WIAW: Why so fluffy?

Would anybody like to let me know what exactly my stomach has been trying to tell me lately? An appetite that’s off the charts? Not exactly my favourite but fine, I can live with that knowing it’ll [usually] ebb off soon. Feeling a bit ‘fluffy’– it happens. But both at the same time with no change in sight? Not cool. Way not cool. However, such is life and instead of sitting around waiting for miracles to happen I pondered any possible recent changes in my life. All I could think of were miniscule amounts of new foods or those I hadn’t eaten before or  at least not in a while. So changing it up again it was and today’s What I ate Wednesday will give a glimpse in some of what I tried. Thanks to Jenn for hosting!


Breakfast has always been the hardest meal to change up for me. I’m neither exactly creative nor patient in the morning. As a result I end up eating the same thing on end until I get so fed up with it I really feel an urge to change. Under these current circumstances, however, I knew changing this meal up, too, was my only chance to possibly find out what has been [yes, has not had as I’m still not sure] upsetting my stomach.

Baked blueberry pancake_Feb2014

And being the good blogger I decided to go with a common favourite that’s far from my usual breakfast[s]. Okay, another factor playing into my decision was seeing Robyn’s idea of baking any pancake recipe the night before making for a quick breakfast the next morning. The additional bonus: no flipping skills required and one dish less to clean up. Does anybody of you pancake fiends really enjoy cleaning the skillet? I’m okay with pots but skillets – especially those of the non-stick variety that require extra pampering – aren’t my favourites. But back to the pancake: a gluten-free protein oat & coconut flour pancake with fresh blueberries. It was okay. Not life-changing but nothing a bit of both almond and peanut butter [post-photo because I reheated it after snapping the pictures – no cold pancakes for me] couldn’t hide.


Something I can’t forget to mention is my birthday lunch of choice. By far not the prettiest pictures [ugly, even] but it’s all you can get with impatient parents sitting at the table :(. Delicious nonetheless. Semmelknödel  – bread dumplings – here prepared using whole wheat buns which should excuse the even uglier than usual look – with orientally spiced sauerkraut. Trust me you actually really want to eat these.


Even though I know the fibre in vegetables and legumes causes stomach woes for many people I couldn’t give them up just yet. Going with my cravings again after the not-so-satisfying breakfast I actually thought I was going to end up with a non-mention- or picture-worthy dish.

Giant white bean chiliTaking one bite, however, I knew I had to share it. While it started out as ‘just a chili’ I kept adding a little of this and a little of that ending up with a dish that’s good enough to deserve a mention. Brussels sprouts and giant white beans hadn’t made an appearance in far too long and their comeback had a tasty result. A perfect recipe for a cold day. But for now I’ll add it with my favourite snack [or second after apples and chocolate which share the first place ;)]: blueberries. The awesome deals at the stores continued so I couldn’t say no.


Writing this post Tuesday night I can’t tell if my changes made any difference yet but keeping my fingers crossed for a relaxing night of sleep after two rather uncomfortable ones. If not I’ll keep experimenting and possibly cutting out some other foods to see what works. What better day to get some inspiration in how to change it up than Wednesday?!  And with that I hope it’s a happy one for you!

Happiness inducing today: The many offers on my last post for listening to my rambles next time I need somebody to talk to. Just don’t start complaining once I get back to you ;).

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If you’ve ever experienced any discomfort or bloating despite not changing your diet:  how did you identify the triggers?

What is your go-to breakfast? I usually mix it up between a sweet and savoury option depending on what I feel like.

9 thoughts on “WIAW: Why so fluffy?

  1. Davida @The Healthy Maven says:

    I think we all have those days when we feel a bit “fluffy” for absolutely no reason and then after a week of no working out we have a perfectly flat tummy…I’ve given up on trying to find a method to the madness cause there really isn’t any!

    As for pancakes the night before, that’s exactly what I do! Actually I usually make a huge batch of them or waffles on weekends and then freeze them so I can throw them in the toaster in the morning!

  2. lovenataliemarie says:

    Embrace the fluffiness! I always think of teddy bears if I feel fluffy, and then I think of how cute they are and start to feel better. Although not always a welcomed feeling, it’s a body signal to us. So that’s helpful at least. 🙂

    I don’t know if I could change up my oatmeal routine in the morning. I love it too much.. I am a big lover of pancakes and blueberries! Oh how I love sweet sweet blueberries.

    That chili also looks quite tasty! 😀

  3. Ms.J says:

    A bloaty belly is sooo uncomfortable..lots of veggies at once do that to me sometime. But there’s also been countless times where I couldn’t pinpoint the culprit. Mmmm chilli..been awhile since I’ve had it. Breakfast is always sweet for me, has to have nutbutter and most of the time banana in it. Oooh I really want to try baking my go to pancake recipe. Any ideas on the temperature and time length?

  4. Sue says:

    My appetite has been insane lately, too. Maybe it’s the sudden drop of temperatures? I feel like my body is trying to prepare for hibernation.
    I always need a savory breakfast, sweets just don’t satisfy my belly. So I usually have sandwiches with savory toppings (I love the Alnatura and Zwergenwiese spreads) or a fried egg on the weekend. My Korean husband loves rice soup with kimchi and fish powder for breakfast. That is too strange, even for me.

  5. jessielovestorun says:

    Everyone experiences “fluffiness”. Sometimes it’s just from consuming a bit too much salt – no big deal. Fluffy or not, you’re beautiful! I know bloating can flat out suck, but it’ll subside… I promise! ❤

    I had to laugh when reading about the blueberries since that's the fruit we were converting in euro & KD (kuwaiti currency) Ha Ha!

  6. Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli says:

    Aww honey! Sorry to hear about the tummy troubles! Been there…done that! Honestly though, I’ve seen less and less issues since I’ve relaxed on the food front recently. The last time I had any sort of upset was the night I went to Genghis Grill (a Mongolian Barbecue restaurant), but I think it had everything to do with the fact that my bowl of tofu and veggies was SWIMMING in oil! 😯 My system just can’t handle stuff like that anymore. I’m still a bit leery of hamburgers and such these days, but after last weekend’s fast food pizza, I think I might be getting a better tolerance. I will say that the cruciferous veggies and beans are a big culprit for me…but I’ve finally found a good balance where I can have my broccoli and EAT it too! 😉

    Go-to breakfast? Wait, would that be MY breakfast or normal people’s breakfast? Well, right now they’re both breakfast-y so I’ll tell you both…though if you saw my WIAW post, then you already know…cereal with peanut flour and fruit and toast with “something” hearty on top (avocado and jam, or today it was cream cheese and pasta sauce? Ok, so maybe that’s not exactly breakfast-y…whatever, I’m weird. You know this. 😉

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