Just like your average blogger

Hi there and happy … wait, which day was it again????

Even if you’re a blogger you might occasionally forget which day it is [admit it has happened to you before during long holidays!]. Unless we’re talking about [What I ate] Wednesday. Because as a blogger you’ve already been anticipating the best midweek party ever.

[For all German readers: I’m also participating in Vegan Wednesday for the first time so if you want to see even more deliciousness head over there, too.]

WIAW_halloween button

Thanks to Jenn for letting us foodies wallow in memories of good meals, get excited about new finds and declare our obsession with nut butter once more. in the end we’re all just bloggers, right? Here’s to some observations that make me laugh at how much of your average blogger I’ve become.

Just like your average blogger …

… adding almond butter to everything. Or maybe rather adding everything to almond butter?! Either way I have yet to find anything that doesn’t go well with almond butter. I dare you to prove me wrong ;).

Almond butter

Just like your average blogger …

… having breakfast for dinner. Because who wouldn’t enjoy a huge bowl of comforting warm oats at night?! And when others tell you they liked oatmeal, too, you get excited at the opportunity of exchanging your favourite recipes. Only to be let down a little when they go on about their go-to pre-mixed store-bought brand. So you just keep smiling yet wondering where’s the fun in buying oatmeal mixes when you like to get crazy with your own add-ins and toppings. And be honest: in typical blogger-fashion you naturally swear by including chia seeds which you have yet [if you’re living in Germany at least] to see on the ingredient list of bags in the store.

oat bran

Just like your average blogger …

… excessively pinning new recipes you want to try. But when it gets around to actually preparing them you trip over either of two hurdles: a) there’s simply no way you can decide which recipe to try first. Or – if you actually make a decision: b) starting with the best habits of following the instructions. only to sub one or two ingredients, add a pinch of this, pinch of that – and end up with a completely different [yet delicious nonetheless] recipe. Yes, I’ve said it before and have to repeat it once more: I have the hardest time following recipes. Will you forgive me if I promise to improve share this recipe for vegan Mushroom Stronganoff with you?


Just like your average blogger …

… considering snack time your favourite time [at least food-wise] of the day. Because what’s not to like about touring your pantry, making good use of sampling tables at the store or breaking into your snack drawyer. And that snack appetite is the perfect reason to break into one the last of your homemade bars … which then again gives you another reason to procrastinate some more in the kitchen. A win-win situation, don’t you think?

Almond Caramel Bar

Just like your average blogger …

… you never just buy apples but know them by name and are picky about which to buy. And you might actually feel a little hurt when people don’t account the amazingness of your favourites. Don’t disappoint me by saying you didn’t recognize this beauty …


Any guesses?

… and you get just a smidgen giddy over the fact that your food matches manicure [or at least closely], right, Heather?!


Being just like your average blogger might seem a little quirky to outsiders. But who really wants to be normal when quirkiness relates to good food and lots of fun?

Happy Wednesday!

Happiness inducing today: The warmest [70°F in October!] day in a while making for an instant mood boost.

Your turn: Tell me at least one thing that makes you feel just like your average blogger !

[How] Do you tackle your Pinterest recipe board(s)?

Favourite combination: Almond butter and …?

22 thoughts on “Just like your average blogger

  1. Davida @The Healthy Maven says:

    I’d like you to know that your almond butter pic inspired (forced) me to open a jar of my own which I am currently eating with a spoon. So to answer your question, AB and a spoon 😉 lol

    I am definitely like your average blogger because I eat oatmeal every.single.day! Love this post lovely!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Sorry I’m not sorry for inspiring an almond butter craving ;). Being able to eat it straight from the jar is one of the best advantages of living on your own/being the only AB eater in the house, isn’t it?!
      And no day will ever feel complete without oats. Glad you liked the idea.

  2. Sue says:

    I take pictures of my food, I love nut and seed butters (my favorites are peanut butter and tahini), I eat huge salads and call them meals …
    Thanks to your first picture, I want to buy a jar of almond butter, too. I haven’t had AB in ages, it’s just so expensive!
    Are those pink lady apples? I’m a apple fan, too! So thrilled that they are back in season! My favorites are royal gala and kanzi.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Isn’t apple season just the best?! There might be way fancier produce out there but I’m loyal to good old apples. You guessed right! Royal Gala are delicious, too, and I think I’ve only had Kanzi once but might have to be on the lookout again now that you mention them.

  3. swissfitchick says:

    I can relate to everything in this post!! Means I am definitely an average blogger 🙂 And we must have had similar thoughts today, since I talked about being the crazy freak around in my world cause I do all these healthy things, like bringing my own food everywhere and eat kabocha and nutbutter like it was my job. Oh, here we go: kabocha and almond butter!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Haha, we really need to make that Swiss/German-blogger meet-up happen. Then we can be crazy freaks together – eating kabocha with almond butter while taking photos of it and chatting about all things blog-related.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Kudos to you! Following others’ recipes is the very best way of differing from the ‘average blogger’ habits.
      Never mind not liking apples. Your fondness of squash makes up for that :).

  4. GiGi Eats Celebrities says:

    I feel like your average blogger when I take pictures of ALL of my food! LOL!!!!!! Oooo I am agreeing with Sue, I see 😉 And you know what? I am proud of my food photos!! I actually yelp too, so I always say, HEY GUYS I AM A YELPER, let me get up close and personal with your meal, K?

  5. catfoodisgoodforyou says:

    For me it has to be snapping pics of my food (that is neither pretty or exotic!) at my desk. Can I just blame Instagram?!

  6. Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli says:

    Right! Haha! Love it! I’m gonna guess that’s a Gala or a Pink Lady, but wow seriously…did you know there are like THOUSANDS of different varieties?! It’s crazy!

    Average bloggerdoms: Breakfast ANY time of day, Pumpkin EVERYTHING, and feeling sort of weird about NOT taking a picture of something before I eat it! Lol

    Pinterest for me is more of like a dream board…I swear I NEVER make anything…just keep adding to it!

    Almond butter and PEACHES!

    And I’m seriously jealous of your warm day! It’s been in the 50s and 60s here all week! I’ve been FREEZING!

    PS, did you see Sarah’s post from the other day? Looked like she might have needed some help in the translation department! Haha!

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