Thinking out loud #10

Did anybody else notice it’s the 10th episode of Thinking out loud [at least in its link-up form] already? I don’t know about you but in our family significant birthday like this always were reason for a special celebration. Either way: Thanks for hosting this random fun day, Amanda! Here’s to many more weeks!


1. Every blogger knows the importance of props and background materials. Maybe it’s odd but recently I’ve found myself in a constant prop search modus. When I spot something that I think will work I’m curious to give it a try. In fact, I even transferred it to my mum in a way who now makes suggestions for what to use as props [which she called preps before – did I mention she’s cute:)?].

2. … and everybody [or so I assume] appreciates beautifully wrapped gifts. Enter my birthday and the gifts coming with it. I couldn’t really let those wrappers go to waste, right? The perfect low-cost new backgrounds for pictures to add to my collection. And no, I don’t think it was a coincidence polkadots made an appearance. My family really knows me well.

12. Februar 017

3. The gym. It really is a place to meet and watch the weirdest people. Sometimes an innocuous smile is understood as the invitation to talk another person’s ear off. Let me just tell you that thanks to an understanding smile to an older guy on the elliptical next to me I now know stories about basically every technical gadget he ever bought and sneaky sales pitches of a certain skillet manufacturer dating back to the 80s. Maybe I should choose the recipients of my smiles with a little more care?!

4. There are times when I should pay some more attention, though. Embarrassing to admit but true: I was out of my favourite chocolate earlier this week so naturally a quick trip to the grocery was in order. While I was at it I also got some more items for myself and my parents meaning I had a lot to carry back to the car afterwards. And it was only when unpacking at home – and checking multiple times in both my purse and the bags I’d brought along – that I noticed I was missing a single item: my chocolate. A sad night [yes, exaggerating a little here] and a lot of money spent for nothing. I obviously made up for it by buying two bars the next day.

12. Februar 009

Note the above-mentioned new background put to good use.

5. It’s my last week at my parents’ before moving back into my apartment so I’m trying to spend as much time with them as possible. Which – due to both of them working – sadly isn’t much. However, when my mum wanted to watch her favourite crime thriller series – ‘Tatort’ for any German readers – I joined her just because it was another reason to spend another 1 1/2 hours with here. We changed things up for a little more fun, though, playing bingo. Just for anybody who hasn’t played bingo before or can’t think of a way to play it while watching a thriller, here’s how: we both wrote down 5 x 5 terms we hoped would appear throughout the movie like crime, murder, pregnant, the agents’ names, … Believe it or not but I was this close to winning – even with a double bingo. Next time.

6. Impulse purchases are truly the bane of my existence. But can you argue with another pair of fuzzy socks? The last ones have started to disintegrate already. That’s what you get for buying a cheap pair, I guess.

Fuzzy socks

7. Will I ever stop taking the Disney quizzes? Maybe. Maybe not.

8. For all the other single ladies out there probably dreading the idea of spending tomorrow alone: Think about it differently. From what I’ve gathered the intention of Valentine’s Day isn’t making those of us currently not in a relationship sorry for themselves. It’s about love. And love doesn’t come in just one form. Read this great post if you need further encouragement to embrace single-dom. Additional bonus: you can keep all the chocolate for yourself. Or how about …


9. … keeping most to yourself but still sharing some with those you love. I might not have a valentine this year [or do I, GiGi 😉 ?!] but that doesn’t mean there weren’t any loved ones in my life. Like the above Chocolate Mousse Cake for my parents. Maybe I wasn’t altruistic all the way when making this. Just three words: chocolate whipped cream.

10. If you’re spending Valentine’s Day alone celebrating yourself tomorrow and feel like a whole cake is just a little too much: Be back tomorrow for a sweet little single-serving dessert [shown in yesterday’s WIAW already] just in time for Davida’s Bake-Off.

Happy Thursday!

Happiness inducing today: Chocolate mousse.

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Have you ever played bingo before?

What’s your favourite chocolate? Dark, milk, white? Brand? I blame one of my grandma’s for getting me hooked on Lindt.

Do you have any weird gym stories to share, too?

23 thoughts on “Thinking out loud #10

  1. Alex @ therunwithin says:

    i kind of love how your posts come out a day early (well in my time zone!). it reminds me to a. link up and b. gives me wonderful ideas. i have to say I am such an impulse buyer too. I always go home and wonder why the heck I did that!!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Thanks, Alex! I’m not the hugest fan of the time differences but waking up to sweet comments the next morning is kind of nice 🙂 .
      I wonder the same thing when I return from the stores with way more than I’d intended to get. Will that ever change?

  2. Amanda @ .running with spoons. says:

    You seriously need to send me some of your prop buying motivation — mine is TOTALLY lacking, and I could really use some new backgrounds for my pictures. I have to say that using wrapping paper is a genius idea, though! Now if only mine wasn’t all Christmas themed 😆

    And chocolate… oh goodness. I love it ALL, depending on what I’m in the mood for. Sometimes I want the melt-in-your-mouth milk variety, and sometimes nothing satisfies like the deep and sultry dark.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      If you teach me your photography ways we’ll have a deal! And I don’t see anything wrong with Christmas-themed backgrounds in … February. You might just want to change your backgrounds up come summer but until then you should be fine 😉 .

  3. lovenataliemarie says:

    Wrapping paper has so many great uses. It looks good as a prop. Adds that creative and color touch. 🙂

    I have really been into chocolate as my night treat as well. It’s just SO DANG DELICIOUS. That cake looks tempting as well. 😉

    Fuzzy socks are always a must when spotted.

    My Disney obsession has been so dominant lately. 😀

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Finding props when you least expect it is a wonderful surprise – case in point with the wrapping paper.
      Thanks for making me feel better about the fuzzy socks. My last ones weren’t in the best state anymore after all 😉 .

  4. Beth @ Mangoes and Miles says:

    You know what’s REALLY good? You know those little Lindt truffles? (Do those exist outside of the US?) They make a cookies n’ creme truffle. Except I don’t think it’s actually called cookies n’ creme–I think they have a fancier name–but it’s essentially cookies n’ creme. Uhm, best chocolate I’ve EVER had in my life.

    I think the prop search mode is just a byproduct of what we love to do–I’ve found ever since photographing more often that I can look at a tree or the way something is positioned around me and be like, “that would make a fantastic picture.” Too bad most of those moments happen when I’m trying to get to/from somewhere and I don’t have my DSLR on me…

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      I think you might be talking about Lindt’s ‘Hello’ line? There’s a Cookies & Cream flavour from what I can see on their website but I’ll admit I’ve found that range to be rather disappointing so far 😦 . Then again, I’m usually a dark chocolate kind of girl. The only exception being the occasional piece of Lindor and the Chili bar. Oh, and did you try the Lindor Caramel yet? It is amazing.
      The “oh, that’d make a great picture … wait, I don’t have my camera with me!” moment is the worst. It’s almost a given you’ll happen upon the best motives when you’re not carrying your DSLR around. By the way: I know I owe you an e-mail but I had a look at your Flickr and I’m really impressed!

  5. Ms.J says:

    Hahaa ohhh I think your million-dollar smile can cause trouble sometime ;) least the time must have flown by, no?
    How is the Chilli chocolate? I love Lindt coconut..I’ve actually come close to taking the Chilli once..and then chickened out!
    Awesome bonding time with Mum..anyone who calls it ‘prep’ is delightful in my books 🙂

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Well, it’d have flown by a little faster if he’d just let me read my book 😉 . His stories got a little repetitive after some time and he wouldn’t stop.
      Please do yourself a favour and pick up the Lindt Chili! I promise it’s not one of the truly spicy chili chocolates out there.

  6. Lucie@Fitswisschick says:

    Being out of chocolate is the worst!! Actually my mode right now and I need to get out and buy some. Btw how was that vegan chocolate I brought? I might buy some for myself. 🙂
    And regarding Valentines Day – even though I’m in a relationship, we still don’t celebrate it. One, it’s not popular here and second – I prefer tell Sandro or anyone else that i love them when I feel like it – rather than on a specific date. Saying that, i’m all in for the chocolate treats!! 🙂

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