Thinking out loud #11

With a writing assignment due by the end of the week at latest I’m thankful Amanda gives all of us a great excuse to forego a lengthy introduction on Thurdays. Let’s get Thinking out loud!


1. Returning to your apartment when you’ve been away for several months means many things. The most significant in terms of food, though: a serious lack of produce. And for whichever reason I had the hardest time deciding what to buy. The latter resulted in a serious strenght workout: carrying home several pounds of vegetables is just that. Simultaneously the up- and downside to living in a city and without a car: stores within [relative] walking distance.

… though I guess I actually looked more like him. Can anybody relate?

2. Cue ‘panic’ when I noticed all stores where either out of bananas [not a single one left!] or had only green ones. Obviously a #firstworldproblem but I know I’m not the only one who isn’t fond of running out of staples. Because I didn’t have any oatmeal in my pantry anymore, either …

February 18th and 19th 033

3. If I said anything about January flying by at lighting speed: February is in no way inferior to it. Are you sure it’s the 20th already?? Oh, first random thought: when talking about what time of a month it is do you group by 1st to 1oth = beginning, until 20th: middle and the remainder being the end, too? It’s probably weird I’m even thinking about this but according to my logic we’ve almost reached the end of the month already 😯 !? And it does not feel like that yet. Can we rewind back to the start, please?

4. In case you remember the gym story I mentioned in my last Thinking out loud post: there was a detail I forgot to mention but was reminded of when Megan suggested changing the elliptical. Definitely a good idea in theory but the gym only has a total of four ellipticals and all of the others were occupied, too. If that’s not enough to make you laugh: have a guess at how many treadmills there are. No guesses? One. And I was never aware treadmills could have an incline setting until I noticed other bloggers posting workouts mentioning it. Needless to say ours didn’t have one ;).

5. Apparently I have oddly sized feet: they’re somewhere between two sizes. For most shoes that means I need to wear not only tights but an extra pair of socks. Luckily they’re invisible – until I take my shoes off …


6. One thing I didn’t mention in my post on Friday:  my choice of dessert there. Frequent readers will know my inability to decide or pick favourites of any kind. So when it came to choosing a treat to submit Davida had to endure my pondering back and forth never actually sharing the plethora of ideas flying through my head. Oooh my.  Long story short: don’t be surprised if you see more single-serving desserts appearing on the blog – or in the case of failures hear me ramble about my oven or whom- or whatever else I can blame 😉 .

7. This article lists even more reasons to make a trip to IKEA again and made me smile because I actually got my first orchid there. Which now has a sibling because my mum was sweet enough to give me one of hers as a moving-back gift.

February 18th and 19th 040

8. One of the reasons I didn’t have a lot of [food or else] pictures to share yesterday was my apparent lack of coordination when packing. Just in time for my move my camera’s battery had died and I couldn’t find the recharger right after arriving. But …

last piece of the Disney puzzle

The very last piece.

9. … the last pictures I took before leaving my parents’ house, however, were announcing a triumph.The most exciting news to mention: I finished the puzzle! Granted, at the beginning I had my doubts of ever working it all out but once I’d gotten more into it the progress became more noticable. If it hadn’t been for those almost alike-looking pieces in the end again, though. Now to start a new one or not?

10. All is said and done for now except: Happy Thursday!

Happiness inducing today: Calling my mum. I miss her already.

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Running errands: the next workout trend 😉 ?

What are three staples you can’t live without?

Starting a new puzzle: yes or no?

18 thoughts on “Thinking out loud #11

  1. GiGi Eats Celebrities says:

    I AM the “MUST CARRY EVERY BAG TO MY APARTMENT” dude!!!! And I do not allow myself to take the elevator up 6 flights of stairs, NOPE! I FORCE MYSELF to hike up the stairs! LMFAO! You should see this MESS IN ACTION!

    Omg and you finishing the puzzle reminds me so so so so much of my sister. She was and probably still is, a WHIZ at puzzles! She would make those 3D puzzles all the time, she’s incredible! I don’t have the patience, so I give you lots of credit too!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Six flights of stairs? I bet your arm muscles are quite impressive 😉 – no need to hit the gym anymore.
      Patience? I might have to look that one up in a dictionary because I must be one of the least patient person ever, ha!
      Oh, and thanks for the roses. I could complain about how they looked slightly withered by the time I arrived but I’ll blame the long journey. And nothing a little water couldn’t have fied.

  2. Amanda @ .running with spoons. says:

    You finished it! Yay! Putting that last piece in is always such a bittersweet moment. It’s awesome because it feels like a huge accomplishment, but it sucks because it means you have to find another way to keep yourself occupied. I’ll usually start up another puzzle, unless I was feeling super frustrated from the last one, in which case I’ll give it a small break.

    And you’d better believe I consider running errands a huge workout. There are some days where I don’t even need to worry about getting exercise in because I’m running around so much… and as long as I’m keeping active, I’m a happy camper.

    3 staples: bananas, chocolate, and almond butter.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Bittersweet indeed. Especially because I finished it the night before moving so I didn’t even get to see my accomplishment for long. Looking at how long it took me to finish this one I think I’d better take a break before starting a new.
      The three you listed are staples for me, too. Aside from maybe the almond butter if I have another nut butter around … but not really 🙂 .

  3. lovenataliemarie says:

    Haha, I always test my strength with how much I can carry without taking multiple trips. Let’s just say I have become quite a master and only down to two. I saw on Amanda’s blog a way to ripen bananas faster, so you can buy the green ones. 🙂

    Orchids are absolutely beautiful. ❤

    Congrats on finishing the puzzle! That's exciting. I love finishing puzzles. I always feel so accomplished. 🙂

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Actually, I remembered Amanda’s advice when buying the unripe bananas. But wasn’t sure if it’d work in my case as I only used half in my oats that night and didn’t know how well the remainder would keep in the fridge.
      Orchids are some of my favourite flowers and I envy my mum’s in many different colours whenever I’m at my parents’ house.

  4. Ms.J says:

    I always wondered what its like living in the hustle and bustle of city-life..I can see how the challenge must come in with the walking-distance stores.
    No -ripe- bananas makes me one unhappy monkey to live with :-p.
    I do the exact same thing with the days in months! Gives things more of a system..especially with work!
    Plant siblings..too cute 🙂

  5. shashi @ says:

    Haha – that Met-Rx tank top clad dude is too funny! Ugh – hauling tons and tons of groceries is no fun-but definitely a GREAT workout! Those are beautiful orchids to come home to – what color blooms does the other one have? And always yes to starting a new puzzle – I love em!

  6. Lyric Andersen says:

    Yay for finishing the puzzle! I love putting the last piece in but at the same time Im sad I have finished. Guess it just means time to buy another puzzle! Please don’t think I am weird but I actually love green bananas. I try to wait until they are ripe because I know the sugars are more easily digest etc. etc. but I just can’t help it sometimes 😛 I will say if I am using it in oatmeal or a recipe then I make sure they are extra ripe.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      It’s okay. We can still be friends even if you’re weird and like green bananas 😉 . Actually, I don’t like really ripe ones, either. For me, they are ideally either slightly green still [for caramelizing to use in oat bran] or ripe but with minimal brown spots [for baking]. Yes, I just realized I’m apparently picky about bananas …

  7. fitkittymama says:

    I also live in a city without a car and have to lug groceries and other paraphernalia around. Yesterday it was a 20 lb. tub of cat litter! Everyone keeps telling me to get grocery delivery, but it is a great workout.

  8. Jan @ Sprouts n Squats says:

    Lol I always try and carry as many bags as possible to avoid making multiple trips like GiGi.

    Well done on finishing that puzzle. The last one my boyfriend and I tried to do sat unfinished for 3 months till we finally gave up and packed it away, oops!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Just a single day longer and I’d have given up, too, actually. Because I’d have been forced to by my move – who’d pack up a puzzle and start anew? And also because my patience is only so big 😉 .So I’m really not judging you for giving up after three months of trying.

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