If it’s between me and you…

Does anybody feel like playing a belated April Fools’ joke on me and convince me it isn’t April already after all? I’d happily believe it because I’m in denial. It just can’t be true, right. Well, April or not it’s Wednesday and you know this means it’s time for out mid-weekly food party again. Thanks to Jenn for hosting it January through December regardless of how fast the months fly by. This week I’ll get all confidential for What I ate Wednesday and Vegan Wednesday



If it’s between me and you …

mug cakes need to happen for mid-morning snack breaks more often again. It’s been a while since I went through a phase of having one almost every day. And while I’m not sure the full-blown obsession will return there are many interesting recipes to try or yet to be createdl. Until I get around to playing with the idea a little more, though, a peanut chocolate mug brownie can be quite satisfying, too.

chocolate_PB mug cake

Never mind that – especially after not remembering the right dry/ wet ingredient amounts of my standard mix – it doesn’t always turn out perfect. Perfection is overrated when it comes to food. Taste matters most.

If it’s between me and you…

experimentation in the kitchen is well worth it. If you get a craving for a dish you’ve never actually had before – it happens – and get overwhelmed by the different recipes online: make up your own. And because you already strained from the original you decide to go one step further turning a stew into a casserole. Voilà, deconstructed Aloo Gobi.

Aloo Gobi

Authentic or not this was really good. Satisfying. Delicious. Imagine mashed potatoes with a buttery vegan twist topping a spicy cauliflower stew pleasantly heavy on the fresh ginger. The latter and I have an on/off-relationship but right now it’s very much on. Rcipe coming soon.

Aloo Gobi casserole

If it’s between me and you…

despite daylight savings this past weekend there’s still not enough light anymore for good pictures of the office lunches I prepare in the evenings. So morning madness photoshoots had to happen. All for the sake of blogging and don’t you think my boss will likely excuse me being a few minutes late faced with such dedication 😉 ?

Spaghetti Squash Pad Thai_HHLL

Either way, spaghetti squash isn’t exactly the best dish to take pictures of any time of the day. This was Skinny Pad Thai from Happy Herbivore Light & Lean. A delicious recipe I gave a little more staying power by adding chickpeas. Try to find one dish I won’t add chickpeas to…

 If it’s between me and you …

I’m somewhat of a chocolate snob and could easily spend a good chunk of my budget on fancy bars. However, until I find that rich handsome boyfriend or well-paid magazine job out there a girl’s gotta find a compromise. Meet my delightful substitute:

Mint chocolate II

Granted, it’s not Lindt but the bonus this bar has as opposed to the latter: it’s vegan. Not a bad point in my book. So if you’re stopping by from Vegan Wednesday and have yet to find a good mint chocolate btis bar might be worth a try for ending on a sweet note.

Speaking of which: I’m ending it here because – if it’s between me and you – depending on what time you’re rading this at I should either be in bed already or get back to work. But not without saying it:

Happy Wednesday!

Happiness inducing today: Leaving work with the good feeling of having accomplished quite a number of tasks.


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Your turn: If it’s between me and you…

What’s your favourite bar of chocolate?

20 thoughts on “If it’s between me and you…

  1. Ms.J says:

    If its between me and you, I’d take the texture of a fudgy mug brownie over a “cakey” one any day..your’s look scrumptious!
    Swiss chocolate -Lindt included- has my heart..and my wallet :-p .

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      That’s the best way to see it! I’d like to think the same about my creations, too. And as long as I end up never having the original I can stay in that belief forever :).

  2. gabiwalter says:

    Taste always matters over perfection when it comes to the kitchen, but I can’t help but strive to make it look good for others visiting the blog. I want them to know how delicious it was..if only we could taste test!!
    Experimentation? I think I do that more often than sticking to a recipe–it is a way of expressing yourself in the kitchen and letting your creative senses flow. Happy Wednesday 🙂

  3. Emily says:

    You always inspire me to experiment in the kitchen so thank you for that!

    PS: Just to double check, you’re not 100% vegan, right? It may or may not affect a few of the treats I’ll be sending you. (:

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