WIAW: No crumb[le] left behind

Today feels like a special What I ate Wednesday for numerous reasons. For one, I changed up three meals in my day [breakfast, lunch and one of my snacks] which might be the first time in a long while. Second, there’s not one but two crumbles in my day and – talking about a day – I actually made a more conscious effort to take pictures of more meals. Not a full day of eats still but a lot more along those lines than previous WIAW posts. Thanks to Jenn for allowing us to take part whichever way we like every week!


Breakfast was a semi-new one for me. Steel cut oats have quite a few fans among bloggers and it had been years  since I gave them a try for the first time. Then deciding they a) took way too long to prepare and b) didn’t satiate me. Resulting in me never having them again. But I know that sticking with the same breakfast for weeks or even months is one of those points I need to work on so I’m trying to challenge myself more often. Inspired by Amanda’s eggy oats tutorial I turned these into egg-less steel cut oats. Almond butter added after post-photoshoot reheating.

Steel cut_I

I’m still not entirely convinced but they were better than my first try and left me saturated for several hours. Insert some productivity of my not-so-favourite sort [cleaning up] and some of my favourite  – truffle-making for my aunt’s birthday [on Valentine’s Day!]. These were a tester for Kristy’s cookbook so I can’t share a picture here but will post one on Twitter. Chocolate for a first morning snack is fabulous. Later on I got to work on my submission for Davida’s Valentine’s Day Bake-Off which served as my lunch dessert. Crumbling around for the first time of the day …

Strawberry Peanut

Crumbles are my second favourite dessert – ice cream taking a first place. This one’s a super simple Peanut Strawberry Crumble that requires little effort and the red of the strawberries was the only choice for me when it came to a Valentine’s Day treat. Can you judge me for getting a little snap-happy? I’m sure Heather would understand …

Strawberry crumble

One of the cutest apples turned into a mini snack alongside some unpictured walnuts. More specifically: sesame-coated caramelized walnuts. My mum had spotted a bag of them when she was searching tempeh for me in a specialty store on her weekend trip to Berlin. Probably the only way I’ll eat walnuts.


If you read my last post you’ll know I’m currently trying to use up at least some of my many pantry staples before moving. Random creations are a regular around here right now. It’s a fifty-fifty chance: either one of those turns out a winner or just a mediocre dish. Some leftover butternut squash, the last from my bag of brussels sprouts and other odds and ends turned into – surprise! – another crumble. This time of the savoury kind.

Savoury Crumble

I’m still debating whether or not it’s recipe-worthy but the basic idea of a non-sweet crumble is definitely a good one in my book. Chickpea flour for the win. I bought a bag over a month ago and have been using it almost every day since opening it – expect some garbanzo bean creations on the blog soon. If you’re German you might know it already but even if you’re not Vegan Wednesday is worth visiting, too, for even more delicious inspiration – because pictures speak a language that needs no words.

That’s it for me for now so: Happy Wednesday!

Happiness inducing today: Reading a great article.

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Which way do you crumble? Savoury? Sweet?

What have been some winning creations you came up with when using up pantry staples?

Favourite thing you ate in the past week?

20 thoughts on “WIAW: No crumb[le] left behind

  1. lovenataliemarie says:

    I love having oatmeal in the morning every morning. I dress mine up a lot with different fruits, add in cottage cheese, and you can’t forget the peanut butter. 😉

    I always have my chocolate fix before bed.

    I hope you share the recipes! I have never had a crumble before, so a homemade one would be a perfect experience. 😀

    Such an adorable apple.

  2. GiGi Eats Celebrities says:

    OMG YOU SWITCHED UP YOUR ROUTINE?!?!?! I cannot switch up my routine, unless I want to feel like a tsunami hit! I would feel so very weird if I did not eat spaghetti squash and salmon at SOME POINT during the day. And eating meat for dinner is UNHEARD OF for me, ha! I am so flipping weird, but my routines are just instilled in my BRAINN!!! However, I have been in your shoes before where you’re just trying to get rid of a lot of stuff! I one time mixed a can of tomato paste with a can of chicken with a can of olives and a can of green beans (yes, I had lots of cans, lol) and some spinach and it was actually flipping GOOD!!! WHHHATT!??! Leaving my food routine can actually be tasty? Say what?! Well clearly you know this is the case after whipping up your crumbles!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Lucky lady! If only I was able to find spaghetti squash year round – or better yet kabocha. You’re not flipping weird – or maybe you are just a little 😉 – but are found of your favourites just like me. From what it sounds like you might want to consider your second cookbook – the one after GiGi Eats All Other Cookbooks – to be titled: Yes, GiGi can can 😀 . I don’t think I’d have ever come up with that concoction.

  3. Ms.J says:

    I love dessert crumbles!..I’ve only had apple and peach..strawberry crumble sounds delectable. I didn’t know savory crumble was possible :p. Switching things up can be a challenge..well done you 🙂

  4. Sue says:

    I really like the idea of a savory crumble. Tell us more!
    Currently, I’m also trying to use up some of my pantry and freezer foods. The weirdest creation so far was potato dumplings with mushroom sauce, brussel sprouts, and red cabbage. But it was delicious!

  5. Laura says:

    Confession: I’ve never had a crumble before. Well…I’ve had like, apple crisp but that’s the closest I’ve gotten. I think savory sounds really good though!

    I also have never had steal cut oats. My normal rolled oats take long enough if I want them in the morning so I don’t even bother with the steal cut ones. Maybe you said this but do you notice a difference in satiety levels between normal rolled oats and steal cut?

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Good question as I didn’t really mention the difference. I hardly ever have rolled oats usually going for oat bran which keeps me satisfied for quite a while. But from the times I had rolled oats I can remember they didn’t keep me satisfied as long as the steel cut variety. For this bowl I used a mix of steel cut oats, oat bran and chia seeds cooked in water and almond milk.

  6. Emily says:

    I went through a phase (particularly when I didn’t have the greatest relationship with food) where I ate oatmeal for breakfast every. single. day. Without fail. I was scared to branch out because oats were safe…I knew I liked them and I knew that they kept me full. I definitely overdid it because nowadays I can rarely eat them…so weird!
    I’m really proud of you for changing up your meals though- that’s not easy for anyone! We all have things we like and that we’d rather stick to.

    And a savory crumble sounds delicious! I’d love a recipe. (:

    PS: I’m so, so sorry that I haven’t replied to our viber conversation for a few days. I was having issues with my phone and then things got crazy. I promise a response will be headed your way tomorrow. xoxo

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