Blended in Berlin [blogger meet-up]


Keeping it [rather] short and sweet but also slightly sappy here today. If that’s not for you just return tomorrow for the food. I won’t judge you [much]. For those of you who are still reading: let’s talk blends once more. It’s a well-known fact among bloggers that aside from all wonderful parts of blogging the friendships we create are the most amazing. Like I mentioned before this weekend did not only involve a simple day in Berlin but involved a meet-up with Lucie.

Atlantic Berlin_2014

Lucie had suggested a cute little restaurant in Kreuzberg, the neighborhood she used to live while in Berlin in 2008 for our meet-up.  It had the typical Berlin flair – a mix of guests from students, tourists as well as people who looked like they had been born and raised in Berlin. Unsurprisingly the place was packed and had a great atmosphere. I’ll admit I was still anxious the hours leading up to our meet-up. What if we didn’t get along? Or if I don’t know what to say? Or … I can be quite talkative but awkward when first meeting others. Clearly my constant over-worrying tendencies persist even in the face of happy events to come.


All of my worries were obviously [or not so to me, apparently] unnecessary and forgotten all at once when we met. From the moment we hugged and said hello we clicked with each other right away. It’s one of those clichés that’s true: when you’ve been following each other’s blogs, exchanging mails and letters it’s like you’d been friends forever. Lucie and I talked non-stop about … everything, really. Just like catching up with an old friend you haven’t seen in a while and where you can pick up a conversation at the point were you stopped the last time. From blogging in general to food [obviously], families,  fitness and whatever else we could have gone on forever. It’s probably a cliché saying this by now but Lucie truly is just as sweet in person as she appears to be on her blog.

Tea with Lucie
The beauty of friendships among bloggers [is blendship an existing word yet??]: We know each others’ background, thoughts, opinions, worries or just random quirks. Meaning that we’ve bonded over similarities, given advice, laughed with each other long before an actual meet-up. What we share on our blogs at times is so intimate we might not even have confided it to family or friends. No matter where we are in life, which struggles we face or questions we ask about life there’s somebody out there who has experienced the same and can offer helpful or at least calming and reassuring words. Support, advice, There’s no need to explain yourself or try to be someone else when you meet people who don’t judge you for your past or current ‘flaws’ you shared on your blog. There are topics I have an even easier time approaching with blends than with ‘real life’ friends though I’m happy to add Lucie to the latter now, too. [In case she agrees, that is :).]

If it hadn’t been for either of us needing to catch a plane respectively train back home Lucie and I agreed we could have kept talking forever. It’s safe to say plans to visit Switzerland are starting to form over here. Even more amazing would be following Lucie suit and attending one of the huge blogger meet-ups overseas to meet even more blends. Wishful thinking …

Come back tomorrow for more on what I ate  in Berlin. Happy Tuesday!

Happiness inducing today: Sharing an office with a nice colleague.

What was a highlight of your weekend or your Monday?

Will you attend one of the blogger meet-ups in the US? Which one?

30 thoughts on “Blended in Berlin [blogger meet-up]

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      If only the flights weren’t that expensive I’d be coming over right away 😦 . Meeting Lucie was a great start and I hope I’ll get a chance to get to know all of you in person one day, too.

  1. Life's a Bowl says:

    I LOVE when I meet bloggers and they become blends! I don’t have any plans to travel for any of the blogger meet ups, but I’d love to organize one in my area (DC/MD/VA) sometime in the near future 🙂

  2. Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli says:

    Awwww!!! So happy you two got to finally meet! I get a little anxious sometimes meeting blends for the first time, but the worries I used to have over whether or not we would have good conversation, is LONG GONE! Like you said, we learn so much about each other from reading each other’s blogs that it’s almost like we’ve known each other for years! Wow, that was a lot of “each other’s”…Hahaha! It still makes me laugh to myself a bit how much times have changed for me…when I was growing up, I never would have imagined having such meaningful friendships with people I’d never actually met face-to-face!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Good call on the meaningfullness. Generally being doubtful of online friendships I’d have never in a million years believed if you’d told me how meaningful blogger friendships could be. If I’d had any last doubts left meeting Lucie would have wiped those away, too. I’d even go so far to say I have made friends even closer to me through blogging than some of those I have in real life. And now I’m just waiting for you to hop on a plane and come over here. Please?!

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