Same same but different

Same same but different?! Variations on a topic, if you will. Or better yet: variations on a dish. I go through phases with certain flavours and cravings. Right now I’m apparently [still] on a chili kick. Either adding chilis to just about every lunch or going for the dish itself. It’s a chili time of the year. And it’s a food time of the week. Better named and known as What I ate Wednesday with our amazing host, Jenn.

wiaw fall into good habits button

The first one was a “I’m hungry and need food fast” version that turned out surprisingly awesome considering the circumstances. Or not just considering the latter but in general. Don’t you just like it when you start out preparing a meal with only a basic idea – in this case: chili, whichever kind – in mind, adding random ingredients and being pleasantly surprised once you sit down to eat? Pumpkin Chili for the win.


Next up … Even more chili?! Why yes, as mentioned above I don’t think I’ll tire of it any time soon. Especially not because I’ve hardly been cooking the same recipe twice lately. These two might look similar but tasted decidedly different. Inspired by the Caribbean Chili in Happy Herbivore Light & Lean I added pineapple to my pot of chili [try it!] but elsewise didn’t really follow the recipe. Mostly because I was missing key ingredients and, oh, I think we talked about my inability to follow recipes before …?!

December 2013 015I actually didn’t eat it from the bowl above – I wish! – but tupper-ed [yes, that should be a verb] it as my work lunch for today. Yes, it’s still what I ate not what I will eat [only] because I already had a bowl/tupper of it for lunch yesterday. We all know chili tastes better the second day and it’s easy to prepare in larger batches so win-win.


In case it wasn’t obvious before: yes, I’m likely one of the hugest chickpea addicts around. Just about every time a dish ‘needs’ legumes I’m adding chickpeas. What’s not to like? Anyway, thanks to Kaila mailing me a recipe for Chana Masala I was able to broaden my culinary horizon while sticking with my favourite pea. Next up …

Hot choc cookiesBaking!

Did you really think I baked just one kind of cookies? No, challenging my multitasking skills I decided to try another new recipe. One batch of dough chilling in the fridge while filling and the next one. And yes, I made sure to pick a vegan recipe for some variation on the cookie plate. Eating the colours of the rainbow? Not so much with both kinds being … brown. But we’re talking cookies so brown is the best colour because it means chocolate is included.

Hot Chocolate Cookies

These are Ari’s Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies. Though I was apparently not paying close attention when preparing them as I didn’t notice I’d forgotten about the topping until looking at the pictures on the screen. Never mind because I modified the recipe in anyway [and should have probably taken notes of my changes]. This might surprise you but unlike with cooking I tend to follow baking recipes to a T. So this was an exception because I realized I didn’t have all ingredients on hand too late. There’s always a next time to do things right, though. And just to let you know: these passed the ultimate test by getting not only my seal of approval but an appreciative comment by my dad, too. Clearly no competition for his beloved Kakaoplätzchen but a simple approval is more than I’d have hoped for.

Kakaoplätzchen II

With that I’m off to work and hoping for two stories I’m currently writing to get along swimmingly. Keep your fingers crossed for me :)!

Happy Wednesday!

Happiness inducing today: One of the articles mentioned above being off to a promising start.


Is there any food or dish you could eat variations of for a longer time without getting bored? Or maybe you even tried already?

What are you favourite kinds of cookies?

Have you ever added fruit to chili? Or traditionally savoury spices [like pepper or chili] to cookies or other sweets?




19 thoughts on “Same same but different

  1. Emily says:

    I LOVE chili so, of course, I’m drooling over all of your variations. It’s the ultimate comfort food for me- probably because my mom always made it when I was growing up. So yummy!
    I’m the same way with going through food phases. I get hooked on something and crave it constantly until I find something new to obsess over. Right now I’m on a salad kick (which is weird considering the cold weather!) and have been having massive salads every day. And, when I say massive, I mean MASSIVE. Like…I use an entire bag of lettuce for each one. (:


    • Miss Polkadot says:

      A salad kick in autumn :)?! Well, I figure you’re doing it right getting in your vegetables/vitamins to prevent getting a cold. Using a whole bag sounds massive but as a volume eater I totally understand.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      I’m glad to hear you don’t mind me playing around with your recipe. Thanks for sharing because they turned out really well and the spicy kick was a pleasant change from the regular.

  2. Sue says:

    Chili is always welcome on my plate. Actually, I eat a bowl of bibimbap, that’s rice with sauteed vegetables and kimchi, at least once a week. It never gets old, because i use different vegetables every time.

      • Miss Polkadot says:

        Thanks for the link. I’m just afraid I won’t be able to find all ingredients needed for many of the recipes. The kimchi on that site seems to call for pretty basic ingredients though it makes a loooot and it’s just me here. Looks like I should really mail you my address ;).

  3. Juli @ 1000lovelythings says:

    Hooray for the chickpeas. I love them in any variation! I get really jittery when I’m down to a two can supply and head to the supermarked asap!
    Chili to fruits is awesome. I used to have a chili grinder in one of my drawers at the office and topp my pears with it. I also love to have mango and trkey with hot chili sauce. Perfect combo!

  4. Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli says:

    Ohhhh! I am totally intrigued! I’ve got to try the pineapple in chili…I’m all about flavor variations of one of my all time favorite soups! And I agree, chili (and most anything that has at least a half dozen ingredients) tastes SO much better the next day!

    Those cookies look amazing! My favorite has always been almond shortbread, but nowadays I’m coming back to the classic chocolate chip…but it HAS to be chewy!

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