Smart cookie[s] and family dinner

Pinch me, please! It can’t in all seriousness be less than a week until Christmas Eve! Wait, what are you saying? It’s true?! Then please turn back time. Eeeee! So much to do still, so little time. Let’s just jump right into the food for today’s What I ate Wednesday and Vegan Wednesday!


With Christmas and work on my mind some things don’t get a mention yet they’re [still] happening. Like my old favourite kabocha [with unpictured almond butter] for breakfast on the weekends. [Not exactly an office-friendly meal, don’t you agree?] I’m down to my last few squashes with the vendors at the market letting me know the season was definitely over. Living in the moment and enjoying while I still can.


And some things got a [hopeful] mention way back and didn’t end up happening – until now. Case in point: The last week marked our first true family dinner in a long time. Even though we’d meant to ever since I’d moved back home things kept getting in between. My parents – avid hobby dancers – attending an all-day dancing class on the weekend or going out for dinner with their staff narrowed down the number of days offering up for a shared meal. We finally made it happen. Keeping it simple and safe – no strange but good concoctions for my parents – I picked this recipe as my base making the adaptions necessary.

Family dinner

Especially cute was when my dad asked me for the name of the dish. Clearly not an unsual questions to ask among food bloggers/foodie. My dad, however, is neither. His main attitude towards food is eating to eat as in: food as fuel. Don’t get me wrong: he won’t eat anything and definitely enjoys a good meal. But he simply wouldn’t usually care for details like recipe names or spices used. Yet he did ask me for them this time and showed an actual interest in them. Not gushing too much but this simple fact was happiness-inducing for me. No strange looks for snapping pictures for the blog, either.


With my internship being just temporary and from what it looks like going to end on December 31st we’re not sure how many repeats we’ll have. But I’m convinced that we’d all benefit from shared meal times. For once me because it’s something I still struggle with for a variety of reasons. And all of us because we actually don’t get to see each other much or have more than a short chat during the week. That might sound odd given that I’ve moved back in with my parents. Here’s the deal: I’m living in their guest apartment with a separate entrance and a kitchen to myself so we don’t actually share the same rooms. It’s a bit lonely at times in the evening but my mum and agreed it’d be the best for all of us. And judging from how well – aside from the occasional little arguments that are common among parents and children, huh? – we’ve been getting along it was a good decision.

Celeriac stew

A random quick curried Celeriac Apple Stew.

Ending on my aimed for sweet note I baked once more. While I like our family favourites I’m feeling inclined to give new recipes a try every year. Possible favourites to be if you so will. Playing it safe I went with a cookie I’d been eyeing for months already when it had gone viral in the [German] blog world: Traumstücke! Or the Christmas-inspired spin on them, actually.

Traumstücke Lebkuchengewürz

The recipe itself looked almost too unsuspecting so I was hesitant to try them – worried my parents wouldn’t even touch them. As tolerant as they are vegan baked goods need to meet high standards to pass their taste test. Long story short: they liked them. They really liked them. I did, too. Soft little pillows of melt-in-your-mouth gingerbread-flavoured perfection. Not to tooth my own horn but what a smart cookie I was choosing these ;). So if you need another simple yet amazing recipe to add to your cookie jar: that’s the one you’ve been looking for.

Only one day left to enter my giveaway to win a copy of the new Happy Herbivore Light & Lean!

Happy Wednesday!

Happiness inducing today: Finally getting my hands on international stamps again – they seemed to be sold out everywhere I asked.

Which homemade gifts have you given to others in past years? Instead of buying all of mine I really want to try my hand at some more personal presents this year. So far I’ve been eyeing brownie/cookie or [savoury] risotto mixes in a jar, chocolate bars [melted, then decorated individually] or spiced nuts.

Are  family dinners still a regular happening for you?

19 thoughts on “Smart cookie[s] and family dinner

  1. Emily says:

    I’m really happy to hear that your living situation is working out well. Sometimes a little extra space is all you need to clear the air- plus it gives you the independence you deserve!
    I honestly can’t figure out what kind of cookie that is but I’m really intrigued! I can’t wait for the recipe. xoxo

  2. shashi @ says:

    Oh my – a plateful of those cookies would be so dangerous around me..guaranteed gone in 0-60 seconds! 🙂
    And that “Celeriac Apple Stew.” wow!
    Most years we give away homemade cookies, but this year we did popcorn, covered in homemade caramel sauce, milk chocolate, & white chocolate, a mint M&M’s for a festive touch!

  3. Kaitlin says:

    I’ve made some good homemade gifts but the best one was one I actually received. My friend used a pinterest idea to make a paint chip calendar. She took paint samples from a hardware store and then put them in a frame.

  4. yumeating says:

    I just realized it’s snowing on your blog! So cute! I can’t believe Christmas is next week either. I don’t have anything wrapped yet. I need to get started on that soon. Kiddo is getting a room makeover and I am wondering when I am going to be able to do that!

    These eats look yummy! I adore vegan dishes. I wish I could get hubs to eat more of them. These cookies look like a nice side to some hot tea. I love little biscuit cookies that pair nicely with tea.

    I was going to do “What I ate Wednesdays” even grabbed the button, but got so busy with posting for other things that it slipped my mind. I think it will help with the intuitive eating stuff, really make me away. I do have it noted to start after the new year. 🙂 And, give me a schedule for posting, something I really need to work on.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      I’d forgotten about activating it until recently but it adds a sweet seasonal touch.
      Looking forward to your What I ate Wednesday – yes, here’s the noseyness of a blogger 🙂 . Maybe after the holidays when things have calmed down is a better time to join? Good call on the posting schedule – mine is all over the place, too.
      Good luck with your final spurt on wrapping up Christmas preparations!

  5. Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli says:

    Seriously, this post made me SO happy!! The interest that your dad is showing in your foodie efforts? That’s INCREDIBLE, girlie!! And those cookies sound amazing! You had me at melt-in-your-mouth!

    Hmm, apple stew, huh? I’d eat that! 😉

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