

Eggplant Lasagna with Ricotta and Cashew Cheese

Two kinds of homemade vegan cheese? Swoon. Who wants to come over for a fancy dinner party at my apartment?

Homemade cookie crisp cereal via Purely Twins

With a serious lack of healthy cereals over here there are no words for how excited this made me. Get into my cereal bowl!

31 Pumpkin Recipes to Get You For Fall via Buzzfeed

Because is there ever too much pumpkin?

And a special mention because it was the cutest, happiest and most amazing post of the week:

Peas and … Chickpea via Peas and Crayons

Congratulations once more to Jenn for welcoming her precious little one. I’m sure you’ve all seen this before, though :).

Happiness inducing today: A little sweet recipe experiment turning out well – to be shared on Monday!

What were some of your favourite reads this week?

Fall: Yay or nay?

Do you have any special plans for today?


6 thoughts on “Good good links #3

  1. alexvegginout says:

    Loving all the link love!! I’ve read some of those posts and they’re really inspiring and eye opening. And the sound of those recipes is making me hungry (and I just had lunch haha). I’ve been eyeing Amanda’s muffins especially. They just sound too perfect!! đŸ™‚

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