Regret – it’s what you make from it

Another Monday, another fresh start with a clean slate after the past week. Time to evaluate what went well and what could use improvement which we might follow up by setting [smaller or bigger] goals to change things. And yes, Mondays are indeed a marvelous chance for reflection. Having just moved back into my apartment after several months at my parents make this a special occasion for some long-term evaluation.


Do you ever feel like running in circles completely overwhelmed but with no way out? And then it just takes somebody asking the very right questions to make you notice you’ve already known the solution or at least the root of the problem all the time? Whether or not you can relate [anybody?] it’s been just like that for me lately. long with my move – already in the days, weeks even, leading up to it – came the return of an old acquaintance. And one I didn’t welcome back with open arms: Regret.

Looking back at the past months of living at my parents’ house I suddenly felt so much regret. Regret for opportunities I didn’t take. Questions I didn’t ask. Decisions I didn’t make. In the end, though, regret is about realizations which in itself can be positive and actually help us progress in life. Regret focuses on the past and we can’t change that anymore  – however much we want to and if we like this fact or not. What we can influence, though, is the future. By choosing not to regret [as much] anymore and preventing ourselves from regret in the first place.

Saying all that my goal is to regret less and have less reasons for regret. The latter might be even harder than the former for me, admittedly, because it means taking opportunities when offered. I’m stressing the less here knowing myself and that I don’t feel able to say yes all of the time for now. Just taking invitations and stepping out of my comfort zone every now and then would be an improvement already. Focussing on a certain number of ‘challenges’ per week will only set me up for failure in the first place – and with failure comes regret. Nevertheless, I know it’ll take some pushing from the outside, too, and I think there is a number of blends out there [you know I mean you] that are more than willing to be just that encouragement :).

It’s interesting to see how my non-resolutions [unintentionally] find their way into my life and the smaller changes I’m striving for. Even though I actually didn’t look at the post again since and hadn’t thought about which tangible everyday goals I might derive from the as the year would progress back then. Maybe destiny knew and influenced my choice? Either way I feel life has its way of giving us hints on where we should head. And for now I guess that’ll mean back to the grind for most of us – though rumor has it some of you are experiencing the joy of a long weekend? – so:

Happy Monday!


Happiness inducing today: Enjoying a relaxed Sunday morning.

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Do you feel regret often?

How do you handle it? Let it get you down? Use it as a chance for change?





Spill It Sunday – Shuffle edition

Posting twice in one day is very unusual for me but with some downtime on a lazy Sunday I finally saw my chance to participate in Arman’s Spill It Sunday. Sorry it took me that long, fellow potato fiend. I’m glad my iPod decided to cooperate because that little beast keeps going back and forth between working and hibernating – even in summer. Thanks for motivating me to reanimate it, Arman!

Spill-it-Sunday-option_no selfie

Fingers crossed this won’t be too embarrassing for me …

#1 Viva la Vida – Coldplay

Good luck with the first one! Prior to this album I never used to like Coldplay considering them way too melancholic. But when I read an interview with Chris Martin saying their fourth album was for people to say “yes, I like Coldplay” I decided to give the band another chance – and I’m glad I did. Viva la Vida was on repeat for months after that and I started listening to older Coldplay songs, too, discovering I appreciated them after all. How preferences change with time.

#2 Schneeflockentanz – Fredrik Vahle

This one will seem odd but it has a sweet story. As children my siblings and I grew up listening to “Glitzerschnee und Knoblauchpizza” by the songwriter Fredrik Vahle. When we were older – think teenage years, yes – my sister and I tried to find it again online but no such luck. However, Vahle had since published a new record – a CD when our old one had still been on tape, mind you – and this song is a part of that compilation. Sadly, I couldn’t find a video for your viewing and listening pleasure but it’s so cute and I still listen to it every year around Christmas time.

#3 Sexy Bitch – David Guetta

One of my favourite workout songs – how could you not be motivated by this? I got a little fed up after listening to it way too often but might just add it back into my running playlist again.

#4 Little Miss Pipedream – The Wombats

I’m getting a lot of music inspiration by my sister and while our tastes in music aren’t always alike I’m glad she pointed this band out to me. While this particular song isn’t one of my favourites it’s still on my iPod with the whole album. And either way it revokes memories of seeing them live in the music club I sister worked at for a while.

#5 Entering Bootytown – Haley Bennett

Aaaah. This is slightly embarrassing but just to let you know: it’s an instant mood booster. In my defense: I got it by a guy [yes!] who had the soundtrack to ‘Music and Lyrics’ [meaning that yes, we watched and liked the movie, too]. The whole album has a lot of songs that make you smile and if you’re a fan of Hugh Grant it’s an obvious must-watch and -hear.

Happiness inducing today: Waking up to sunshine.

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What are the first five songs on your iPod’s shuffle?

Which would be the most surprising song to find?

Does anybody upload albums in their iTunes and then just pick their favourite songs to transfer to the iPod? For me, the reason I don’t is a) laziness and b) I want to give my not-so-favourite songs another chance.

Good good reads #26

Hello there! Are you still feeling all lovey-dovey after a sweet sweet Friday or weekend with your Valentine? Or experiencing a sugar high from treating yourself to a box of chocolates and a romantic movie? Either are good in my opinion. My weekend so far was spent packing for my move. Marveling at how much I’d brought with me and newly aquired during such a short time [really?!]. So no big stories to tell but even more great favourite posts from the week to share so here it goes!

Happy Sunday!

Good good links

Good good [food for thought]

Mental Recovery: It Has To Be YOUR Choice via Fitting It All In

Recovering for others doesn’t work. It’s about finding your own motivation.

Recovery Road Bumps via Soulful Spoon

Following the way you consider right isn’t easy when people around you don’t support it.

All or Nothing Just Doesn’t Add Up via Katy Widrick

Live and eat the way YOU feel – no need to explain yourself. Awesome post.

Love Yourself this Valentine’s Day via The Skinny on Health

An important reminder – not just for Valentine’s Day.

Good good [advice and inspiration]

My Battle with Disordered Eating, and How I Overcame it via Your Trainer Paige

An inspiring story showing that full recovery is possible.

WIAW … how i curb cravings . via Running with Spoons

The smartest way to deal with a craving: satisfy it.

How much exercise do you really need? via Fit ‘n’ Cookies

It takes less than you might have guessed to see and feel the benefits.

Dry Brushing: Benefits + How To via Eating Bird Food

One of my favourite daily habits – here’s a how and why.

Good good [things to make you smile]

Conversations with a three-year-old via A Cup of Jo

So adorable!

16 Graphs And Charts That Perfectly Illustrate Twentysomething Life via BuzzFeed

The first one is painfully true …

Good good [food]

Black Bean Lava Cakes via The Healthy Maven

Molten chocolate oozing out of little cakes … Does it get any better?!

Chocolate Molten Lava Baked Oatmeal via Oatgasm

Notice a theme here? Not just for Valentine’s Day but any time you feel like adding a little more chocolate to your mornings.

Banana Caramel Pockets via Gotta Eat Green

Banana date caramel and chocolate drizzle – heaven in pockets.

How to Use Leftovers via I Heart Vegetables

Great ideas on incorporating leftovers into new dishes.

The Great Valentine’s Day Healthy Bake-Off via The Healthy Maven

It’d take ages to list every single on of these delectable ideas so if you’re actually one of the few who haven’t seen this link-up yet: don’t loose any more time to hop over.

Asian Orange Cauliflower via Coffee and Quinoa

A great spin on one of the most versatile vegetables around.


Happiness inducing today: My mum’s support during my move back.

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What were some of your favourite reads from the week?

If you read any of the above already: share your thoughts!

What were some of your favourite reads from the week?

If you read any of the above already I’d be curious to hear your thoughts!

Double-desserting [Peanut Butter & Jelly Crumble]

If it wasn’t for Davida’s Valentine’s Day Bake-Off I may or may not have pretended today was like any other ordinary Friday. Given how many other bloggers will address the fact that it’s the day of love [okay, I kind of did yesterday, too] you might not even have noticed. Or maybe I’m making things up here. I’ll have to admit I’ve never given Valentine’s Day too much of a thought – it would still catch me by surprise every year if it wasn’t for giant advertisements all around the blog and ‘real’ world.

Strawberry crumble

Simply because I’m a member of a family where Valentine’s Day  has always been considered a consumeristic holiday made up by the chocolate and florist industry. Thanks to my parents for not making me appreciate it ;). While I still can’t get all excited about the day itself by now I can get excited about desserts. More specifically: single-serving desserts. Technically, yes, this makes two single-servings. But it could also serve you, times two. Why not?!


After seeing everybody else’s creations for the Bake-Off so far and knowing the day-dreaming around desserts I’d done before posting this: no, it’s not a real dessert. More like the well-behaved little sister of the sugar-filled amazingness around. Yes, I like sugar. Long story short: this crumble is perfect for when you want to double-dessert – not to be confused with double-dating. My idea of the former is: having my chocolate as the more indulgent ‘real’ dessert and these as a healthier treat. Bingo!

Rummaging through my mum’s cupboards for decorating materials I came up with those adorable homemade pompons and several tea  lights in just the right colours. I know I’ll miss these secret hidden gems once I’m back at my apartment.


Calling these “Peanut Butter & Jelly” might be a bit of a stretch. But can you really blame me considering anything that combines some kind of berries and peanut butter a PB & J anything? I’m German after all :D.

 Peanut Butter & Jelly Crumble

The “Jelly” part:

  • 1.25 cups [180 g] frozen strawberries, thawed
  • 1 tbsp honey [for vegan option see below*]
  • 1 tsp vanilla powder
  1. Add the thawed strawberries to a small pot with the honey and let melt together on medium heat, stirring occasionally. The honey will make the mixture thicken without the need of any additional thickening agent.
  2. Stir in the vanilla and divide the mixture into two single-serving ramekins.


  • ¼ cup [30 g] of peanut flour
  • 1 tbsp rolled oats
  • 1 tbsp peanut butter
  • about 1/4 of a small banana, not too ripe
  • Salt [to taste – amount depending on your preference]
  1. Mix the peanut flour, oats and salt.
  2. Stir in the peanut butter and knead in the banana to for crumbles.
  3. Top the strawberry mixture with the crumbles and bake for 15 minutes at 320 °F/160 °C.
  4. Serve with a dollop of soy yogurt, [vegan] whipped cream or ice cream.


*Note: To turn this into a vegan dish you may sub maple syrup or brown rice syrup [stickier] for the honey.

For breakfast, a snack or at whichever time you’re feeling like a sweet little something: There’s really no wrong way to eat a crumble. Did I mention these reheat well, too? Only there might be nothing left to reheat.

Whether on Valentine’s Day or any time, really, crumble is delicious so I’m linking up Healthy Vegan Fridays, RecipeFriday, Wellness Weekends and Strange but good. 

Happiness inducing today: Working on the puzzle with my mum and a walk.

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What’s your favourite single-serving dessert? Leave a link if you know of any awesome recipes worth trying.

Are you a fan of double-desserting, too?

Thinking out loud #10

Did anybody else notice it’s the 10th episode of Thinking out loud [at least in its link-up form] already? I don’t know about you but in our family significant birthday like this always were reason for a special celebration. Either way: Thanks for hosting this random fun day, Amanda! Here’s to many more weeks!


1. Every blogger knows the importance of props and background materials. Maybe it’s odd but recently I’ve found myself in a constant prop search modus. When I spot something that I think will work I’m curious to give it a try. In fact, I even transferred it to my mum in a way who now makes suggestions for what to use as props [which she called preps before – did I mention she’s cute:)?].

2. … and everybody [or so I assume] appreciates beautifully wrapped gifts. Enter my birthday and the gifts coming with it. I couldn’t really let those wrappers go to waste, right? The perfect low-cost new backgrounds for pictures to add to my collection. And no, I don’t think it was a coincidence polkadots made an appearance. My family really knows me well.

12. Februar 017

3. The gym. It really is a place to meet and watch the weirdest people. Sometimes an innocuous smile is understood as the invitation to talk another person’s ear off. Let me just tell you that thanks to an understanding smile to an older guy on the elliptical next to me I now know stories about basically every technical gadget he ever bought and sneaky sales pitches of a certain skillet manufacturer dating back to the 80s. Maybe I should choose the recipients of my smiles with a little more care?!

4. There are times when I should pay some more attention, though. Embarrassing to admit but true: I was out of my favourite chocolate earlier this week so naturally a quick trip to the grocery was in order. While I was at it I also got some more items for myself and my parents meaning I had a lot to carry back to the car afterwards. And it was only when unpacking at home – and checking multiple times in both my purse and the bags I’d brought along – that I noticed I was missing a single item: my chocolate. A sad night [yes, exaggerating a little here] and a lot of money spent for nothing. I obviously made up for it by buying two bars the next day.

12. Februar 009

Note the above-mentioned new background put to good use.

5. It’s my last week at my parents’ before moving back into my apartment so I’m trying to spend as much time with them as possible. Which – due to both of them working – sadly isn’t much. However, when my mum wanted to watch her favourite crime thriller series – ‘Tatort’ for any German readers – I joined her just because it was another reason to spend another 1 1/2 hours with here. We changed things up for a little more fun, though, playing bingo. Just for anybody who hasn’t played bingo before or can’t think of a way to play it while watching a thriller, here’s how: we both wrote down 5 x 5 terms we hoped would appear throughout the movie like crime, murder, pregnant, the agents’ names, … Believe it or not but I was this close to winning – even with a double bingo. Next time.

6. Impulse purchases are truly the bane of my existence. But can you argue with another pair of fuzzy socks? The last ones have started to disintegrate already. That’s what you get for buying a cheap pair, I guess.

Fuzzy socks

7. Will I ever stop taking the Disney quizzes? Maybe. Maybe not.

8. For all the other single ladies out there probably dreading the idea of spending tomorrow alone: Think about it differently. From what I’ve gathered the intention of Valentine’s Day isn’t making those of us currently not in a relationship sorry for themselves. It’s about love. And love doesn’t come in just one form. Read this great post if you need further encouragement to embrace single-dom. Additional bonus: you can keep all the chocolate for yourself. Or how about …


9. … keeping most to yourself but still sharing some with those you love. I might not have a valentine this year [or do I, GiGi 😉 ?!] but that doesn’t mean there weren’t any loved ones in my life. Like the above Chocolate Mousse Cake for my parents. Maybe I wasn’t altruistic all the way when making this. Just three words: chocolate whipped cream.

10. If you’re spending Valentine’s Day alone celebrating yourself tomorrow and feel like a whole cake is just a little too much: Be back tomorrow for a sweet little single-serving dessert [shown in yesterday’s WIAW already] just in time for Davida’s Bake-Off.

Happy Thursday!

Happiness inducing today: Chocolate mousse.

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Have you ever played bingo before?

What’s your favourite chocolate? Dark, milk, white? Brand? I blame one of my grandma’s for getting me hooked on Lindt.

Do you have any weird gym stories to share, too?

WIAW: No crumb[le] left behind

Today feels like a special What I ate Wednesday for numerous reasons. For one, I changed up three meals in my day [breakfast, lunch and one of my snacks] which might be the first time in a long while. Second, there’s not one but two crumbles in my day and – talking about a day – I actually made a more conscious effort to take pictures of more meals. Not a full day of eats still but a lot more along those lines than previous WIAW posts. Thanks to Jenn for allowing us to take part whichever way we like every week!


Breakfast was a semi-new one for me. Steel cut oats have quite a few fans among bloggers and it had been years  since I gave them a try for the first time. Then deciding they a) took way too long to prepare and b) didn’t satiate me. Resulting in me never having them again. But I know that sticking with the same breakfast for weeks or even months is one of those points I need to work on so I’m trying to challenge myself more often. Inspired by Amanda’s eggy oats tutorial I turned these into egg-less steel cut oats. Almond butter added after post-photoshoot reheating.

Steel cut_I

I’m still not entirely convinced but they were better than my first try and left me saturated for several hours. Insert some productivity of my not-so-favourite sort [cleaning up] and some of my favourite  – truffle-making for my aunt’s birthday [on Valentine’s Day!]. These were a tester for Kristy’s cookbook so I can’t share a picture here but will post one on Twitter. Chocolate for a first morning snack is fabulous. Later on I got to work on my submission for Davida’s Valentine’s Day Bake-Off which served as my lunch dessert. Crumbling around for the first time of the day …

Strawberry Peanut

Crumbles are my second favourite dessert – ice cream taking a first place. This one’s a super simple Peanut Strawberry Crumble that requires little effort and the red of the strawberries was the only choice for me when it came to a Valentine’s Day treat. Can you judge me for getting a little snap-happy? I’m sure Heather would understand …

Strawberry crumble

One of the cutest apples turned into a mini snack alongside some unpictured walnuts. More specifically: sesame-coated caramelized walnuts. My mum had spotted a bag of them when she was searching tempeh for me in a specialty store on her weekend trip to Berlin. Probably the only way I’ll eat walnuts.


If you read my last post you’ll know I’m currently trying to use up at least some of my many pantry staples before moving. Random creations are a regular around here right now. It’s a fifty-fifty chance: either one of those turns out a winner or just a mediocre dish. Some leftover butternut squash, the last from my bag of brussels sprouts and other odds and ends turned into – surprise! – another crumble. This time of the savoury kind.

Savoury Crumble

I’m still debating whether or not it’s recipe-worthy but the basic idea of a non-sweet crumble is definitely a good one in my book. Chickpea flour for the win. I bought a bag over a month ago and have been using it almost every day since opening it – expect some garbanzo bean creations on the blog soon. If you’re German you might know it already but even if you’re not Vegan Wednesday is worth visiting, too, for even more delicious inspiration – because pictures speak a language that needs no words.

That’s it for me for now so: Happy Wednesday!

Happiness inducing today: Reading a great article.

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Which way do you crumble? Savoury? Sweet?

What have been some winning creations you came up with when using up pantry staples?

Favourite thing you ate in the past week?