Good good links #14

All good things come in threes – or so you could at least say when it comes to my Good good [food for thought] picks this week. Right in time for my possible short-cut in terms of exercise three sweet ladies decided to share their opinion on the topic. Though all of different aspects so I obviously recommend you to read all of them! And one more post to rethink fitness goals in recovery.

Along with that there’s obviously some good food, advice and enough to make you laugh even on the coldest most boring Sunday – and now I sound like I was trying to sell something to you. I blame sleep deprivation ;). Anyway, let me know your great reads from the week in the comments, too!


Happy Sunday!

Good good [food for thought]

Intuitive Exercise via The Healthy Maven

Awesome reminder of listening to our intuition not only in terms of food but exercise, too. Easier said than done while being surrounded by fitspiration and else –  but worth it.

Why Do You Workout via The Little Honey Bee

Pondering the reasons we choose to exercise for – do it for yourself and nobody else. So, tell me: why do you work out?

Why I Gave Up Running via Chocolate-covered Katie

Another great post on listening to your inner voice and working out in a way that feels right for you. Even if that means stopping a certain kind of exercise you enjoyed for years but suddenly doesn’t fit anymore.

Is it Ok to Want to Change Your Body While in Recovery From an Eating Disorder? via Kenzie Life

How to distinguish healthy from disordered fitness goals in recovery  – great read!

Love & Learning to Love: Baring it All via Snack Therapy

Learn to love yourself by following the example of this gorgeous lady. Beautiful and honest inspiration!

Good good [advice and inspiration]

The Good Life Holiday Challenge via Jamie Mendell

Not a post giving advice but a whole challenge leading you through the holidays to make them less stressful and more enjoyable. Starting today!

5 Life-Changing Ways To Start Your Day via Mind Body Green

Simple habits that have the power of turning your attitude towards the new day around for the better.

20 Things You Need To Stop Doing In Your Twenties via Lifehack

Sometimes stopping can actually get you forward – case in point when it comes to postponing things, comparing yourself and others.

An Open Letter To Anyone Thinking About Trying Yoga via Mind Body Green

If you consider giving yoga a try [I do] these are some things you might want to know to avoid giving up in disappointment after your first class.

3 Ways To Stay Motivated When You REALLY Don’t Want to Work Out via Women’s Health

Use a few little tricks to get yourself moving when you’re not feeling it [but no pressure here!].

Good good [things to make you smile]

Fun Ways To Play With Your Food via Likes

You know you’re not supposed to play with it but … that cheese?! I’m impressed.

14 Times “Love. Actually” Lied To Us About Love via BuzzFeed

So you mean Hugh Grant won’t come knocking on my door this year, either?  I’m devastated.

23 Ingenious Australian Solutions To Everyday Problems via BuzzFeed

This one’s for Arman – though he obviously knew all of them already ;).

Good good [food]

Quinoa with Caramelized Butternut Squash and Roasted Brussels Sprouts via Iowa Girl Eats

The best flavours and textures (!) of fall combined in one dish.

Sweet Potato Nachos via the Real Life RD

Can you say amazing?!

Cauliflower ‘N Cheese Bake [Vegan & Gluten-Free] via Mind Body Green

It’s cheesy, vegan and needs to appear on my plate already.

33 Gluten-Free And Vegan Chocolate Desserts via BuzzFeed

Chocolate for [almost] everybody! Could it get any better???

Small-Batch Lazy S’mores Truffles via Wing It Vegan

And my urge to find vegan marshmallows has just increased.

What are your thoughts on exercise motivation and working out intuitively?

As always: Feel free to share your favourite links from the week!

7 thoughts on “Good good links #14

  1. Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli says:

    I LOVED that post from Carly! It totally brought me to tears! I was SO happy to see you’ve also joined in on Jamie’s challenge…with this being my first holiday practicing IE, I really felt that I needed some support over the next month or so. Definitely excited to see what she has in store for us!

    Love the motivation to work out ideas…I was actually just practicing the “forget something” one the other day and couldn’t help but roll my eyes! On my way out the door for work, I had to run BACK up the stairs not once, not twice, but THREE times because I kept remembering things I forgot! haha! I’ve finally gotten a bit of my exercise groove back over the last week and a half and have started to see some progress with my knee! And right now, that is ALL the motivation I need! 😀

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Jamie’s challenge came right in time for me. It took me not a single second to decide when I received her mail announing it. I’m super excited to follow Jamie’s advice and am keeping my fingers crossed the holidays will be a great time for all of us!
      My forgetfulness alone gets me to move around more throughout the day :D. On the downside it’s the reason I’ve been late for classes while I was studying almost every time. Another good ‘workout’ is my way of running errands and ‘needing’ to visit a number of different stores to sometimes pick up no more than one or two items I can’t get at the other groceries.
      Yay for knee progress! Happy dance!

      • Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli says:

        Haha! Yeah, I definitely get a workout when it comes to grocery shopping too! Although mine normally come in the form of “I’m to stubborn to bother with a shopping cart”…let’s just see HOW many items Heather can carry while hobbling her way to the cash register! Lol

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