Currently … February 2014

Hi! I hope you’re all wearing a smile to combat the [still] grey weather outside and make somebody else join you in the happiness. Fingers crossed the sun will make an appearance soon.
Eleven days [!] into February already I figured it might be fun to update you a little on some of my currents and it’s


Current book: A bit of difference by Sefi Atta. I just started it a few days ago so can’t say much yet. My mum picked it as a birthday gift and I’m keeping my fingers crossed she made a good choice.

Sefi Atta_book

Current music: Aside from last month’s happiness inducing tune an old favourite has been making an appearance again: Vampire Weekend.

Current guilty pleasure: Viber! Actually, it’s not so much of a guilty pleasure to begin with but the time I spend on it and especially the fact that it’s usually pretty late for me already when everybody’s on … Not the best when trying to go to sleep earlier. That being said I still don’t see myself giving up on it and if you’re using it, too: Let’s chat :)!

Current nail colour: Essie’s Jam ‘n’ Jelly. A late birthday present by my mum and I’m already heads over heels for it. Though can I just rant a little over the fact that we can get only a fraction [98 the last time I checked] of the colours available in the US and Canada over here? Not fair, Germany.

Current drink: Almond milk while I still can. I mailed the company and for whichever odd reason it’s sold in the tiny countryside town my parents live but not in the city I’ll move back to.

Almond milk

Current food: All the food. Moving at the end of this week means making a more or less successful effort at using up as much of my staples as possible. Looking at all there is I have a hard time believing it was actually just me buying all of that. Are you sure? I’m suspecting some kitchen elves sneakily adding random odds and ends to my pantry. Amidst all of that, though, there have been some new disoveries.


Blueberries – Chocolate with pink pepper – apple chips – dumplings [recipe to come]

Current need: More time with my family. These past two and a half months  😯 [really??] went by way too fast and there’s so much we’d planned to do but didn’t manage to squeeze in.

Current triumph: Four of my articles getting published in the newspaper the week after I left – and all on the same day.

Current wish: The last parts of the puzzle magically making sense to me and showing me where they belong. If any of you have some spare time to help please feel free to come over.


Current bane of my existence: Still spending more money than I’d like to. Budgeting hasn’t gone too well mainly because I tend to forget writing any and every purchase down immediately and little things add up. That’s not to say I was giving up just yet, though. There’s always a way to change things for the better.

Current outfit: Lace! I’m into all things lace and my mum – obviously knowing this – sewed me a new dress for my birthday because I hardly ever find all I want in any store-bought dress [but still own quite a few of those as well …]. While there are a few things I would have changed I’m obsessed with this lace application on the arms. And the colour, obviously. She knows me so well.


Current indulgence: Sleeping in. Soon enough the nights of ten glorious hours of sleep – okay, on the weekend and it was an exception – will be over.

Current procrastination: With the upcoming move back into my apartment I’ve been postponing the packing for days already and likely won’t start until the eve before our departure. Do you think my suitcases will magically pack themselves if I just wait long enough?

Current blessing: Maybe I’ll answer this in a similar way every time but it’s just true: my family and blends. Believing that everything happens for a reason I don’t think it was a coincidence these past days have shown me the truly amazing people in my life again.

Current excitement: If you asked my dad it should be this …

9. Februar 002

  Never mind that my dad’s phone still runs under the name of the lady he bought it from.

Our new car with all its gimmicks like a stereo that [supposedly] recognizes you phone via Bluetooth allowing you to play music from it [first test: fail], is voice-operated [again: fail when he tried it ;)], … Long story short: every man’s dream. But I’m a woman and just want a car to get me around. Sorry I’m not sorry.

My actual excitement, though, is being a tester for Kristy’s first cookbook. While I’m not allowed to share pictures on the blog yet you might want to follow me on Twitter for some first impressions …

Current link: Bloglovin. Right now that I have some time off I’m playing catch-up on blogs a little. Still just a little because for whichever reason my to-do list seems to grow by the minute though I’m not starting work again until next week. I’m clueless about how that happens …

Happiness inducing today: Playing Bingo with my mum.

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Are you using Viber?

Tell me your current

  • a) book
  • b) needs
  • c) food
  • d) blessing

26 thoughts on “Currently … February 2014

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      It was actually my first time buying this brand of apple chips and on clearance which hopefully isn’t a sign they’re discontinued.
      The best part of recipe testing so far was trying dishes I wouldn’t usually have picked because we were assigned the recipes randomly. A good way to try new dishes.

  1. swissfitchick says:

    I’m so jealous of your unsweetened almond milk!! Ours is sweetened and makes it not very appealing to me for that fact.
    Love the song – especially since I will be sitting on a beach in Spain by Friday drinking Horchata!
    I JUST got Viber thanks to Jessie. So you’re not the last one 🙂

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      I saw you in my list of Viber contacts right when I installed it so assumed you’d been using it before?! But I figured that as we already used Whatsapp I wouldn’t chat you up on there, too – total confusion 🙂 .
      Probably ridiculous but I’ll miss that almond milk when I move back by the end of the week. It’s the only one I enjoy drinking plain. And I’ve never had horchata but I guess it’s good??

  2. Irina says:

    How amazing is Dolfin chocolate? I haven’t tried that flavor…yet…but the others I’ve sampled thus far have not failed to impress. And don’t even get me started on lace. I absolutely love all things lace – so feminine and sexy! I’m so impressed that your mom sews you dresses/clothes! Sewing is a secret side hobby of mine and I’m always so envious of people who have incredible sewing skills. I mean, who wouldn’t love translating clothing ideas into a reality?

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      From what I’ve seen on your blog so far you’re a pretty talented seamstress so no need to be envious. My mum doesn’t consider herself an advanced seamstress either, though. She got really into it again after abandoning it a little for years. While I still have to convince her to sew my dream lace dress – it’s so gorgeous! – I’m thankful for many of the clothes she’s sewn me so far.
      Which Dolfin flavours are your favourites so far? I’ve only had this and one or two other ones but will hopefully find a source again once back in the city.

  3. GiGi Eats Celebrities says:

    FOUR ARTICLES!!! You legit sun of a gun!!! Congrats, 🙂 Where are they?!?!?!

    And I want more time with my family too – I miss the holidays already. I have a count down for Thanksgiving going right now… Too soon? NEVER!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      It’s never too early to start counting down to a family gathering. If it’s between me and you I’ll say I’m already missing my parents before even leaving their house.
      And about those articles: that’s the downside of writing for a small local newspaper. They’re nowhere to be found online but then again, they’d have been in German either way. Don’t surprise me telling me you’re fluent in that 😉 !?

  4. Amanda @ .running with spoons. says:

    Seeing your puzzle makes me kick myself for not picking up my own when I was in Disneyland. I saw one that was -kinda- similar, but I ended up putting it back on the shelf because I wasn’t sure how I’d travel with it. Stupid, stupid 😦 I’d be more than happy to help ya finish it 😀

  5. lovenataliemarie says:

    I love drinking almond milk. It has such a sweet distinct flavor that I love. Yum, blueberries and chocolate. ❤

    Congrats on the four articles! Congrats on the puzzle progress! I love anything Disney. 😉

    I'm jealous you get to sleep in more..

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Not much longer in terms of sleeping in. I’ll already have to get up earlier the next two days to help at my parents’ office. I like supporting them but could do without the earlier wake-up call.

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