What I ate Wednesday: Short and savoury

Is it really already Wednesday again? Isn’t it weird how time flies by when you enjoy what you’re doing? Not meaning to ramble about my internship for long but I can say that – completely different from that last one – it truly is what I feel like doing. Aside from getting up early πŸ˜‰ I’m as happy as I haven’t been in quite some time. Something that hasn’t happened quite as much, though, was taking pictures of food. On another note I’ll have the recipe for last week’s Tomato Cobbler up on Friday. Sorry for the delay!

Here’s to a short and not sweet but savoury What I ate Wednesday and Vegan Wednesday. Whether you celebrate one or both: Happy Wednesday!

wiaw fall into good habits button

If you’ve seen yesterday’s post you’ll know there’s a new cookbook in my life. Does anybody else get all excited when getting a new one, intending to try just about every recipe – only to have the hardest time when it gets to deciding which one to try first? Just me?! Anyway, that’s to blame for me having yet to try a lot of recipes from Happy Herbivore Light & Lean. Okay, that and difficulties to find certain ingredients in the countryside.


What you see above would be “Cheese” ball which I’d seen Lindsay mention being one of her favourite recipes from the book. Always a good idea to start with the author’s favourites, don’t you agree? Never mind that I’ve yet to try an ‘actual’ cheese ball in my life. Maybe it’s an American thing? Anyway, I wasn’t a fan when trying the mix right after blending it. But just like cheese is supposed to age for a while this ‘ball’ – which you’ll notice I simply treated like a dip – developped its flavour after a day in the fridge. So while I don’t have the comparison to the ‘real thing’ this definitely had a creamy cheesyness to it. I probably wouldn’t serve it to vegan-skeptics but could see this go over well with people used to the cheesy flavour of nutritional yeast.

cheese ball spoonful

My return to the working world obviously entailed a renewed membership in the Tupperware club. Thanks to my mum’s generous ways of spoiling me with local squash that’s what made it into many of my lunches last week. Ssssh, do you think my mum will mind me returning her tupper with a lovely orange squash stain ;)? I’m admittedly doubtful so if you know any great tricks of removing the ‘evidence’ after not even the dishwasher was of help I’d be forever thankful.

office lunch

Confession: Since starting my internship last week my kitchen mojo has been playing hide and seek. Luckily, though, it peeked through in between and let me come up with what a – if I do say so myself –Β  an awesome and delicious dish. Once more comfort food – because what would be more suitable on a dark afternoon with drizzly rain outside?


Pie! Actually, I went into the kitchen with no real idea what to prepare, raided my fridge and my mum’s vegetable drawyer – isn’t that what I’m supposed to do ;)? – and there it was. Just like with cheese balls I’m lacking pie experience but I think this would be akin to Shepherd’s Pie. And you know I’m using those terms loosely in anyway so as long as it tastes good who’d be a stickler about the names :)?

Well, seeing as I’m writing this post at night it’s snack time over here and the almond butter’s calling my name …

Almond butter

If you haven’t done already hop over to Jenn’s to take a look at everybody else’s amazing foods. Don’t forget to keep a snack at hand because you know you’ll get hungry from the visual spread expecting you.


Happiness inducing today: A nice chat with a colleague.


What’s your go-to office lunch?

Have you ever eaten a cheese ball – vegan or not? I’d be curious to know as I don’t think they’re a classic over here.

What was the best meal you ate during the last week?


18 thoughts on “What I ate Wednesday: Short and savoury

  1. Emily says:

    All I have to say is that the first paragraph of this post put the biggest smile on my face. I’m so, so proud of you and I can’t tell you how happy I am that you’re loving your new internship. You absolutely deserve it. I know how hard it was for you to leave the last place but I knew it would all pay off- everything happens for a reason! xoxo

  2. swissfitchick says:

    So good to hear that you are happy about your internship!! That’s great news!!
    And I feel you on the orange touch on tupperwares – unfortunately I did not find a magic cleaner so far either…..I guess I just have to buy new ones πŸ™‚

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Well, if none of you are successful in removing the stain I’ll play the innocent one when returning the boxes to my mum ;). Thanks for letting me know there really isn’t anything I could have done to prevent it.

  3. Jan @ Sprouts n Squats says:

    That β€˜cheese’ ball looks delicious!! So different πŸ™‚

    My favourite go to lunch is probably a mexican salad bowl.

    Best meal of the week would be the 4.5 year anniversary dinner my boyfriend and I celebrated last week at a Mexican restaurant πŸ™‚

  4. Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli says:

    Oh how I wish I knew how to save the life of a tupperware container when faced with my favorite colored foods! Unfortunately, after ruining half of my collection, I gave up and switched to glass…which I hear is better anyway, you know, since you’re not getting specks of plastic in your food! πŸ˜‰

    My go-to “office” lunch is usually a salad…it’s just easy to throw a whole bunch of stuff in a bowl and call it done! I’ve never had a vegan cheese ball, but I love traditional ones…though I usually only have them during the holidays. Best one I’ve ever tried was a BLT one…so good!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Even though I’ve seen some glass containers I worried they’d either break when accidentially dropping my lunch bag – hello, clumsiness alert – or be very heavy compared the tupperware. Hence why I’m still stuck with plastic and luckily have yet to eat any plastic – or not that I’d know at least …
      A BLT cheeseball?! With this being my first one I hadn’t even thought of variations. But a quick search came up with a recipe for a chocolate chip cheese ball – now that’s intriguing!

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