Thinking out loud #1

Hi there and let’s get random!

If you’re a regular reader of Amanda’s blog Thinking out loud will ring a bell for you. Amanda had the great idea of turning her random thought posts into a link-up for all of us. Randomness all around? I’m in!


1. Scented candles! I need them in my life especially during the colder months but it had been a while since my last one. That’s because I’m very picky when it comes to which ones I like. Surprisingly enough I don’t find a higher price to automatically guarantee a great scent. In fact, one of my favourites is the Vanilla ice cream scented Tindra candle. Yet I haven’t been to IKEA in a while and there’s no one close by where we live so I’d been on my hunt for a similar one for months. I’m happy to say I was lucky earlier this week. Needless to say my kitchen/living room is a vanilla heaven now.

Vanilla candle

2.  I’d generally consider myself a polite and well-behaved person keeping the public swearing to a minimum. Unless I’m in car, that is. Now that I’m commuting to work every day the amount of swearing has increased by a lot. Believe me: it’s a good thing I’m alone in the car and everybody’s driving with closed windows during these months ;). And on the upside I’m convinced swearing’s a good way of releasing stress.

3. The roses in the basket above are handmade by my sister. She actually crafted them for her wedding and left them at my parents so I couldn’t resist using them for decorating purposes.


4. A good chunk of my daily swearing in the car happens in parking grounds. Why, yes, I’m a walking driving (?) cliché. Women can’t park? I’ll admit it’s true for me in many situations. But you’d understand why if you’d seen the parking area in front of our editorial office. That’s likely the one part of my internship that I absolutely despise.

5. Confession: Everybody’s been raving about Lorde’s Royals for ages yet I somehow never got into it. Sometimes it takes me a while to really like a song. Many commutes to work later it’s probably not my favourite song but definitely turn up the volume when radio stations play it.


6. Talking about music: Will you believe I still listened to my September playlist until just a week or so ago? I have no explanation for this one other than that I a) still enjoyed the songs for the most part and b) was too lazy to set up a new one. With a little more inspiration thanks to listening to the radio regularly again it was time to start all over and change up my tunes.

7.  Guess whom I met today? Santa Claus! Okay, maybe not the real one – because there is a real one, right?! – but one of his earthly representatives who’s going to bestow children in several families on Christmas Eve. The reason is an article I’m currently working on for the newspaper and I feel it’s going to be a cute one.


8. In case you’re wondering about why he’s bringing gifts on Christmas Eve already: That’s when we celebrate over here. During my childhood Santa rang the bell after we’d had dinner on 24th stepping in with a bag of gifts. Before handing them out Santa let us know our good and bad habits from the past year – and then it was time for our little ‘show’. Each child had to sing a song, recite a poem or – that’s why I did several times – play the flute. Yes, we were a little scared if Santa would bring to light all of our naughyness from the part year. But luckily he apparently didn’t have his eyes everywhere as my parents would try to make us believe. That was a close shave ;).

9. Meeting Santa got me thinking – and yes, out loud – about my own experiences and the moment when I stopped believing in him. [Oh, woops, I hope no children are reading – in that case I’m sorry for spilling the beans 🙂 !] For me, I think [but can’t say for sure] it was that year when I noticed Santa’s voice was very similar to my mum’s. She, her siblings and my grandpa took turns in playing Santa. It looks like he had a lot of representatives on earth, don’t you think?!

10. Happy Thursday! [stealing this one from Amanda because I couldn’t end on an uneven number and would have said it in anyway.]

Happiness inducing today: My first research meeting for another article I’m writing on a topic I’d meant to dare working on for almost a year.

Do you still remember the moment you found out Santa wasn’t real?

Are you good at parking? Dríving is no trouble for me – if only it wasn’t for those narrow parking spots …

Which is your favourite scented candle?

20 thoughts on “Thinking out loud #1

  1. Amanda @ .running with spoons. says:

    Loved reading your thoughts, lady! Thanks for linking up 😀

    Scented candles… Oh goodness. Now that I’m spending so much time working from home, I’ve got one going pretty much non-stop. My favourite is one called Frosted Cupcake from Bath & Body Works, but Mint Chocolate is pretty stellar as well. I should probably get a line scented one to make up form lack of real Christmas tree.

    And Royals… I wasn’t a fan either. Have you checked out Bravado? I like that one so much more.

    Happy Thursday!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Thank you for initiating the link-up! I’d gotten out of the groove of sharing randomness though I really enjoy reading it on other blogs.
      Frosted Cupcake? Mint Chocolate? Ookay … I won’t whine around about Germany’s lack of amazing products again but yes, we can only find a few rather ‘usual’ scents and none as exciting as those you mentioned.
      Happy Thursday!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Learning about other people’s and countries’ traditions is exciting for me, too. There were so many holidays I hadn’t heard of before getting in contact with the blog world. It’s fascinating to find out more and more.

  2. Ashley says:

    I do the swearing thing in the car too (and also at my phone, because it’s been acting up lately) so you’re definitely not alone! Sometimes other drivers are just too frustrating to deal with in a calm manner. I’m also not great at parking but living at an apartment complex with closer spots has forced me to learn how to park more carefully. And now that I always have to back out of spaces instead of being able to pull forward I’ve gotten better at that too–when I was learning to drive I always parked in a space where I didn’t have to back out!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      And it happened again today ;). Swearing in the car to the max because in addition to other drivers annoying me I was upset about something at work. Great stress reliever!
      Your experiences give me hope I might get a little better at parking after being forced to work with those close spots every day now. Thanks for that 🙂 .

  3. swissfitchick says:

    Love the randomness 🙂 I am big at swearing in the car as well. Though I must say I am a good parker, which is totally anti-cliché, since I am a BLONDE woman 🙂
    We do the same with the presents on the 24th – though Santa comes on December 6 in Switzerland, and the presents are brought by the christmas child.
    Happy Thursday girl!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Best way of breaking a stereotype, honey! Care to teach me your tricks ;)? I feel I could seriously need some parking lessons again …
      That’s so interesting for Santa and the ‘Christkind’ to visit Switzerland on different days. Does that mean you’re celebrating twice? Or did you do as a child?

      • swissfitchick says:

        Yes, we celebrate on the 6th ‘Santiglaus’ – Day and then christmas eve in the traditional way! Santiglaus is more for children though, so its not an official holiday or something.

  4. Madison @ Eating 4 Balance says:

    I’m someone who NEVER swears and even I sometimes mutter it under my breath while I’m driving alone in the car. Why do drivers have to be so gosh darn irritating?

    Your sister is a pretty incredible crafter. She did a great job on those roses!

    Wow. Talk about a lot of pressure to perform on Christmas Eve! Lol. I would have gotten so nervous to have to sing or recite a poem in front of Santa. I’m happy to leave it at him just coming down the chimney that night with no one the wiser 😉

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      We were definitely anxious to perform in front of the whole family of grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. The best part was being done :).
      Seriously, why can’t all other drivers be a little more patient and less ridiculous?! No surprise even you are swearing.

  5. Maria says:

    Definitely check out the rest of Lorde’s cd. I wasn’t a big fan of Royals either..I actually prefer some of her other songs..Team, Tennis Court, Bravado, Buzzcut Season.. 🙂

  6. Christine @ Gotta Eat Green says:

    Your sister made those flowers? They are beautiful. I actually don’t remember when I stopped believing in Santa. My sister remembers EVERYTHING about our childhood (it is so weird) so I’m sure she remembers when, but I just stopped believing one year I guess?

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Oh, wow, your sister must have a great memory. I’d be curious to know if she still remembers when you stopped believing in Santa. I’m not sure about the exact year, either, though. Just that it was hearing my mum’s voice.

  7. yumeating says:

    I totally love randomness! I might have to think about linking up with a totally random foodie post or use my other site. I tend to get off-topic and totally random often.

    Do you still remember the moment you found out Santa wasn’t real?

    Sadly, I don’t. Is that weird?

    Are you good at parking?

    I think I am fine. I don’t parallel park and will drive another mile and 3 blocks over just to cirlcle back around if it means I don’t have to.

    Which is your favourite scented candle?
    I’m a sucker for anything that smells like baked goods.

  8. Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli says:

    Aww, I love learning the differences in how people celebrate Christmas in other countries…that’s so neat! I honestly couldn’t tell you when I stopped believing in Old St. Nick. I think it was kind of a gradual thing slash common sense slash I woke up one night to my mom and dad putting toys together in the living room! For the record, I already had my doubts by then anyway! 😉

    I love all the fallish and baked goods scented candles! I’ve got a sugar cookie and a gingerbread in the living room right now that I’ve been burning all week! I may not be baking, but at least it SMELLS like I am! Lol

    I’m great at parking! I can even parallel like a CHAMP! 😀

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