Good good links #13

Hi there and happy Sunday!

Maybe it’s a little weird to say it now that I’ve been doing these kind of posts for weeks already. But I just have to: writing the titles of whichever post I’m sharing just the way the author did irks me at times. Why? Well, I already told you I’m a language and grammar nerd and starting every word with a capital letter looks so … wrong. I’m curious how you feel about this so let me know in the comments!

Another Photo a Day-inspired collage on a Sunday …

In my pocket - Yes! - Part of me - P is for ... [puzzles - why yes, crossword puzzles!]

In my pocketYes! [warming cup of tea and oats after running errands in the cold] – Part of meP is for … [puzzles – why yes, crossword puzzles!]

Good good [food for thought]

“Fitspiration”  – Because If You’re Not Miserable You’re Doing It Wrong via That’s What Domi Said

Great post! These pictures can be the opposite of healthy motivation and actually make you feel bad about yourself – worth second-guessing.

Pessimism via also, hello

Why we should get our hopes up: whom are we trying to convince of our strenghts if we don’t believe in them ourselves?

Good good [advice and inspiration]

50 Bloggers Making A Difference in Fitness, Health and Happiness via Greatist

Some well-known faces and many great new-to-me blogs to add to my reader.

Is Multitasking Actually a Myth? via Huffington Post

If you ever felt like everybody around you was better at multitasking than you: they might not actually be.

9 Sneaky Reasons You’re Ravenously Hungry via Huffington Post

If you can’t stop eating: here’s why that might happen.

keep calm … and rest via Running with Spoons

Learning to appreciate rest days, not feel guilty for them and see exercise in a healthy way: “we should be looking at it as a way to improve ourselves rather than punish ourselves”.

9 Self-Care Essentials To Add To Your Life via Mind Body Green

Taking care of ourselves isn’t a selfish act but the best we can do to be[come] kind persons to be around.

The Messy Person’s Guide to Staying Organized via the Daily Muse

Fingers crossed being around my well-organized parents soon will rub off on me!


Good good [things to make you smile]

Cereal’s Future is In Jeopardy via HuffPost Food

Keep on eating and save cereal, fellow bloggers!

Amazing Example of Food Art via Likes

Don’t play with you food – sure, but if it looks that pretty?!

Russian Subways Now Accept Squats for Payment via Mashable

Ridiculous? A great way to help people add some fitness to their day? I’m undecided. Definitely not if you’re already late to catch the subway.

10 Things Hangry People Do via HuffPost Food

Yes, of them. Don’t get in between me and food when I’m hangry.

What Should We Call Veganism: A Vegan Life in GIFs, Part 3 via The Vegan Woman

… and even if you just enjoy it because of the Ryan pics …

What If Men and Women Switched Roles at The Gym? via Greatist

Oldie but goodie featuring some of the most ridiculous gender clichés.



Good good [food]

Butternut Squash, Kale, Chèvre and Gnocchi Casserole via Keepin’ it kind

An elegant seasonal dish featuring homemade vegan chèvre – way to impress!

Oh My Gourd! 55 Healthy Seasonal Squash Recipes via Greatist

Not like you didn’t have enough squash recipes already [guilty!] here are some more.

Creamy Vegan Scalloped Potatoes via edible perspective

This might be the best recipe for scalloped potatoes I’ve ever seen – and  not just because it includes squash.

Healthy Chocolate Fudge via Healthy Food For Living

Chocolate, cashew butter … do you need any more convincing?!

Vegan Crêpes filled with Date & Orange Compote and “supremed” oranges  topped with a creamy cinnamon ice cream via Coconut and Berries

No words for how incredibly delicious this looks but the name already says it all.

Homemade Almond Butter: Salted Vanilla Almond & Cacao Coconut via Fit Swiss Chick

I had to post this one last because I know you won’t be coming back after clicking this link. Either because you fainted or you got your food processor running right away. Not judging you. Swooooon.


Happiness inducing today: Being pain-free after Friday’s toothaches. Yes, that is blissful.


Keeping the capital letters in post titles when reposting them: yay or nay? Ambivalent?

What were some great reads you found this week? Feel free to share the links!


12 thoughts on “Good good links #13

  1. Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli says:

    I always keep the letters in titles capitalized…it looks weird to me if their NOT! Haha!

    Love the links! I just about DIED laughing over the hangry one! That’s totally me on all accounts! And holy Moses! Did you see those pumpkin pie roasted chickpeas?! YUM! Now I need to go play
    catch up with our favorite Swiss chick! Happy Sunday (on a Saturday night in America), love! Oh and ps, glad your tooth is feeling better! 🙂

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      I figured it’s an Amerian versus German thing. We don’t usually write every word in a title capitalized but usually just nouns.
      Yeees, I did see them but I quickly clicked away because – sorry, not trying to repeat myself or sound whiney – we can’t get pumpkin butter over here. Sigh.
      Happy Sunday!

  2. coconutandberries says:

    Thanks for highlighting my dessert! It was mighty tasty 🙂
    Such great picks here. So much to read but just popped over to the link about the decline of cereal. How sad! Admittedly I never eat cereal these days but it was all I ate for breakfast as a kid.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Ooh, I believe it was! Too bad it was a virtual potluck only or I might have invited myself over ;).
      It’s the same for me with cereal. A breakfast hit as a child but now I can’t remember the last time I had any but always assumed the demand was still high.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Oh the patience [and jelly beans] … But how about starting with the Melon Shark to feed your addiction once they’re in season again ;)?! Though it says it was a great way to encourage [children] to eat [even] more fruit …

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