Good good links #33

Hi and hallo!

Has anybody seen the sunshine? It has been MIA over here the past days and I wouldn’t mind offering a reward for its return right now. Enough of that, though, because you didn’t come to hear me ramble about the weather [or maybe you did and need to get the frustration off your chest, too?!] but for some good reads from the past week. Whatever you’re plans for the day are I hope you’re having a happy Sunday!

Good good links

Good good [food for thought]

“Clean Eating”- I’m Tired of Feeling Guilty via Clean Eating Veggie Girl

Don’t let the ‘clean’ label keep you from living life to the fullest – doing what feels right -just- for us.

Growing? Slipping? Or just addicted to dieting? Via Busy Bod

Letting go of control and the diet mentality – the hardest part of recovery.

Are You the Same in “Real Life” as You Are Online? Via Day with KT

Something worth thinking about. Are you?
Good good [advice and inspiration]

Finding Greatness in Every Day  via Hungry Healthy Girl

Great advice for being present and ensuring happiness in everday life.

It’s Not All or Nothing via Delights and Delectables

We’re never going to be perfect but being the best version of ourselves is enough.

 Why You Need More Than One Rest Day a Week via CotterCrunch

“REST is the most underrated exercise.” <- Yes! Give yourself the break you need.

 7 reasons you should hate your body via Peanut Butter & Jenny

Light-hearted and holding a lot of truth at the same time.

Fats are your friends via Sweat like a Pig

A week too late but I’m still featuring this post in case any of you didn’t see it because we really shouldn’t fear the fats.

Why I don’t read the Nutrition Facts via An Avocado A Day

For most of us common sense is a better guide to good food than any label.

Why All Runners Should Strength Train via Greatist

Whether we want to run faster or prevent injuries there’s no way around strenght-training.


Finding My Blogging Voice via The Healthy Maven

A single sentence is to short to sum it up so: a must-read!

8 lessons I’ve learned about blogging (& my 4th blog birthday!) via Chelsea’s Healthy Kitchen

Finding your focus, being different and why posting less can be more: Important blog lessons you might not have thought of.
Good good [things to make you smile]

Ellen DeGeneres Deals With Photoshop Controversy In A Hilarious Way via Huffington Post

See, totally not photoshopped!
Good good [food]

Blueberry Truffles by Gina [Health Love Chocolate] via SlimSanity

Blueberries and chocolate – a match made in heaven turned into little chickpea truffles.

Gooey Brownie Fantasy Bars (raw, nut-free) via Oatmeal with a Fork

Rich and decadent chocolately treats with an avocado-based filling.

Vegan Cadbury Egg Bowls via Fork & Beans

Can we talk about decadence? And a possible Easter dessert option sorted out.

Roasted Eggplant and Tomato Gratin via The Iron You

Vegetable goodness topped with an almond meal and cheese crust. Served with a side of PMS talk from a male perspective you don’t want to miss ;).

Chickpea Stuffed Poblano Peppers with Smoky Tomato Sauce via Vegan Richa

There’s just something about stuffed vegetables and when that stuffing contains chickpeas? Perfect.


Happiness inducing today: Watching two little boys play hide and seek at the supermarket. To be a child again…

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Let me know some of your favourite posts from the week!

How are you planning to spend today?


9 thoughts on “Good good links #33

  1. Emily says:

    I loooove that post about taking more than one rest day a week. It’s so true! Sometimes I think bloggers (and “fit” people on social media, in general) forget that even Olympic athletes take frequent rest days. It’s necessary!

    Oooh…and I’m eyeing that gratin recipe!

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