Filling the food memory blank

Traditionally Wednesdays are for sharing our latest favourite meals or even a full day of eats. Confessing it right away, though: I slacked on blogger duties these past days. Not only did I hardly take any pictures of food but I can’t even remember my last actual recipe creations [and apparently didn’t take notes on all of them]. Fingers crossed the memories will return soon. So here’s to closing my own memory blank by looking through the last pictures on my camera and filling you on in what I’ve been eating on this What I ate Wednesday. Thanks as always to Jenn for hosting!


Stocking up on produce for the first time after my move resulted in a pretty and pretty huge bounty of vegetables [love your veggies? Check.] that I could have turned into a million creative dishes. But fighting the masses at the only grocery store opened on Sundays left me ready to chew my arm off so a quick random vegetables bowl it was.

Veggie_bowl II

With two beautiful organic avocados on hand that I’d gotten at the farmer’s market while still at my parents’ I decided to add some of those, too, rather than my usual nut butter drizzle. Every time other bloggers show their avocado-topped dishes I feel I should give these little green beauties another try. Admittedly, though, I’m still undecided. What I can say is that I’m not into chunky avocado but it’s nice mashed up – only it doesn’t make for the prettiest picture so you’re getting the pre-mashed one.


One newfound obsession I remembered clearly, though, were dumplings. Or what I’d call dumplings because I didn’t grow up eating this kind of them. Finding a bag of chickpea flour while sorting through my pantry my first thought were dumplings.


Just because I’d seen the idea on some other blog a while back and hadn’t been able to forget it. Internet-less in the moment I wanted to create them I just got creative myself – and was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. Less pleasant? The pictures. One of life’s lessons repeated: You can’t have everything. And when it comes to food I’d take deliciousness over perfect pictures any time. Don’t you agree?!


Ending on a sweet note because I needed to. Why needed to? It’s as simple as ridiculous: Whenever I leave my parents’ house – if after a weekend stay or a long like this one – my mum demands I make a conscious effort to use up any frozen produce I bought. Don’t ask me why because a) differently from fresh produce frozen will still be good for several months [right?!] and b) she has a huge freezer – so why worry? Either way, it was another excuse to have the crumble again. Recycled picture because the light didn’t want to play along the second time.


That’s it for a scrambled brain WIAW! I’m sure everybody else has been eating well and dutifully taking pictures of it so be sure to visit some other WIAW and Vegan Wednesday posts.

Happy Wednesday!

Happiness inducing today: Finding a free treadmill in the rush hour at my new gym.


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Are there times when you can’t remember what you’ve been eating a few days later?

Have you ever had dumplings? Share any great recipes you know because I really think I’m developping a new obsession here.

Does anybody else prefer mashed avocado over chunks of it?

10 thoughts on “Filling the food memory blank

  1. lovenataliemarie says:

    I love a big bowl of veggies. I have been craving them so much lately for some reason! They never fail to satisfy. 😉 I love putting avocado on my sandwiches.

    I need to get on the dumpling train. Still have yet to try them.

    That crumble.
    Those pictures.

  2. Ms.J says:

    Dumplings! The word conjures up childhood images of eating a hot bowl of Mum’s soup with traditional puffy dumplings in. I’m not sure if I would like them now..
    Avocado and salsa is such a winning combo.

  3. Sue says:

    I have terrible memory and can hardly remember what I did last week! 😉
    So far, I’ve only ever had German dumplings (Knödel/Klöße) or Asian ones (bao or mandu), but the ones you made are different, right?
    While I love avocados, I find it hard to get a good one. They are often either too hard or too mushy. Sigh!

  4. katalysthealth says:

    LOVE that bowl of veggies! That’s the best way to eat them in my book 🙂
    Im not an overly huge fan of dumplings, but they are growing on me. When I was younger my stepdad used to make a dumpling dish that literally made me gag. He made me eat it every time but I just HATED those things! I make a chicken and dumpling soup now for my hubby though and that’s pretty tasty 🙂

  5. shashi @ says:

    I am intrigued by those chickpea dumplings…I enjoy dumplings, but have never tried making them yet. Some of the best recipes don’t photograph well – those dumplings deserve a post of their own! I love avocados in all forms – but my daughter cannot stand them, the only way she will eat them is if I mix them with melted chocolate!

  6. Sarah @ The Smart Kitchen says:

    Isn’t it funny how blogging makes us think food must always be beautiful to be worth mentioning? When I’m in the mood for plain oatmeal–no toppings–I never take a photo of it. Or if I just want some plain old yogurt and basic cereal, I don’t either. And yet, basic is often best! I will say, however, that I win all the points in plating with The Professor, but this may be a Jedi mind trick to convince him to eat something ‘weird’ by making it lovely to the eye!

    I randomly bought an avocado on sale the other day and I believe it is at perfect ripeness. Some mix-ins that make them more delicious for me that you might not think of: mango, GINGER, blueberries, mashed green peas, yogurt, hummus…

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