Happy dancing with cobbler, chili and cereal

Hey, hey. How about we do a little happy dance on Wednesday? Come on now, we should all get dancing more often for those sweet little endorphins jumping right at us when we do [clearly too much caffeine in my blood right now ;)]. Really though: Wednesday is a good day for everybody. If you don’t like your job/school: Rejoice – only two more days until the weekend. If you do like your job: well, awesome, two more days of fun! And for both groups: Wednesday means it’s What I ate Wednesday time again and if that’s not a reason to celebrate and do a happy dance I don’t know what it. Dancing or not let’s thank our host Jenn [thanks!] and jump quickstep into the food.

wiaw fall into good habits buttonTo all German readers: don’t forget to look at everybody’s delicious creations for Vegan Wednesday, either. Meal time inspiration to the max with two foodie parties in one – it doesn’t get any better.

One more dish to use up a clamshell of cherry tomatoes I’d forgotten in my eagerness to eat my way through my produce stash before moving. And what a fabulous dish if I dare say so myself. Blogging apparently isn’t doing me well in terms of modesty ;). Believe me, I’m honestly not one to toot my own horn in real life. Not to digress too much but does anybody else notice they’re “different” from their real life personality at times when writing their posts. Don’t worry: I’m not secretly a b*tch but just wouldn’t tell you I was proud of something I created instead having a hard time accepting compliments. Okay, okay, I am digressing so back to where I was: this recipe is delicious.

Tomato cob.

While browsing the internet for recipe inspiration I happened upon the idea of Tomato Cobbler. I got curious because I’d only heard of dessert cobblers so far and not even had any of those before. A quick search brought up many non-vegan recipes but I like a good challenge so started cooking. What can I say? I’m quite pleased with the outcome and because I’m sure many of you find themselves with an extra load of cherry tomatoes this time of the year 😉 I’ll share the recipe soon. It might not look like that but this is strange but good. Any guesses on its secret?


Promise: I won’t turn this blog into the weather show but it’s still freakishly cold so … chili weather! I got my copy of Happy Herbivore Light & Lean [more on that to come next week!] and the chili and stew section was the one I kept looking back at most. With my first bunch of kale in ages – what a bad blogger am I?!  – I prepared the Chipotle Harvest Chili. Naturally subbing around a lot but with a delicious result. It’s a bit unusual to work in a different kitchen and even running a lot of errands the day after my arrival I’m still out of many staple [to me, that is, not my parents] ingredients. How can there be no oatmeal or smoked paprika powder :)?! Funny to think how much my staples have changed since getting in contact with the blog world.

HH Light & Lean Chili

Above-mentioned errands – did I ever mention I’m a pro-buyer meaning I’ll plan to buy x number of things and come home with even more?! – might not hae yielded all of my staples. But I happened upon several new finds that I’m quite pleased with. One of them makes me feel a little more like a blogger …


Yes, cereal. Okay, it doesn’t look like much but a) we can hardly find any variety in terms of healthier non-sugar-laden cereals over here and b) it was just a snack. Almond milk joined the party post-shoot because I didn’t want the crunchy rings to get soggy. While I still don’t think I’ll break out the cereal for a meal any time soon [it’s just not filling enough] it’s nice to have a new easily portable snack. And talking about snacks depening on when you read this I’ll be at work and ready for a snack. So grab one yourself and check out what everybody else is eating!

Happy Wednesday!

Happiness inducing today: Reading a good book.

Do you have a favourite chili recipe? Which one?

Cereal fiends: what are your favourite kinds/brands?

Random non-food question(s): Did you ever take ballroom dancing classes? Do you still know the steps?


32 thoughts on “Happy dancing with cobbler, chili and cereal

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      It’s neither cornbread nor chickpea-based – great idea for a future dish, though …
      Wow, your chili sounds awesome! I’m a fan of adding lots of herbs and spices so it fits the bill perfectly. The tempeh idea will have to wait until I’m in the city again where it’s available :).

  1. swissfitchick says:

    Good luck with all your pre-move errands! I am jealous of your kale, we don’t have the dark green kale in Switzerland. Ugh.
    I am not a cereal person at all….I don’t know, but it really is something that does not speak to me at all. Maybe I am just too much in Love with my oats!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Thanks! It seems like no matter how much I buy there’s still so much lacking in terms of food or simply can’t get them around here at all. Salsa, all of my usual spices, spaghetti squash :(, …
      Cereal will never replace oats for me, either. Oats are for meal times, cereal is just a snack – but now a good one.

  2. Ksenija @ With An Open Mind says:

    Happy Wednesday, girl! Brrr, it’s really cold in Germany. And chili is definitely one of the comfort foods I enjoy a lot during winter time. My favorite is made with quinoa and butternut squash – delicious!

    Oh and I hear ya on getting rid of everything in the pantry due to moving. I will move after Christmas and time is flying buy way too fast.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Good luck with emptying your pantry! I was lucky in that it was “just” produce for me and not all kinds of dry goods, too.
      And really, how did it get this cold all of a sudden? Actually, though, today was comparably “warm” [think 4°C] over here.
      Happy Wednesday!

  3. Sue says:

    I’d like to have a bowl of that chili, okay? 😉
    My go-to chili recipe is a vegan version of Laura’s recipe, using tvp/soy crumbles instead of meat.
    What brand of cereal is that? It looks like Seitenbacher. I’m not a cereal fan, but I do like the Früchtemüsli from Alnatura, and my home-made granola. Both only count as a snack, not a meal. My meals need to be savory in order to be satisfying.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Well spotted! They’re Seitenbacher Saltoos. I’d walked past the bags a million times at stores but never bought it thinking it’d taste boring. Yet when I was pondering snack ideas for work I just grabbed a bag and it was a great decision. Give these a try if you can find them!
      And the bowl of chili is on its way to you. Though, wait … I ate all of it ;).

  4. Amanda @ .running with spoons. says:

    Cereal is seriously the love of my life and I probably depend on it waaaay too much — I’m not sure how I’d make it through if I lived in Europe! Most of my family lives in Poland and I go to visit them for a month or so every couple of years… Everything in the grocery stores is SO, so different, and the cereal selection — gah! I definitely feel you on that one. That’s probably why I stuff my suitcase with enough boxes to get me through 😆

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Well, yes, I think you’d have a hard time in Germany :D. And believe me: even harder here in the countryside. Even I am going through withdrawals [it’s okay to exaggerate a bit every now and then!] in terms of certain items. The current biggest one being salsa … gah! I checked every store.
      Glad to know I’m not the only one packing foods I know won’t be available when traveling. I’d be curious to see your suitcase, haha.

  5. Sarah @ Feeeding the Brain and Body says:

    The Chipotle Harvest Chili looks delicious! I haven’t experienced with chili recipes near as much as I want to! I have taken salsa lessons but not ballroom. Salsa is a lot of fun. I think I remember some of it! Cereal can be really convenient at times, I love myself some plane cheerios 🙂

  6. Flake And Cake says:

    Whoop for the Wednesday dance! I’m definitely in the ‘let’s get this week over so I can sleep’ camp but we have two big days coming up on patch, which I’m looking forward to. Kind of!
    I love the look of that chilli!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      You’re talking to one of the biggest [oat and wheat and possibly every other kind I’d get a chance of trying] fiend right here so: not weird. Which specific cereals do you like? Actually, the one I tried is the minimal ingredient ‘boring’ [to most people] kind, too, but I really like it. Simple pure grain taste. Mmmh.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      I’m [not?!] ashamed to say I’ve been bringing some kind of chili to the office for lunch every day this week so far – and will likely continue for the remaining two days. What can I say? Chili weather :)!
      We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving over here but happy holiday to you, Brittany!

  7. Whitney @ To Live & Diet in L.A. says:

    Everyone is posting about chili lately!!

    My favorite chili recipe is the one I made this week (recipe on the blog today) with Sweet Potato, Pumpkin, White Beans, and Turkey. I never ate much chili growing up but after having this one, I’ve instantly become a big fan.

    Yours looks absolutely delicious too so it will be the next on my list to make 🙂

    Happy early Thanksgiving!!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Seems like the chilly weather chili craving is hitting everybody everywhere :). Sweet potato, pumpkin and white bean chili? That sounds great and I’ll have to look up your recipe.
      Happy Thanksgiving, Whitney!

  8. Emily says:

    I’m so intrigued by that dish! It looks strange but amazing!
    And yaaay for chili! I made some in my crockpot this week and it was so delicious. That, paired with homemade cornbread, is the ultimate comfort food in my opinion!

    Can’t wait for these recipes!

  9. Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli says:

    I have made so many different types of chili that it’s hard to pick just ONE favorite, but I have to say my most recent pumpkin chili is definitely at the top of the list! I saw a tomato cobbler on Pinterest a couple of months ago and was just as intrigued. So much so that I pinned it and totally forgot about it minutes later! 😉 My favorite cereal changes on the regular…lately I’ve been all about the Corn Chex…sounds boring, but it’s delicious and crunchy and actually hasn’t made it in a bowl once! The perfect hand snack! Lol

    I’ve never taken dance lessons. I have the rhythm of a stick. Ha!

  10. Arman @ thebigmansworld says:

    I’m completely with you – cereal by itself is like air for a meal- but as a topping for greek yogurt or cottage cheese- its so good!

    Currently i’m loving kashi go lean I smuggled from America…even though it is expired. Oops!

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