Embracing the fats [Spill it Sunday]

When Arman announced the topic for this week’s Spill It Sunday I knew I wanted to chime in again. From enemy during my deepest ED days to multiple nut butters in the same meal these days I’m a fan of this little macronutrient. And you should be, too, because else Arman might have to come over all the way from Australia to bring you to senses.


1. What is your favourite fat source? Okay, I might not like playing favourites but when we’re facing the facts here:

Almond butter

Well, that and just about every other nut or almond butter. And that would basically answer the second question[s] already …

2. What is your favourite nut? What is your favourite nut butter?Β  … but to be more creative here I’ll say that my favourite nuts to eat as is are cashews. My mum used to buy those little cans of salted cashews and I’d hide them from my dad to make sure I’d get my fair share. Why, yes, it was necessary.

3. What fat is receives unfair flack? What fat is most overrated? Most overrated? By now I think just about every fat that was once bashed has been reestablished. Maybe the paleo lifestyle with its focus on fats is to thank for this one. Butter had a negative image for years but during the past months I’ve noticed more and more health magazines and ‘experts’ promote its benefits again. In case it seems weird for me as a vegan with benefits to say this: I might not use butter one the regular when cooking – actually don’t even stock any – but when we have potatoes at my parents’ just a smidgen of butter can make them taste so much better. If you haven’t tried it yet: white [yes, that’s how we roll over here] potatoes + butter + salt = perfection.

As for the most overrated I’m sorry to say it but for me that’s still …


avocado. Yes, I know. Others are eating half of one just as is as part of a meal but I just can’t get quite that excited about it. In my defense, though, I don’t plan on giving up here just yet. Does anybody want to come over and prepare authentic guacamole for me πŸ™‚ ? If anything the tortilla chips involved for dipping action might be enough to convince me already.

4. Link up a favourite recipe embracing fats (it can be your own or another bloggers!)

Again, it’s way too hard to choose so I’m going with one that has been on many blogs and is a simple everyday staple food for me: coconut butter. It matches with everything but tastes just as good on its own. Throw some shredded coconut in a food processor or blender, turn it on and watch it process into amazing drippy deliciousness – can this even be called a recipe?

Coconut butter

5. What is YOUR perception of this macronutrient?

Embrace it! I turn my eyes up at any article in health and fitness magazines claiming x grams of fat as a daily maximum for best health. Best health is not stressing about fat grams but enjoying the foods we like. And as Robyn said there’s no suchΒ  thing as too much fat. Go and dip your spoon into the nut butter jar – unless you’re not living on your own. Then please pour a generous amount into a bowl before scooping it up πŸ˜‰ . Not that anybody knew, though …

6. What benefits do FATS play in YOUR personal eating habits?

Actual satisfaction after eating. Rich taste. Being able to focus. Fooling myself for years by eating low-fat foods in huge quantities only to never feel satisfied I’ve noticed a profound difference since being less strict when it comes to adding fat. From those first awkward teaspoons of nut butter for “dipping” next to a giant apple to going through the 1 lb+ jars of almond butter in a little over a week these days. It’s safe to say fat has been playing – and still does – a decided role in my recovery.

Thanks to Arman for hosting this fat event today – maybe Lurpak can honour this by finally making you their poster boy πŸ˜‰ ?!

Happiness inducing today: Just to match the theme: a new nut butter in my collection. Any guesses?!

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What’s your ‘history’ with fats? Did you ever fear them?

Which one’s your favourite nut butter [if you’re able to pick one]?

13 thoughts on “Embracing the fats [Spill it Sunday]

  1. Nicole @ FruitnFitness says:

    Nuts and nut butter are my favorite fat form too! Although I do like real butter, I just can’t do white potatoes. It’s not a health thing, I just don’t like them. Have you tried smashed avocado with garlic salt on toast? That’s probably my favorite way to eat avocado.

  2. Christine@ Apple of My Eye says:

    Mhmm yes please to those nut butters! I actually JUST discovered how delicious almond butter is and ate an entire jar in the span of about a week… oops haha ;). And I agree with you! EMBRACE the fat! Not only are they essential to your body, but food is just 5094093209 times better when they give you a bit of satiety.

  3. Ms.J says:

    Please let it be dark chocolate dreams! But really they all sound sooo good..
    FAT was the first thing I cut out from my diet when I started restricting. Non-fat everything to the point where if I wanted to cook spinach I’d use water . Yes, really. That feels like a lifetime away though :)..now I can’t live without nut butters, avocado and coconut oil ❀

  4. Emily says:

    Cashews are my all-time favorite nut to munch on too! My family used to buy the big jars of salted cashews from Costco (which you probably don’t have over there) and, let’s just say, I would eat most of them by myself. They’re so good!
    And of course, nut butters are pure heaven.

    I’m right there with you on avocados! I actually don’t really like them…at all. Guacamole is okay but avocado? Meh. I’ll pass. Everyone thinks I’m crazy!

  5. lovenataliemarie says:

    Oh that creamy drippy nut butter in the beginning! πŸ˜€
    I have also grown to be quite a fan of cashews. I still shy away from butter, but eventually I’ll work my way up to it. Baby steps.. baby steps.. I have also been making up for lost time with nut butters when I shyed away from them in my deepest depths of ED. Let’s just say I am making up for it quite generously. πŸ˜€

  6. Flake And Cake says:

    Nut butter has completely revolutionised my life – fact. I eat it pretty much every single day and see satiety, better sleep, shiny hair and good skin. Almond is my preferred nut butter of choice but I also like hazelnut and peanut (though it makes my throat itch..). So glad to see its a part of your life too πŸ™‚

  7. Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli says:

    Haha! Love the comment about the Lurpak! That would be something, wouldn’t it? I can already seen him getting a big head over it…maybe fashioning himself a little crown of butter? Lol

    You know my story with fats…and how I used to think they were the devil. I’m so glad to have (most) of that behind me now, but everrrrry now and then, I have to fight that little voice in my head telling me that it’s too much. For the record though, I’d be MORE than happy to whip you up some guac because we seriously need to get you on the avocado train! Have you ever tried it like you would butter? Like on toast with jam? Or baking with it? You may have told me this before but I can’t remember.

    Oh and yes, this is me finally #broccolibombing YOU! Let’s see if I can get all caught up before my shift at work ends! πŸ˜€

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Butter King Arman?! The poster boy was his own idea so I figure he’d take the crown with pride. Until it started melting in the Australian sun, that is πŸ˜‰ .
      Don’t give me the stank eye but you know I’m really not into bread so… No avocado toast for me. Guac it is to get me boarding the avocado train πŸ˜‰ . And yes, I’ve baked with it before quite some time ago. And I liked it but that somehow seems like cheating because it’s like sneaking hidden vegetables into children, you know?!

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