Currently … November/December

Happy first Monday of December! Only a few more weeks until Christmas so let’s start the festive month on a marvelous note. Thanks to Katie for hosting our Monday celebration every week!


It’s probably an usual time for a Currently ... post because I couldn’t decide which month to add in the title: November is just over, December has just started. Which one to go with? Seeing as it’s my blog and I can play by my own rules I’m just rolling with both.

Current Book(s):

Berlin liegt im Osten by Nellja Veremej: It’s the book my mum and I started for our book club. And yes, we have yet to really chat about it because while my mum has her own copy mine was from the library so I had to return it once moving. Along with several other books that might have snuck in between me reading this one. Woops. Anyway, now we’re sharing a copy and will hopefully have our first book club ‘meeting’ 😉 soon.

And we can’t forget about the latest addition to my cookbook collection: Happy Herbivore Light & Lean. Come back tomorrow to find out a little more!

HH Light & Lean

Current Music:

A lot of songs, actually. While I usually stick to the same true and trusted favourites my commute to work introduced me to some “new” [to me at least] tunes. Thank goodness for radio stations making the car drive more endurable. Ask me again in a few weeks time and I might complain about a lack of variety in their programs. Anyway, here’s a current favourite:

And then there’s the obvious one we can’t forget about at this time of the year. Get out the bubbly for the ears errrr … Bublé! Confession: I started listening to the album some time ago already. What can I say? The weather definitely felt like December already.

Current Guilty Pleasure:


Sleeping in on the weekends. My night owl ways have changed for the better a little bit already but I’m still not getting enough ZZZs during the week so it’s major catch-up time on Saturday and Sunday. Wooops …

Current Nail Color: Essie’s Sunday Funday. After months of different colours I felt sparkly again so I went with it. However, I’m already fancying a new colour. What are your favourite red/coral/the likes polishes by Essie?

Current Drink: Almond milk! Not just any but the first ever unsweetened almond milk on the German market


I know, I know,  this isn’t even slightly interesting for those of you living in the US. But if you lived in Germany you’d understand my excitement. Up until now we only had the choice between various kinds of sweetened non-dairy milks and even the ones with just a little bit of sugar were to sweet for cooking.

Surprisingly enough I had yet to find this one in cities but one of the larger local grocery stores in the small town my parents live in stocks it. Do I really need to tell you I’ve been using it in everything and – unsual for me – even drinking it plain? I’ve officially found my favourite non-dairy milk.

Current Food:


Advent calendar chocolates. Why, yes, when my mum said she wouldn’t get me one I bought a calendar on my own. Could you say no to flavours like Bratapfel [the German classic stuffed baked apple],Gingerbread and Vanilla Gianduja?!

Current Wish List: With Christmas coming up soon I can’t get it down to just a few items. To be honest, though, I haven’t even thought of anything to add to that list yet. And in the end wishing is always different from actually needing so …

Current Needs:


More time. For cookie baking. Getting into the Christmas spirit.  Blogging. Seriously, I’m not going to complain because not working wasn’t all that awesome. Yet now that I started again I feel like I had hardly any time during the week anymore. And it doesn’t help that the weekends fly by without me noticing.  Really, though, I’m truly grateful to have the opportunity of my internship. But how about at least one or two added hours of daylight per day? Why does it have to get dark this early :(?

Current Triumphs:

Being more relaxed around food. It’s been a while since I talked about recovery but starting to work and joining Jamie’s challenge made me notice my recent changes. While I’m still not completely carefree in terms of eating I’m no longer weighing every morsel, grabbing handfuls of cereal and – this is a big one for me – easing up on my planned ‘schedule’. Trying to postpone my meals for as long as possible only to end up hangry and scarf them down in lighting speed. That one’s basically my hugest work in progress at the moment.

Current Blessing:

Hands down my mum. Not to pretend we didn’t have our little fights over random things. But even then I keep reminding myself how blessed I am by all she’s doing to support me. Like lending me her car for my commute every day because the public transport is – to say it in a nice way still – lacking over here in the countryside. And look what she had waiting for me when I arrived back home …

kabocha and hokkaido

Kabocha and Hokkaido Squash! [Sweet potatoes bought by me in an effort to give them another try.]

In all honesty, I don’t know what I’d do without her <3.

Current Bane of Existence:

Our neighbour’s rooster deciding 3 AM was the perfect time to start crowing and making sure everybody’s hearing him [read: waking up]. Fun times. Only not. But seriously: 3 AM?! Either he didn’t start that early during my childhood or I’m not used to this anymore. Gah!

Current Celebrity Crush: Josh Bowman. Don’t ask why 😉 …

Current Outfit: As we speak I’m still in my incredibly attractive running clothes … Damn, those tights are comfortable and though you can’t really see it in the picture my shirt is red/coral [= favourite colour]. Long gone are the days of unfashionable workout gear.

Current outfit

Current Excitement: Keep your fingers crossed for some article ideas for my internship to work out!

Current link: Ruche! Well, I guess we can add dresses to my wish list. Is it just me or does the end of the year just coincide with the feeling of having “nothing to wear”? Never mind Ruche doesn’t ship to Europe …

Current Mood: [For nice change from my last Currently … posts I’m blinding out my over-thinking habit and will focus just on the present not pondering the months to come so:] Positive. Hopeful. Excited for the next weeks of my internship.

Happiness inducing today: Good news related to my current excitement. I’ll share more if it turns out.

Your turn: Current …
1) … books?
2) … needs or wishes?
3) … foods and drinks?


15 thoughts on “Currently … November/December

  1. Whitney @ To Live & Diet in L.A. says:

    I’m totally with you in the “nothing to wear” club. I get all excited when the weather changes and I get to wear all my winter clothes that have been hibernating for months. But then a couple of weeks in I am bored again!

    My current needs and wishes include: healthy oatmeal cookies, a comfy over-sized sweater, and a massage 🙂

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Over-sized sweaters are awesome and a massage has been on my wish list for a long time already. I’m the same with getting excited to wear certain clothes again in every season only to get bored after a while.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Aw, you’re a sweetheart. Hope it’s not too expensive. And fingers still crossed for Joshua’s job.
      My shoes are Mizuno’s Wave Elixir 7. I’ve had them for quite a while already and am pretty fond of their colour. Oh, and running in them is awesome, too, obviously :).

  2. Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli says:

    Well TALK about a welcome home box!! Hellooooo kabocha! And I honestly can’t believe with as fond as you are of the orange beauty, why you have to give sweet potatoes another try…I swear they are SO similar! But hey, when in doubt, just add more cinnamon! 😉

    Who is the Josh Bowman character and why must he look at me in such a wanton way? Haha!

    Yay for BUBBLY!! Did you ever see that SNL skit Hamm & Buble? Hilarrrrrrrious!

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