Marvelously memory-filled weekend

Hi there and happy Monday! No matter what you did on the weekend I hope it was a great one for you.

If you read my post on Friday you’ll already know I got to spend another weekend at my parents’. Instead, this weekend was all about making the most of my time down there and enjoying the beauty of autumn. Here’s how I spent another marvelous weekend in the coutryside.


Thanks to a cancelled appointment I was able to take the journey on Friday already leaving me with two full days at my parents’.  Also thankfully the journey took me just three ad a half instead of five hours this time – a good start.

While Friday was spent mostly relaxing Saturday was more active. After sleeping in – I swear it’s the too-soft mattresses’ fault! – I met an old friend for a walk around the lake in the city. Memories of us having to run around that lake in school came up along with laughing about the unsuccessful search of shortcuts back then. And mind you, we’re talking  classmates trying to shorten an already short run ;).

Walk around the lake

Afterwards we stopped by our favourite cozy little café to enjoy the sunshine and catch up some more. Seeing her for the first time in months was amazing. While I’ve noticed that with some of my friends from back then catching up after such a long while can be a bit harder it’s a breezer with her. No matter how much time has passed it never feels long with her and we don’t need to explain every detail to immediately understand each other.


Back at my parents we had a friend pick us up to head out into the woods again. Not for a walk this time, however, but to hit the trails for a run. My mum just recently started running and as a family walk wasn’t possible this weekend due to my dad’s working schedule the ‘family run’ was born. Speed or distance didn’t matter – it was all about listening to the sounds of the birds, giving a new definition to the word ‘ankle biter’ [those hills!] and enjoying nature. Okay, I might have sped up a little on the way back …


Truly trying make the most of the rare opportunity to see each other I spent the evening at my friend’s house for a movie and some more catching up. Not just any movie, though, but Despicable Me – yes, I got to see it earlier than expected. The evening not only introduced me to fluffy unicorns but the cutest admirer to date: meet Oskar :). He curled up on my lap and reminded me of the cats we had when I was younger. Memories coming up all weekend …

Dark picture but I couldn't not include Oskar.

Dark picture but I couldn’t not include Oskar.

While my dad had to work on Sunday my mum and I braved the gust for a bicycle tour on one of our favourite trails. Not without stopping at yet another lake to watch the swans and soaking up the sunshine. It’s a tour we’ve been taking dozens of times already and keeps bringing back a plethora of childhood memories every time.

Bike tour

Though it had again been just two days I’ll be forever amazed by the calming and soothing effect a weekend at the countryside and spent with my parents has on me.  Worries [job- and elsewise] might not disappear but I can at least put them on the backburner for a while and make them seem more managable.

At home 054

Knowing I won’t be visiting my parents again any earlier than the end of October is a bit disheartening but I’m trying not to fret too much. Time will likely fly by faster than we know it so here’s to making this week a marvelous one for now!

Happiness inducing today: Randomly getting to know some people on the train back and having a great conversation.


How often do you get to catch up with old friends [from school]? I wish it was more often for me but with my friends living all over Germany and us having different [class] schedules it’s been a lot harder than I imagined.

Do you have any cats or dogs? What are they called?

What were some highlights from your weekend?



19 thoughts on “Marvelously memory-filled weekend

  1. Ksenija @ Health Ninja says:

    Spending time with the family becomes such a precious thing after one moved away! I always love visiting my parents for some quality time. Right now I am actually visiting my aunt. How nice that you can go running with your mom! It is so much fun to be active together and the pictures just scream “bliss”!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      It’s so true that distance make the heart grow fonder. Even if we get to spend a mere two days with each other we appreciate it more than before.
      I hope you’re having an awesome time with your aunt!

  2. Little Miss Fit says:

    Aw I watched Despicable Me tonight with one of my closest friends. We were both so excited to see that it was on tv and scratched our normal movie plan for this one instead. Such a fun, cute, feel-good movie!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      What a coincidence it was on TV for you! We watched the DVD I’d gotten a few days earlier. Definitely such a cute movie and the story of the vilain turned loving dad doesn’t get old. Awww.

  3. Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli says:

    Love the pictures sweetie! That flower is breathtaking! I’m so glad you had a wonderful weekend (or I guess I should say MARVELOUS?) with your family and your friend and were able to leave the stresses behind! That is a TRUE friend right there…the one you can just pick up and go without having to explain anything. I only have a couple of friends like that and I love them dearly. And the friends who introduce you to FLUFFAAAAAAY unicorns? Well those are the BEST friends ever! 😉

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Aw, thanks, Heather! It’s a true blessing to have friends like that and I value them more than anything. Well, and when they happen to be friends that not only watch fluffy [unicorn] movies with you but introduce you to fluffy – albeit slightly hairy 😉 – cats? Those are really the best friends ever.

  4. Charlotte says:

    Oh it looks like a wonderful trip!! what beautiful photos! and i agree- taking a little weekend to visit your parents/ old friends can do amazing things for stress levels. it doesnt make all your problems disappear, but like you said, it makes them seem more manageable 🙂

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      It’s amazing how much less worried I get the moment I walk through the door at my parents’. Admittedly, I’m an overthinker so the worries creep back in but just toning them down a little help a lot already.
      I’m glad you like my pictures. I was a little hesitant about posting these because I can get a bit perfectionist with them.

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