Going for the goals [November]

A fresh start into the new week and a fresh start into a new month [okay, a few days late but who’d want to be such a stickler?!]. What better time to look onto my goals for November than the most marvelous day of the week? Thank as always to Katie for the wonderful reminder to appreciate the first day of the week a bit more.

Don’t forget that today’s the last day to enter my blogiversary giveaway to win some NuNaturals stevia!

MiMM_newAh, I’ll have to admit I’m not too proud on how I did with last month’s goals as October was a little wonky overall to say the least. But here’s how it went:

Do the Photo A Day challenge: Check. It was fun and I’ll try to keep up with it this month again, too.

Become more mindful of my snacking: Semi-check. I’ve noticed several trends and will continue to work on them. I -did- make some progress in reducing my chocolate intake, though, and every bit of progress counts, right?

Set up a [blogging] schedule: Check. Basically, I’ve played around with what I want to post on which day and at which time I’m best at writing posts. Still no fancy schedule or blog make-over but that wasn’t what I’d intented.

Get more sleep: Weeeell … no. While I had several good days [read: in bed before midnight – keep in mind that I’m a night owl!] I’ve found I can’t force it. Seeing how important sleep is this is another goal I’ll continue to work on but without the pressure of making it a monthly [blog] goal.

Time to take a look at my new goals for November.

Going for the goals

Change up my workouts

Actually, I don’t even have a workout schedule worthy calling that at the moment. I’m merely alternating walks and runs depending on how I feel and that’s about it. While I can currently neither afford [why are they that expensive?!] a gym membership nor commit to one due to possibly moving [depending on where I find a job] there are still ways to do this. My idea is to incorporate at-home strength training and possibly yoga into my routine. Any advice on DVDs – I’m a newbie at this – or free online classes is appreciated though Amy and Davida already gave me some tips.


Start a book club with my mum

We’d been meaning to do this last month already because she suggested it when answering to my letter – yes, I obviously wrote one to my mum, too <3. I’d ‘complained’ about there not being any book clubs around here so she came up with the idea. Since we picked a German book I guess doing a review wouldn’t be all that interesting but I’ll report back on how it went.

Find a better blog/life balance

As much as I enjoy blogging I’ll admit I’ve found myself spending too much time writing posts [anybody else having those two dozen+ drafts begging to be finished?] or reading other people’s blogs. It’s tempting to just ‘quickly catch up on a few posts’ and loose focus on what I should actually be doing. I’m by no means intending to quit the blog world but just reduce the time spent online and …

Socialize more.

Now that even more of my friends moved to different cities I’ll admit I’ve been feeling a bit lonely. Being a shy person I don’t have the easiest time getting to know new people though I actually enjoy it when I do. It’s obviously an added bonus of the blog world that it makes meeting alike minds so much easier but why do all of you have to live that far away ;)?! Anyway, I’m hoping to find ways to live up to my blog name a little more.

Not a goal but something else marvelous is Cori’s Count Your Blessings challenge that I’ll be joining. There’s such a lot to be thankful for in every day so I really like the idea. Maybe you’re in, too?

Happy Monday!

Happiness inducing today: My sister offering me help with a nagging task.


What are some of your goals for November?

Have you ever been part of a book club? Also: Would anybody be interested in doing a blogger book club?

Are you good at socializing? Any advice on where/how to meet new people?

17 thoughts on “Going for the goals [November]

  1. Emily says:

    It sounds like you did really well in October! So proud of you. I’ve had trouble on the sleeping front as well (busy schedule, stress, etc.) but I’m hoping that this month will be better.
    I LOVE your November goals- especially getting out and being more social. It’s so easy for us to get caught up in blogging and staying in our comfort zones, but it’s surprising how much fun socializing is.
    Sending you love! xoxo

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Keeping my fingers crossed for better sleep finding its way to you in November!
      Getting out to socialize with new people will definitely push me out of my comfort zone but here’s to hoping I’ll be able to work on it :).

  2. jessielovestorun says:

    Great job with your October goals. I’m not huge into yoga, but I have tried and loved Jillian Michael’s yoga DVD. Come to think of it – all her DVD’s are pretty good. I highly recommend checking into them. I think there pretty cheap too =)

    My main November goal is to work my way through all the recipes I’ve pinned, Ha!

    Have a fabulous day,

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Actually, I own Jilian Michael’s 30 Day Shred but have yet to try it so that’s what made me want to incorporate DVDs in the first place. I’ll have a look for her Yoga DVD.
      Tackling your Pinterest boards is a great goal – and likely pretty delicious, too!
      Happy Monday, Jessie!

  3. swissfitchick says:

    I totally feel you on the time comsumption with blogging. Me too, I have to find a way to focus more on what I need/want to do, otherwise I get lost in reading and commenting, plus browsing social media for hours and then nothing is done and I feel empty. I do this goal with you!
    Regarding free online workouts, I love Tara Stiles on YouTube for Yoga, and Blogilates or Tone it Up for strength and Cardio workouts. They also offer weekly schedules on their blogs which you can follow, I love it!
    Socializing can be hard, I know it from when I moved to Zurich. I think it needs some effort to join a community like a gym (I know they’re horrible expensive) or an other club, where you can share a passion or hobby.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      ” and then nothing is done and I feel empty – it’s just the same for me. ” Let’s work on this together!
      Thanks for the many workout recommendations, Lucie! Great to hear you’ve been enjoying them and I’ll have a look into their schedules.

  4. IHeartVegetables says:

    Sounds like you’ve got some great goals!! I moved to a new state a few years ago, and so obviously I had to meet lots of new people. I made some GREAT friends through different churches, and also blogger meet ups! If you have other bloggers in your area (I found lots of Twitter) ask them to grab coffee! It’s a fun way to meet someone that you already have something in common with!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Great idea about meeting other bloggers! Now that you mention it there might not be [m]any other health food bloggers but if I looked for bloggers in general … Thanks for the advice, Liz!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Thanks for stopping by, Maria. Interesting to know it’s the other way round for you when it comes to socializing. And the better way, in fact, because being good at socializing outside the web is obviously more important in daily life.

  5. Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli says:

    I’m right there with you on the blog-life balance…I step away for a weekend and then get a week behind in reading! Then I’m all like ahhhhhhhh must read ALL the posts!! Which is what I’ve been doing since last night! Blarg! I know what my problem is…I try to follow too many blogs. I’ve worked on condensing over the last week or so…the Instagram account has been cleaned up and purged of accounts that were making me (aware or not) compare myself to others. Now I just need to devise some sort of plan when it comes to my posting schedule so I don’t feel like I have to cram it all in in like 2 days!

    Hmm, maybe a blogger book club would be good for me. I keep saying I want to read more, but well…note the above paragraph…how can I find the time?!

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