Good good links #23

Broken record or not: I can’t believe it’s already Sunday again! Does 2014 somehow have every intention of beating a record by presenting us the fastest January in years? Maybe it’s just a personal sensibility knowing that the end of January means my internship will be over which isn’t exactly reason to rejoice for me. But here’s to keeping up with my motto to just live and let things fall into place. There’s still a week left with a number of projects lined up and that alone is inspiration to keep up the positivity.

Good good links

No matter how fast the weeks fly by, though, not a single one passes without many great and inspiring posts. As usual let me know which ones you enjoyed, too.

Happy Sunday!

Good good [food for thought]

What Does ‘Fit’ Mean To You? via The Healthy Maven

‘Fit’ is a flexible term different for each and everyone of us. Have you found your ‘fit’?

feeling like we’re not good enough via berry merry endorphins

We don’t need to be perfect to at everything. Great tips on what to keep in mind when struggling with self-doubt.

Enough of the Fat Talk via My Food ‘n’ Fitness Diaries

Time to stop thinking in physical ‘flaws’ and start measuring by inner beauty.

To Those Who Underestimated Me via Runner Girl Robin

Thought-provoking post on the social stigma of disabilities.

Good good [advice and inspiration]

5 Goals You Should Make Today via I Heart Vegetables

Changes don’t have to be drastic to make a difference – just little things you can easily do in everyday life.

The trick to a healthy diet via A Cup Of Jo

“Eat anything you want, just cook it yourself.” – Way to change how we look at and appreciate food.

A Colourful, Nourishing Diet via Kath Eats Real Food

Short, simple, spot on: the basic outlines of a balanced diet.

A Guide to Root Vegetables via Oh my Veggies

Don’t feat the roots! Great information on how to choose, store and prepare a variety of season’s best as well as their health benefits.

60 Must-Read Health, Fitness, and Happiness Blogs for 2014 via Greatist

Some familiar faces, some new [to me] bloggers to pay a visit.

What I Like and Dislike About Working From Home via Diary of a Semi-Health Nut

The blessings and banes of turning of your home doubling as your office. Interesting read even for those who don’t work from home [yet].

Scrapbooking For Beginners (Our Family Volume 1) via a beautiful mess

If – like me – you’ve pondered to get into scrapbooking but never knew where to start.


Homemade rose lip balm via The Fitnessista

A great DIY alternative to store-bought chapsticks without sketchy ingredients.


Good good [food]

Black Rice, Romesco, and Roasted Veggie Bowl (Gluten Free and Vegan) via Beard + Bonnet

A beautifully arranged bowl of all things delicious and nutritious.

Mushroom Bolognese Bread Pudding (Vegan) via The Smart Kitchen

Combining two of my favourite [savoury bread pudding & mushrooms for meatiness] this has to happen soon!

Skinny Salted Caramel Apple Crips via Apple of my Eye

Apple Crisp itself is awesome. Add salted (!) caramel to the equation, turn it into a single-serving recipe – I’m sold!

Nutella Swirl Banana Oatmeal Bread via The Nutritious Kitchen

Nutritious oats make this banana bread a perfectly acceptable way to get in some [more] Nutella at breakfast.

Happiness inducing today: Having an all-around cozy happy day with some food for thought through an interview for the newspaper.

What were some of your favourite reads from the week?

If you read any of the above already I’d be curious to hear your thoughts!

18 thoughts on “Good good links #23

  1. lovenataliemarie says:

    Wow, these links were some real inspirations. I love when I read posts that make me self-reflect. I do have the mindset of numbers, numbers, numbers, abs, muscles, working out, lifting, gotta stay active, gotta eat healthy. I haven’t found my true balance yet. I have been working on my self love lately. I am going to try intuitive eating for a few weeks. I was injured pretty bad (I wrote a post about it) and numbers are going to be way to stressful for me. This is going to be a challenge having so much rest, but I need it. Thank you for the good reads. 🙂

  2. Molly says:

    Thank you for the link love! ❤ And thank you for the other links as well. I love checking out new blogs and reading articles and blog posts. The Black Rice, Romesco, and Roasted Veggie Bowl looks so pretty and colorful. (Colorful foods are the best.)

  3. Ms.J says:

    Yes 2014 is off to a flying start..I’m not sure why but when the days seem to be passing in a blink of an eye it scares me slightly. “feeling like we are not goof enough” resonated with me so is definitely the kind of thing I think most of us feel whether we are aware of it or not. That Nutella banana bread – I want!

  4. Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli says:

    Ahhhhh!! That guide to root veggies was written by one of my latest blog crushes! Julia is AMAZING…and her sense of humor? Omg, you would love it! Unless you already read her and I’m just telling you things you already know! 😉

    Scrapbooking! Yes…ONE of these day’s I’ll stop collecting scrapbooking materials and start actually USING them! Lol

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