Good good links #27

Happy Sunday! I hope your weekend’s been filled with happiness and sun so far and/or will continue that way. My internet connection has been acting up when putting this post together already so I’m not challenging fate by going for a long intro. But I think we can agree that’s a good thing because it gives you more time for all these great reads. Right 😉 ?! I’d be curious to hear what you think about any of these posts!

Good good links

Good good [food for thought]

The Perfection Myth via Vegan Sparkles

Striving for perfection doesn’t lead to happiness. “It’s about being our own best friend.”

Simplify and Soften via hello, veggy!

In times of change it is important to care for ourselves and be gentle in our actions.

The Reaction You’d Never Expect After These 4 Women’s Professional Photo Shoot via Greatist

Because flawlessness doesn’t look real anymore. True natural beauty does.

I don’t believe in willpower via Carla Birnberg

Healthy living: is it about willingness or willpower for you?

Just a thought via Long Drive Journey

A thought well worth reading.

Good good [advice and inspiration]


Deconstructing Cravings- Nutrient Imbalance via Mommy Run Fast

What your cravings might be supposed to tell you. Very informative post.

3 Quick and Dirty Tips to Prevent Running Injuries for Good via Greatist

Ways to avoid getting hurt in the first place.

7 Reasons You’re Always Hungry via Popsugar

Lack of sleep, dehydration and boredom might be the reason for more frequent trips to the pantry.

7 Ways to Love Yourself via Huffington Post

Make yourself feel loved every day.


You are a BIG DEAL, no matter what your audience size may be. via Alexandra Franzen

Read this if you’re a blogger and having a bad day. Read this if you’re having a good day. Just read this, okay?

10 Blog Post Topics for when you don’t know what to write about via Sprouts ‘n’ Squats

Writer’s block happens to many of us and these are some great go-to options.


5 Things I wish I knew when I started out in Photography via Helena La Petite

Knowing your camera and having an idea of the final picture before you start will help create better pictures.

17 Insanely Clever Ways To Use Your Phone’s Camera via BuzzFeed

Good ideas aside from the obvious selfie – and who’d have guessed it -might- help to prevent unneccessary purchases?!

Good good [things to make you smile]

100 Reasons Not To Go On A Diet via BuzzFeed

… and I bet we can think of thousands more.

26 Questions You Already Know The Answer To via BuzzFeed

But you still feel like asking.

Good good [food]

Coconut Cumin Roasted Carrots via Food Faith Fitness

Anything with cumin is a win in my book and these are no exception. Who says carrots had to be boring?

Fudgy Dark Chocolate Avocado Cookies via Apple of my Eye

Sneaky avocado action for a buttery taste in these bites of chocolate goodness.

52 Healthy Meals in 12 Minutes or Less via Greatist

Sometimes quick is key without sacrificing taste or nutrition.

Happiness inducing today: Just allowing myself a relaxed day.

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What were some of your favourite reads from the week?

If you read any of the above already: share your thoughts!

5 Things I wish I knew when I started out in Photography

11 thoughts on “Good good links #27

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      I wish it was possible to catch up on all of the great posts out there – whenever somebody else posts a link-up I find at least half a dozen I’d still like to read. Now if only there was some more time 🙂 .

  1. Nichole says:

    I loved this! I clicked into a few and skimmed them and I cannot wait to sit down and be able to read each one fully! Especially the inspiration topic ones. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Ms.J says:

    Amy’s post “Just a thought” is wayy more than a ‘just’ and really something I needed to read.
    “The Perfection Myth” – so true, so real.
    Carla put it down perfectly..Healthy living is not about willpower!
    And yesss to loving ourselves 🙂
    All made for good reading material at breakfast this AM.

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