Good good reads #26

Hello there! Are you still feeling all lovey-dovey after a sweet sweet Friday or weekend with your Valentine? Or experiencing a sugar high from treating yourself to a box of chocolates and a romantic movie? Either are good in my opinion. My weekend so far was spent packing for my move. Marveling at how much I’d brought with me and newly aquired during such a short time [really?!]. So no big stories to tell but even more great favourite posts from the week to share so here it goes!

Happy Sunday!

Good good links

Good good [food for thought]

Mental Recovery: It Has To Be YOUR Choice via Fitting It All In

Recovering for others doesn’t work. It’s about finding your own motivation.

Recovery Road Bumps via Soulful Spoon

Following the way you consider right isn’t easy when people around you don’t support it.

All or Nothing Just Doesn’t Add Up via Katy Widrick

Live and eat the way YOU feel – no need to explain yourself. Awesome post.

Love Yourself this Valentine’s Day via The Skinny on Health

An important reminder – not just for Valentine’s Day.

Good good [advice and inspiration]

My Battle with Disordered Eating, and How I Overcame it via Your Trainer Paige

An inspiring story showing that full recovery is possible.

WIAW … how i curb cravings . via Running with Spoons

The smartest way to deal with a craving: satisfy it.

How much exercise do you really need? via Fit ‘n’ Cookies

It takes less than you might have guessed to see and feel the benefits.

Dry Brushing: Benefits + How To via Eating Bird Food

One of my favourite daily habits – here’s a how and why.

Good good [things to make you smile]

Conversations with a three-year-old via A Cup of Jo

So adorable!

16 Graphs And Charts That Perfectly Illustrate Twentysomething Life via BuzzFeed

The first one is painfully true …

Good good [food]

Black Bean Lava Cakes via The Healthy Maven

Molten chocolate oozing out of little cakes … Does it get any better?!

Chocolate Molten Lava Baked Oatmeal via Oatgasm

Notice a theme here? Not just for Valentine’s Day but any time you feel like adding a little more chocolate to your mornings.

Banana Caramel Pockets via Gotta Eat Green

Banana date caramel and chocolate drizzle – heaven in pockets.

How to Use Leftovers via I Heart Vegetables

Great ideas on incorporating leftovers into new dishes.

The Great Valentine’s Day Healthy Bake-Off via The Healthy Maven

It’d take ages to list every single on of these delectable ideas so if you’re actually one of the few who haven’t seen this link-up yet: don’t loose any more time to hop over.

Asian Orange Cauliflower via Coffee and Quinoa

A great spin on one of the most versatile vegetables around.


Happiness inducing today: My mum’s support during my move back.

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What were some of your favourite reads from the week?

If you read any of the above already: share your thoughts!

What were some of your favourite reads from the week?

If you read any of the above already I’d be curious to hear your thoughts!

6 thoughts on “Good good reads #26

  1. Ms.J says:

    Oooh I haven’t checked out the Valentines day bake-off – I think I mentioned everywhere that I live under a rock when it comes to the blog world ;)..heading there now :). Heather’s post was magnifecinto! I don’t think my anger issues is really ‘me’. And I always feel guilty for feeling a sense of anger when it comes to certain things, at the people I live with who loves me so. Aaah well..
    Good luck with moving. Hope everything goes smoothly 🙂

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      I’ll pretend I hadn’t heard what you said about not noticing the Bake-Off yet 😉 .
      It’s hard to understand how much our EDs affect people around us so I think it’s normal to be angry when we don’t feel understood. At the same time I try to see the points they make and then decide what I feel is right for me.
      Happy Sunday!

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